Manchester United F.C. (Commonly abbreviated as Man Utd, Man United or just MU) is a top football club in England, based in Old Trafford, Manchester,

Formed as Newton Heath L & YR F.C. in 1878 as a football team Railway Company depot Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in Newton Heath, the name changed to Manchester United in 1902.

Although always been one of the strongest teams in England, then since 1993 Manchester United won a major dominance in the domestic championship under the direction of Sir Alex Ferguson - the dominance of a scale not seen since the end of Liverpool FC in the mid-1970s and early 1980s. Since bergulirnya era in the 1992 Premiership, Manchester United is the most successful team with championship trophies won eleven times.

Despite the success in domestic competition, success is still difficult to be repeated at the European championships, they only ever won the Champions League three times during its history (1968, 1999, 2008).

Since the 86-87 season, they have won 21 major trophies - this is the largest number of clubs in the Premiership. They have won 18 Premier League champions trophy (including when it was called Division One). In 1968, they became the first British team that won the European Champions League, after defeating SL Benfica 4-1, and they won the European Champions League for the second time in 1999 and again in 2008 after beating Chelsea FC in the final. They also hold the record for winning the FA Cup 11 times. In 2008, they became the first English club and the club managed to become Europe's second FIFA Club World Champion.

On May 12, 2005, the United States businessman Malcolm Glazer became majority owner of the club by buying shares worth £ 800 million (U.S. $ 1.47 billion), followed by protests from many fanatical supporters.


Early years (1878-1945)

The team first formed with the name of Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railwaiy FC in 1878 as the team work of Lancashire and Yorkshire railway station in Newton Heath. The green team T-shirts - gold. They play in a small field on North Road, near Manchester Piccadilly railway station for fifteen years, before moving to Bank Street in the nearby town of Clayton in 1893. The team had entered the Football League the previous year and began to sever its links with the railway station, became an independent company, appointing a club secretary and pengedropan "L & YR" from their name to become Newton Heath FC alone ..

Shortly thereafter, in 1902, the club neared bankruptcy, with debts of over £ 2500. Field Bank Street they have been closed.

Before the team they broke up, they receive investment from J. H. Davies *, director of Manchester Breweries. Initially, a team legend, Harry Stafford, who is captain of the team, showing off the dog St. Bernardnya **, then Davies decided to buy a dog. Stafford declined, but managed to affect capital menannamkan Davies for the team and became chairman of the team. Held a meeting to change the name association. Manchester Central and Manchester Celtic is the name suggested, before Louis Rocca, a young immigrant from Italy, said: "Gentlemen, why do we not use the name of Manchester United?" Established name and Manchester United officially existed from 26 April 1902. Davies also decided to change the team colors and red and white elected as Manchester United's team colors.

Ernest Mangnall appointed as club secretary to replace James West who resigned on September 28, 1902. Mangnall working hard to lift the team into Division One and failed on his first attempt, ranked fifth League Division Two. Mangnall decided to increase the number of players into the club and recruit players such as Harry Moger, Dick Duckworth, and John Picken, there is also Charlie Roberts who made a huge impact. He purchased 750 pounds from Grimsby Town in April 1904, and brought the team to third position klasmen end of the season 1903-1904.

They then promoted to Division One after finishing the season ranked two Division Two 1905-06. Their first season in Division One ended poorly, they ranked eighth klasmen. Finally they won the first league title in 1908. Manchester City are being investigated for paying a player above the regulations stipulated FA. They were fined £ 250 and sentenced to eighteen of their players should not play for them again. United quickly took advantage of this situation, hiring Billy Meredith and Sandy Turnbull, and others. New players are not allowed to play before New year 1907, a result of the suspension from the FA. They began play in 1907-08 season and United's title shot at that time. 2-1 victory over Sheffield United's starting ten times United's winning streak. But in the end, they close the season with 9 points advantage of their rivals, Aston Villa.

The club took two years to bring the trophy again, they won the Division One League trophy for the second time in the 1910-11 season. United moved to their new ground at Old Trafford. They play the first match at Old Trafford on February 19, 1910 against Liverpool, but they lost 4-3. They do not get the trophy again in the 1911-12 season, they are not supported by Mangnall anymore because he moved to Manchester City after 10 year with United. After that, they played 41 years without winning a trophy too.

United again relegated in 1922 after ten years of playing in Division One. They climbed the division again in 1925, but the difficulty to enter the ranks of the top league Division One and they go down the division again in 1931. United won mencapaian lowest in its history that is the position of 20 league Division Two 1934. their strength again when the 1938-39 season.


