Established: 1927

Address: Via Trigoria km 3.600-00128 Italy

Phone: +39 06-501911

Chair: Rosella Sensi

Director: Daniele Pradè

Stadium: Stadio Olimpico


Combined Three Oldest Capital City Club

A club formed by the fascist leader Benito Mussolini had a great ambition, which until now still berkuang make it happen.

Name: Associazione Sportiva Roma SpA
Nickname: Il Giallorossi (Red Yellow), La Magica (Magic), Il Lupi (The Wolves)
Established: July 22, 1927 (By Italo Foschi)
Stadium: Stadio Olimpico Rome, Italy (Capacity 82.700)
President: Rosella Sensi
Coach: Vicenzo Montella

Associazione Sportiva Roma was founded in 1927 by Italo Foschi. This club is the result of the merger of three Roman club which has been established previously, namely Roman, Alba-Audace and Fortitudo.

The merger of three clubs was an initiative of the famous Italian fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini. The goal is to form a strong club from the capital that could end the domination of the clubs north of Italy at that time.

In his first year as a professional club, AS Roma make Motovelodromo Appio as stadium corral them before moving on Campo Testaccio that was opened in November 1929.

AS Roma are also identical with maroon and golden yellow, representing the traditional colors of the city itself. The color itself is taken from one of three clubs merged, namely Roman Football Club.

Since its establishment in 1927, Roma could not realize the ambitions of Mussolini to end the domination of clubs from northern Italy. The proof, only a small degree the capital of the Italian team obtained over a period of nearly nine decades.

In Serie A, Roma managed to win only three times. While in the Coppa Italia, nine titles were collected and the last title obtained last year. In the Italian Super Cup, Roma won this event in 2001 and 2007. In Serie B, Rome had been a champion in the 1951/52 season.

In international competition, Rome only once won the prestigious event, the UEFA Cup in the season 196-/1961. But in the junior event, Rome appear quite dominant. In the event Campionato Nazionale Primavera, six titles was sealed Roman troops, while in the Coppa Italia Primavera, they managed to get three championship titles. Nothing wrong with junior players and many Romans who later became stars, like Danielle de Rossi and Alberto Aquilani at this season.

Other Interesting Facts

- No back # 6 in Rome officially retired, which is a form of respect for Aldair, Brazilian defender who defended Rome during 13 seasons, from 1990 to 2003.

- Rosella Sensi in control of Rome in the year 2008 because the previous president, Franco Sensi, who is also his father, died.

- Francesco Totti holds many records of Rome, ranging from the most appearances in all competitions, also record the most appearances in serie A, and top scorer for Roma.

- Logo-shaped Roman wolf is an illustration of the myth of Romulus and Remus, which is the story of the formation of Rome.

- The song is also at the same greatness of Rome club motto is La Roma non the discute, the ama, which is sung by the singer Antonello Venditti. Meaning roughly of expression is Rome was not to be questioned, but to be loved. The song was sung every Roman pluck home victory after the match finished.

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