The archaeologists discovered bowling balls, pins and other equipment at the funeral of children aged Egypt 5200 BC. Darisana known that the Egyptians have known and played bowling since many centuries ago. Meanwhile in Germany, there are dances and celebrations in the game similar to bowling. They mengelindingkan stone for about nine wooden sticks called keglers.Para bowling players in Germany so far is sometimes still called the pin as keglers.

Bowling found in Britain in the early years 1100an. In the Netherlands, the people also played a game similar to bowling. Is the Dutch who brought this sport to America in the 1600s. The game was then called the 'Dutch pins'. In a city now called New York City, Dutch residents play bowling in the area of ​​town known as the 'Bowling Green'.

In America alone, bowling game became very popular. However, there were times where people begin to gamble for this game. For some time, bowling was seen as a sort of crime. State of Connecticut and then issue a regulation on 'bowling at nine pins'. The residents then add a pin and darisinilah beginning bowling game with 10 pins. In the mid-1990s, the sport once again accepted as part of family recreation.

Along with the growing popularity of bowling game, the standard for determining the rules of the game need to be enforced. Most of the bowling lane did not have a standard for pin size and weight or size and weight of the ball. Furthermore, The American Bowling Congress was formed in 1895 to create standard rules of the game in the bowling industry.

Long History

Travel can be a bit of history unfold, Bowling games involving balls and 10 pieces of these pins turned out to have a long history. from a British anthropologist, Sir Flinders Petrie, who discovered the origin of the game of bowling in an ancient tomb in Egypt. When the discovery in 1930 was correct, then bowling has arguably existed since 3200 years before Christ. Apart from Sir Flinders Petrie, a German historian William Pehle, said that bowling originated from Germany (yr 300). Besides Germany, the UK also became one of the country where the game became popular. Beginning in the year 1366, this game only became popular when the reign of King Henry VIII. At that time, they are still using 9 pin pieces.

Immigrants from Britain, the Netherlands and Germany is then brought their variations of bowling to America. This game is experiencing the highs and lows in the U.S.. In 1841, the law in Connecticut states track bowling as something illegal. This happens because when it mugkin bowling identified with gambling. But it seems that popularity can not be resisted, because although illegal, some people put the track bowling in their homes.

When exactly bowling game with 10 pieces of pin start there? Actually no one knows for sure. But in the late 1800s this game already finished the regular game dimainin in New York, Ohio and even had to in Illinois. It was the size of the ball and the pin is still very diverse. But all that changed when Joe Thum ngebuat representative for regional bowling clubs. September 9, 1895, at Beethoven Hall (New York City), was born the American Bowling Congress. From this was born the standardization of the billiards game.

In a period of more or less the same, bowling technology began to move forward. Previous bowling ball is made of primarily lignum vitae, a type of wood is very hard. But in 1905, introduced the first rubber ball Evertrue. Brunswick Corporation in 1914 was very successful in promoting the ball Mineralite with secrecy of the author and just say Mineralite as "mysterious rubber compound". In 1951, the discovery of new technologies succeed in changing the face of the game of bowling when the American Machine and Foundry Company patents to control machines Gottfried Schmidt's automatic pin. At the end of 1952 pinspotters machine mass produced and the pinboys (who served ngeberesin pin)'ve diperluin guns again.

The rise of technology and impact on the inclusion of bowling in the world of American TV in 1950, since then the skyrocketing popularity of bowling. One of the first bowling broadcast by major TV stasuin NBC broadcast of "Championship Bowling". The popularity of the climb to the kinds of events "Make That Spare", "Celebrity Bowling", and "Bowling For Dollars." In 1961, ABC be the first station featuring games Pro Bowlers Association. To date, 95 million people in more than 90 countries enjoy the game of bowling and under the Federation Nationale des Quilleurs (FIQ) bowling athletes to compete with world-class.

Bowling Tips And Tricks

We're going for beginner-to tips from Bob Strickland, a pebowling since 1958, and members of pro bowling since 1978. This time around the election of his tips is the right ball.

If you happen to not have their own ball. No need to get discouraged because the places are usually already provided bowling balls. Well let me not confused thinking about 'the ball where it should I wear?', See aja beginner tips from Bob Strickland. These places generally provide bowling balls bowling with a variety of sizes. Usually the ball is a ball provided weighing 4.5 kg to 8 kg. Medium size hand hole diameter will usually follow heavy size ball. As for the size of the hole spacing to mash each finger has the same size.

Now keep in mind is to select a ball that fits in your hand. How to tell if the ball fits in the hand?
Make sure the hole to fit the thumb with the fingers. Insert the thumb and you should feel a whole wall of the ball, but at the same time you still can play and move the thumb in the hole.
After finding the right finger holes, see also the distance of the middle finger hole. With the position of the thumb is still in the hole, point the middle finger to middle finger hole (do not insert your finger.) When measured, the distance the most appropriate is the first book about the size of the middle finger.
After that try to enter the middle finger and ring finger into the hole, respectively, should the finger you can enter easily and fit up to 2 knuckles.

If the ball is just right in hand, try to find the appropriate weights, use both hands, place one hand on the ball and the one below. Stretch arms forward and try to stay straight. If you successfully held the ball for 5 seconds without shaking, that means ball light enough to be controlled. If only 2 seconds and already shaky, search aja another ball which is lighter! Than sorry for the hand aches after 2 tosses.

Now you've found the right ball, and the next challenge is how to throw the ball and successfully dropped 10 pins!


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