On the second leg, Chelsea will play more tight, tight defense and could have played hard. for open play is definitely not an option when playing in Champ Nou later. This means that in the match Barcelona attackers demanded to fight extra hard in the Chelsea defense to disassemble.

Barcelona's squad should be more patient in preparing for an attack can goalkeeper Petr Cech, their speed and accuracy in moving feed can be key in the skin round struck, bait-bait like that that often can not be anticipated by Chelsea defender-defender who has the Acceleration is not so good.

"It takes a tremendous job to be able to stop Lionel Messi, but if anyone is thinking of stopping one player. then they will have nine players who can make you hurt, so the tactic is to limit the movement as a whole, not just Messi, for every manager, facing a team like Barcelona is the biggest challenge "said Di Matteo.

However, Di Matteo must remember, as Chelsea are unbeaten at home, all the Champions League this season, Barcelona were the same, too.

Otherwise it would be perfect game in Barcelona when it appeared in the Champ Nou later, So, a 1-0 advantage can not be guaranteed to bring the Blues Chelsea strolled into Chmapions League Final Round.

Percentage Wins: BARCELONA 55%: 45% CHELSEA

Video From Youtube Barcelona Vs Chelsea Leg I

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