Football Competition is studded Mega Stars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Villa, Ricardo Kaka, Iker Casillas, Gonzalo Higuain and many other soccer star player and coach, a brilliant young coach like Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, unay Emery.

Spanish League or Liga de Futbol Professional ("Professional Football League"), commonly known as the La Liga or the Primera División is the highest football league in Spain. Founded in 1929, this league regularly entered the annual competition. At present, there are 20 teams that joined the team in it. The team that won the most up to is Real Madrid with 31 times followed by FC Barcelona with 20 times. There are only three teams in the history of La Liga that has not been degraded, namely Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao.

Spanish League has strict rules in Spain, and transfers between the teams is much more limited than in Britain. Spain and EU players can not switch between teams in the same division during a season, and teams still register first team squad of 25 players the entire soccer year. A window but not open for one month from mid-December allowing players who did not play more than say four games for their clubs in the season to be transferred. The first team players wearing numbers one to 25, and juniors are numbered from 26 onwards. Non-EU players is limited to four per squad since the season 2000/2001, with only three allowed in the playground at the same time. This will be reduced in future years.

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