* The owner of Manchester United's first St. Bernard eventually became the first MU mascot of the year 1902-1906

The era of Sir Matt Busby Busby (1945-1969)

In 1945, Matt Busby was appointed manager of the team based at Old Trafford this. He asked for something unusual on his work, such as menunujuk own team, select players who will be recruited himself and the players determine their own training schedule. He has lost jobs manager at another club, Liverpool FC, because the job he wants Liverpool's top brass felt it is the work of a director, but United gave the opportunity for innovative ideas. First, Busby did not recruit players, but an assistant manager named Jimmy Murphy. The decision pointed to Busby as manager is a decision that is right, Busby pay the trust the board to take United into second place league in 1947, 1948 and 1949 and won the FA Cup in 1948. Stan Pearson, Jack Rowley, Allenby Chilton, and Charlie mittens have a great share in United's achievements this.

Charlie mittens back to Colombia to seek better pay, but the ability of United's senior players are not reduced back won Division One in 1952. Busby knew, that the football team not only requires the player experience, then, he is also thought to include some younger players. First of all, young players such as Roger Byrne, Bill Foulkes, Mark Jones and Dennis Viollet, take time to show their best game, consequently United slipped to 8th place in 1953, but the team again won the league in 1956 with a team average age players only 22 years, scoring 103 goals. Policies on these young players drove him to be one of the most successful manager Manchester United's deal (the mid-1950s, mid-late 1960's and 1990's.) Busby has a highly talented player named Duncan Edwards. Young man from Dudley, West Midlands plays its debut at the age of 16 years in 1953. Edwards is said to play in all positions and many who saw him play say that he is the best player. The next season, 1956-57, they won the league again and reached the FA Cup final, losing to Aston Villa. They became the first British team took part in the European Champions Cup competition, at the discretion FA. Last season, Chelsea's FA cancel the right to appear in the Champions Cup. United to reach semi-finals and then dikandaskan Real Madrid. On his way to the semi-final, United also recorded a victory that remains to show that they are a great team, beating Belgian champions Anderlecht 10-0 at Maine Road.

Tragedy struck the following season, when the plane carrying the team home from the European Champions Cup match crashed on landing in Munich, Germany to refuel. Munich Tragedy of water on February 6, 1958 claimed the lives of eight players - Geoff Bent, Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards, Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy Taylor and Liam "Billy" Whelan - and 15 other passengers, including some of United's staff, Walter Crickmer, Bert Whalley and Tom Curry. Happened 2 times before landing the third fatal errors, which caused the aircraft speed instability due to the mud. United goalkeeper Harry Gregg maintain consciousness during the accident and under the fear of the plane would explode, save Bobby Charlton and Dennis Viollet by tightening the seat belt. Seven players in the United menginggal world while Duncan Edwards died while en route to hospital. Right Wing Johnny Berry also survived the crash, but the injury makes his ball football career ended quickly. Munich doctor said that Matt Busby did not have much hope, but recovered miraculously and finally discharged from the hospital after two months in hospital.

There were rumors that the team would resign from the competition, but Jimmy Murphy taking over as manager while Busby recovered in the hospital, club continued. Despite losing players, they reached the FA Cup final 1958, where they lost to Bolton Wanderers. End of the season, UEFA offered to send United to the FA and league champions Wolverhampton Wanderers to participate in the Champions Cup for awards to victims of accidents, but the FA rejected. United managed to push Wolves the following season, finishing second in the standings, not bad for a team that lost nine players from the Munich tragedy of the water.

Busby rebuilt the team in the early decades of the '60s, signing players such as Denis Law and Pat Crerand. Perhaps the most famous of a number of young players this is a young man named George Best Belfast. Best has keatletikkan very rare. The team won the FA Cup in 1963, despite finishing only 19th ranked Division One. The success in the FA Cup to make the players become motivated and make the club raised at the second position of the league in 1964, and won the league in 1965 and 1967. United won the European Cup in 1968, beating Eusebio farm team SL Benfica 4-1 in the final, Britain became the first team to win the competition. United's current team has the best player of Europe, namely: Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and George Best. Matt Busby resigned in 1969 and was replaced by reserve team coach, Wilf McGuinness.

Difficult period (1969-1986)

After a glorious period, United have tough times when handled Wilf McGuinness, finished ranked eighth league in 1969-70 season. Then he started the 1970-71 season badly, so McGuinness back down position became reserve team coach. United's Busby re-train, although only 6 months. Under the care of Busby, United get better results, but eventually he left the club in 1971. In that time, United lost some key players such as Nobby Stiles and Pat Crerand.

