Manchester City Football Club are an English professional football club who play in the English Premier League. This club is the club's derby with Manchester United, which is based in the City of Manchester stadium, Manchester.

The first game played in the month of November 1880. At that time still called St. Mark's (West Gorton). In 1887 changed its name to Ardwick AFC, and in 1894 became Manchester City FC

The City has won the League Championship as much as 2x, 4x FA Cup, League Cup and Cup Winners Cup European 2x 1x. This club's most successful period occurred in the era of the late 1960s and early 1970s. At that time the City under manager Joe Mercer with his assistant Malcolm Allison, and some players like Colin Bell, Mike Summerbee and Francis Lee.

In 2007 the club bought by Thailand's billionaire former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra, so the club has become one of the English club owned by foreign parties. Later in the year 2008 was bought by Abu Dhabi United Group.


Manchester City F.C. formed in 1880 under the name St. Marks (West Gordon) by Anna Connell and two members of the church St. Marks. In 1887 they moved to new headquarters in Hyde Road, Ardwick. Club name was changed to Ardwick A.F.C. to adjust to a new location. Ardwick began competing in Division 2 Football League in 1892. A year later, the 1893-1894 season, the problem of financial entanglements re-organized clubs and after they finally changed its name again to Manchester City Football Club.

Early Period

City won the second division in 1899 and promotion to the highest caste British league, division one. Achievements initially marked with victory over Bolton Wanderers in the FA Cup final in 1904. In 1920, stadiums City at Hyde Road suffered major fire disaster in the stands. Then in 1923, they moved into his new merkas, Maine Road which is located in Moss Side.

The Citizen won the FA Cup again in 1934 by defeating Porstmouth in the final. And the league title was not some long can they achieve, in 1937 they won the English league for the first time. But next season they've relegated to division 2, the funny thing is they are the club's top scorer in the league than any club. 20 years later, Manchester City was inspired by a tactic called Revie Plan, managed to enter the FA Cup final 1955. They lost in the final against Newcastle, but next year they won the FA Cup by beating Birmingham in the final 3-1. Final party of 1956 including the FA Cup final party that is remembered because people in the game City goalkeeper Bert Trautmann, continue to play despite having a broken collarbone.

After it sank, and the new City comes to the fore as Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison was named to the duo's manager of the club in 1965. They made the most important purchase in Mike Summerbee and Colin Bell. The next 2 seasons, 1967-1968 season, Manchester City won the division one for the second time. At the last party they make sure the title with 4-3 victory at home to Newcastle. Achievement trophies and was then begin to flow to come. They have won the FA Cup again in 1969 and European Cup Winners' first time they achieved in 1970 by beating Gornik Zabrze 2-1 in the final.

Rivalry with the club derby, Manchester United, always fierce. One of the many memorable party is the party last in the league season 1973-1974. Derby heat is inevitable when both City and United must win to be safe from relegation. Player of the legendary Manchester United, Denis Law, scored the only goal victory that also automatically throws city rivals to the division 2. In 1976 they won the League Cup by beating Newcastle in the final 2-1.

Period 1980-now

Manchester City did not produce significant degree, and only surfaced and resurfaced in the Premiership. They only promotion to the top division but was relegated again to Division 2. Even in 1996 they were relegated to division 3. After the arrival of David Bernstein as the new chairman, the City was slowly taking shape. In 2001, Kevin Keegan was appointed to handle the Citizen and they also managed promotion to the Premier League.

March 2005 Keegan resign and replace Stuart Pearce as a caretaker or manager while. City of brilliant appearance makes Pearce was appointed as manager of a full and Pearce 2005-2006 season brings City ranks 6th Premiership. City next season performances plummeted and only inhabit the bottom of the standings despite not board until degraded. Pearce eventually fired and replaced by former England manager, Sven Goran Eriksson. At the time Manchester City have been owned by a billionaire who is also ambitious former prime minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra.

Under Eriksson, the City appears strong at the start of the competition but began to lose balance starting from the middle of the competition, although they can reach the UEFA Cup European zone thanks to its appearance of fair play. Thaksin, who already wanted to fire impatient Eriksson before the end of the competition if it is not detained by fans who felt Thaksin Citizen too arbitrary and did not notice the fans desire City. The dismissal of Eriksson delayed only briefly and truly done during the final competition. Mark Hughes, Blackburn manager and former player's favorite club Manchester United's derby, was appointed to replace him.

Purchased by Abu Dhabi United Group

At the time of Hughes rose, actually already at the end of Thaksin's assets frozen because of alleged corruption horn for power as prime minister in Thailand. Thaksin, who understands his position was no longer possible to continue to fund Citizen finally release its ownership to a businessman from the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim. Al-Fahim is richer billionaire Thaksin and certainly longer than the more ambitious again. Only a few days after award of ownership of Manchester City, he immediately established a record of Britain's most expensive player purchase with the purchase of Robinho (right inset) from Real Madrid. The record price of 32.5 million pounds that go beyond the price offered 28 million pounds Chelsea for the Brazilian player. With the financial support that is really abundant, Citizen fans will get ready to witness again the other world players will be brought to their beloved club.

Coat and color club

Manchester City Home colors are Blue Sky and White pants. Meanwhile the away uniform is maroon, or red (since the 1960s) and Black Pants. But in recent years, several different colors were used. The origins of the cage club uniform color is not clear, but there is evidence that the club has used the blue sky from 1892 or earlier. A brochure entitled Famous Football Clubs - Manchester City was published in the 1940s indicates that West Gorton (St. Marks) originally played with red and black uniform. From the reports coming from 1884 describe the team wearing black T-shirt carrying a white cross, which shows the origin of the club as the church. The idea of ​​using red and black T-shirt came from a former assistant manager Malcolm Allison, who believe that by adopting the color of AC Milan would inspire City to achieve greatness.

Coat of arms of the current club into use in 1997, due to the previous symbol is not eligible to be registered as trademarks. The badge is based on the arm of the city of Manchester, and consists of a shield in front of a golden eagle. Features ship shields at the top half describes the Manchester Ship Canal, and three diagonal stripes at the bottom, depicts the city of three rivers. The bottom there is the ribbon with a word Superbia in Praelio, meaning in Latin is the Pride in Battle. Above the eagle there are three three-star, which is pure only as decoration.

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