PGE Arena Gdańsk is a football stadium located in Gdańsk, Poland. The stadium is used for the Games UEFA European Football Championship 2012 in the first three group stage matches and one quarterfinal. Capacity of 43 615 seats. Built in 2008.

It could be the first to see the exterior PGE Arena Gdansk you will frown. It's nothing, the overall shape of the stadium is 236 meters long, 203 feet wide and 45 meters high it looks like a birds nest.Apparently it's striking colors take their inspiration from the sand on the Baltic coast when exposed to sun light reflection in the morning, or evening Not surprisingly, the stadium is also known as the Baltic Arena.

Overall roof construction consists of 82 blocks. The roof structure has a total area of ​​44 thousand meters square. The facade and the roof is covered with 18 thousand plates of polycarbonate multiwall sheets, in six colors, with an area of ​​4.5 hectares. Two logo (located on the west and east of the stadium), which is made in LED technology, with a height of eight meters long and 35 meters.

Ball field itself has dimensions of 105x68 meters. Certainly the view of the audience is very spoiled considering the nearest distance from the stands behind the goal is 10.5 m, from the side of the line as far as 8.5 m.Overall, that stadium is really specific to football. PGE Arena stadium so do not wear athletic running track, grass mats and also can not be changed, or be replaced at will.

The stadium was built for three years from 2008-2011 has a seating capacity for 43.615 people. For the convenience of the audience, especially during Euro 2012 its capacity will be reduced to 40 thousand seats.The stadium was named the Baltic Arena was later renamed in December 2009 to PGE Arena. Of course it's not a free name change. PGE is an abbreviation of the Polish Energy Group, the company famous in Poland. They are willing to pour 35 million zloty, or about 8.5 million euros for the duration of the contract in the name of five years.

Gdansk city government to sell the stadium naming rights to cover some of the construction costs. As a result, the display of corporate logo emblazoned PGE Arena in two locations at the top of the stadium, and at the entrance area.


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