Celtic manager who managed to bring the Champions Cup to Glasgow, Jock Stein, was appointed to fill the position of manager - Stein had been verbally agreed a contract with United, but cancel it -. Frank O'Farrell was appointed as successor to Busby. Like McGuinness, O'Farrell did not last more than 18 months, the difference is only O'Farrell reacted to overcome poor performances from United to bring new faces into the club, the most obvious is recruited Martin Buchan from Aberdeen for £ 125,000. Tommy Docherty became manager at the end of 1972. Docherty, or "Doc", saved United from relegation but the United relegated in 1974, then a trio of Best, Law and Charlton had left the club. Denis Law's move to Manchester City in the summer of 1973. Players like Lou Macari, Stewart Houston and Brian Greenhoff recruited to replace Best, Law and Charlton, but did not produce anything.

The team won promotion in his first year in Division Two, with a big role Steve Coppell talented young players who played well in his first season with United, joined from Tranmere Rovers. United reach FA Cup Final in 1976, but they were beaten Southampton. They reached the final again in 1977 and beat Liverpool 2-1. In this success, Docherty was sacked for having sex with wife known to physiotherapy.

Dave Sexton replaced Docherty in the summer of 1977 and make teams play more defensively. Style of play is not like fans, they preferred attacking style of Docherty and Busby. Some players like Joe Jordan bought Sexton, Gordon McQueen, Gary Bailey and Ray Wilkins, but can not penetrate to lift United's board, comes out second place finish only once, and only once qualified for the FA Cup final, Arsenal defeated. Because not won, Sexton was sacked in 1981, although he won his last seven games.

He replaced the flamboyant manager Ron Atkinson. She broke the British transfer record by buying Bryan Robson from West Brom. Robson mentioned are the best midfielders after the death of Duncan Edwards. Tim Atkinson has a new players such as Jesper Olsen, Paul McGrath and Gordon Strachan who played with Norman Whiteside and Mark Hughes. United won the FA Cup 2 times in 3 years, in 1983 and 1985, and favored to win the 1985-86 league season after winning 10 games his first league, opening up a range of 10 points with his nearest rival until October 1986. Appearance United then became worse and United ended the season in the order of 4 standings. United's poor results continue till the end of the season and with a poor outcome that is at the threshold limit of degradation, in November 1986, Atkinson was sacked. After that United hired a new coach, that is Sir Alex Ferguson.

Alex Ferguson era (1986-present)

Before Treble (1986-1998)

Alex Ferguson arrived from Aberdeen to replace Atkinson and deliver the club reached the position 11. The next season the 1987-88 season, United finished the league in second place, with Brian McClair the printer 20 goals league after George Best.

United having a difficult time the next 2 seasons. With the purchase of a lot of players, Ferguson can not meet the expectations of fans. Alex Ferguson has been in danger of dismissal in early 1990, but a goal from Mark Robins bring United's 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest's FA Cup third dibabak. This makes Ferguson was saved and eventually United won the FA Cup, after beating Crystal Palace in the party re-finals.

United won Winners' Cup Europe in 1990-91, beating the season's Spanish champions Barcelona in the final, but disappointing in the league next season because they lost to rivals, Leeds United.

The arrival of Eric Cantona in November 1992 represents a crucial step the United moment. Cantona mingle with players and make winning the FA Cup Final Manchester United to win two in the league and FA Cup. Ferguson makes fans mad for selling a few players Some of them directly elected to the England national football team. Surprisingly, United again won the double in 1995-96 season. This is the first time an English club won the double twice and finally they got the title "Double Double".

They won the league the 1996-97 season and the retirement of Eric Cantona claimed bolaan persepak professional at age 30. They started the 1997-98 season well, but end the league standings in second place, under the winner of two titles, Arsenal.

Treble (1998-1999)

 1998-99 season for Manchester United is the most successful season as they managed to be the only English team has ever won the Treble (three titles in one season) - to win the English Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League in the same season. After passing through a solid Premier League, Manchester United managed to win the league on the last match against Tottenham Hotspur with a score of 2-1, while Arsenal's 1-0 win over Aston Villa. Winning the Premiership is the first part of United's treble, which Ferguson called the hardest part. In the FA Cup final they met Newcastle United and won 2-0 through goals Teddy Sheringham and Paul Scholes. In their last game that season, the European Champions League Final match of 1999, they beat Bayern Munich, the game touted as the best comeback ever, lost to injury time and scored twice in the last minute to ensure victory 2 -1. [8] Manchester United also won the Intercontinental Cup after beating Palmeiras 1-0 in Tokyo.

After the Treble (1999-present)

United won the league in 2000 and 2001, but they failed to regain the trophy in European competition. In 2000, Manchester United became one of the 14 founders of the group G-14. Ferguson adopted the style of play failed to survive and remain in European competition and United finished the league in third place standings. They regained the league title next season and start the season well, but their form dropped significantly when Rio Ferdinand received 8-month suspension for failing a drugs test. They won the FA Cup, 2004, after beating Millwall.

2004-05 season, scored United's productivity is reduced, which is caused by the injury of striker Ruud van Nistelrooy and United finished the season won the league. This time, the FA Cup was won by Arsenal, who beat United on penalties. Off the pitch, the main story is the possibility of the club was taken over by other parties and at the end of the season, Malcolm Glazer, a businessman from Tampa, has had interest in the club.

United made a poor start to the 2005-06 season, with the departure of Roy Keane, who joined Celtic after United's much-criticized public and the club failed the knock-out round of the Champions League for the first time in a decade after the defeat of the Portuguese team, Benfica. This season is a bad season for United because of their key players such as Gabriel Heinze, Alan Smith, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes injury. They only won one title that season, League Cup, beating Wigan Athletic promotion team by a score of 4-0. United also ensured a second-place league standings and qualify automatically for the Champions League after beating Charlton Athletic 4-0. End of the 2005-06 season, one of the key striker, Ruud van Nistelrooy, left the club and join Real Madrid, his relationship with Alex Ferguson.

2006-07 season shows that United's attacking style of play as the decade of the 90s, scored 20 more goals in 32 matches. In January 2007, United have Henrik Larsson on loan for 2 months from Helsingborgs, and the players that have significant inflammation in the achievement of United in the Champions League, with hopes of a second Treble; but after reaching the semi-finals, United lost to AC Milan 3-5 (aggregate).

In the 50th anniversary of Manchester United's participation in European competitions, and also the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, Manchester United played Marcello Lippi's European XI at Old Trafford on March 13, 2007. United won the match 4-3.

Four years after their last title, United regained the league title on May 6, 2007, after Chelsea's draw with Arsenal, leaving the Blues seven points behind with two matches remaining, followed by United's 1-0 victory in the Manchester derby the previous day, United's ninth Premiership title in the 15 years of its existence. However, they can not reach their fourth double, as Chelsea beat United 1-0 in the 2007 FA Cup final which took place at the new Wembley Stadium.

On May 11, 2008, United again won the league title after beating Wigan 2-0 in the final game to ensure the title, followed by the Champions League title on May 21, 2008 which was won by beating Chelsea 6-5 in the final on penalties after playing out a series -1 in normal time and extra time 2x45 minutes 2x15 minutes. With status as Champions League, the United eligible for the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup and managed to win the tournament after beating Gamba Osaka 5-3 in the semifinals and LDU Quito 1-0 in the final. United had become the second European club that became world champion after AC Milan in 2007. A year after the UEFA Champions League final in 2008, Manchester United went back to the finals in 2009. Manchester United then suffered defeat in the UEFA Champions League final in 2008-09, in the face of Barcelona with the score 2-0 in Rome, Italy.

Coat and color club

When the team name was Newton Heath, team uniforms are green-yellow. In 1902, in connection with the change of name to Manchester United, the club changed their uniform colors to red (shirt), white (pants) and black (socks), which became the standard uniform MU today. An exception when the team competed in the 1909 FA Cup Final against Bristol City, red-necked white shirt V-shaped This uniform design was again used during the 1920s when the team uniform red-red.

Costume away is usually a white shirt, black pants and white socks, still other colors have also been used, including blue-white striped shirt used from 1903 to 1916, wholly black in 1994 and 2003 and a blue shirt with silver horizontal lines in 2000. One of the most famous, are only used briefly, costumes away to United's overall gray color used in the 1995-96 season. This costume is not used again when Manchester United lost the first match of the use of this costume. In the first half, Manchester United lost 3-0 from Southhampton, they changed the uniforms they wore the uniforms of their third-blue-white, but eventually lost 3-1. Gray uniforms had not used due to bad results that they can in the first game with a uniform gray. MU away uniform is another famous white shirt with black sleeves and gold-black line. This is the last uniform uniforms designed Umbro before choosing a manufacturer Nike Manchester United, and commemorate 100 years of change of name from Newton Heath became Manchester United FC.

United's third costume is blue, which bears the players while winning the Champions Cup 1968. Exceptions, bright yellow costumes used in the early 1970s, striped blue and white uniform used by 1996, and red-striped white shirt and black are used in 2004. United also uses third costumes for practice. United adopted the color black costume in the entire 1998-99 season and a dark blue shirt with maroon edge in 2001 to play against Southampton and PSV Eindhoven.

Coat of arms of Manchester United has been replaced several times, but the changes made are not too significant. Satan is situated in the middle of the emblem is the root of the nickname "Red Devil" (The Red Devils), which emerged in the 1960s after Matt Busby heard it from fans Salford rugby team. In the late 60's, a symbol of Satan had begun to be included in the program brochure and club scarves, until finally incorporated into the club by holding the trident symbol. In 1998, the logo was redesigned again, this time eliminating the words "Football Club".

These changes are contrary to the opinions of fans, who consider that the MU further away from the roots of football and this change is only for business purposes only.

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