Hearing the name of Chelsea,Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, certainly is not foreign to the ears of ordinary people, not to mention the supporters or the ball maniac. Indeed, a series of earlier name is the name of a popular soccer club from the British mainland. To add knowledge about English football then the following overview of the History of English Football League.

At 100-500 BC the Romans spread some communities harpastrum game in Europe. It is characterized by an important event that is the match between British soldiers defeated the Roman armies. Other historical records show that in 1100 the game of football in the UK mainland is done by brutal and no rules are arranged so that by the year 1314 King Edward II banned football and this prohibition to continue by King Edward III in 1369.

Italy in 1500 and in 1561 found calcio a man named Richard Mulcaster adopt calcio from Florence and made these subjects in elementary schools and secondary education in England. In 1572 Queen Elizabeth I again forbade football again, and even threaten the people who insisted on playing with jail.

About two hundred years later, Joseph Strutt (1700 AD) wrote the book The Sports and Pastimes of the People England. This book explains the rules of football that must consist of two teams with their respective number of players together. Both teams have to scramble the ball to be able to put it into the opponent's goal. A named Mulcaster campaigning football game that is not brutal. The game can even be played by women and children because it is useful to add strength and fitness.

The concept of the book Strutt then used as a reference in the preparation of modern football rules and can underlie the birth of the Football Association in England on October 26, 1863 by a number 11 football clubs. From this was born the term soccer organization, the abbreviation word association. Charles Wreford Brown, student at Oxford, found accidentally this term when asked people whether he was a rugby player (rugger), a sport more popular there. Brown replied, "No, I'am soccer."

While the term football first mentioned in the prohibitions of the kings from the 17th century as Fute-ball, and then popularized also by the famous British playwright, William Shakespeare. The game was later spread to several British colonies and thrive in the modern age of mass.

As if no one denied that the Premiership is one of the best league on earth to the present era. Of course competing with the popularity of the Italian league, Spanish and German. In the English Premier League populated by soccer players are awarded world-class talent and world popularity, though most not from the original English.

English Premier League football primer followed by a number of 20 clubs in the court's leading soccer league English football. From historical records, the league was founded in 1992, when the number of top football clubs broke away from the football league with a lucrative contract with several television stations.

English Premier League (Premier League, FA Premier League old name) by the general public is also called the Barclays Premiership in the UK and the Barclays Premier League internationally. This league is a competition between English football club which is the main class of the many English football league structure, so therefore it becomes the primary football competition in England.

From some 20 clubs league participants who competed in the Premier League in one round of the season each club to do a game against another club two times a game. Ie once in their stadium (home base stage) and once again in place of his opponent (away).

With a total of 38 matches for all club participants will generate a total 380 matches. At each end of the season, a number of the bottom three clubs will be subject to the rules of degradation, while the top four clubs will enter the Champions League zone to compete for the Champions Cup.

For the three top clubs go straight, while the club ranked 4 and 5 go through the preliminary round (play-off). For the club to-5 ranking will go straight to the main league competition for the UEFA Cup. To order the 18-20 club will be relegated to the Championship division and the position will be replaced by the club rankings Championship Division 1-2 of the primary gain promotion to the English league.


A total of 20 clubs competing in the Premiership. Each season, each club against other clubs each twice. Once in their stadium (home staging) and once again in place of his opponent. A total of 38 games for each club to make a total of 380 games in the Premiership. Each end of the season, three clubs relegated to the bottom and four top clubs enter the Champions League to compete for the Champions Cup. The top three clubs entered automatically, while the order of the 4th entry through the play-offs. Club on the order of the 5th major league going into competition for the UEFA Cup. Club in order to-6 and 7 can also enter the UEFA Cup competition depends on the situation of two other domestic competitions. Medium order of 18-20 will be relegated club to the Division Championship and will be replaced by the club ranked 1-2 of Division Championship and the club's automatic promotion from Division Championship 3-6 ratings that fight a ticket left.


Since 1992, the English Premier League has a sponsorship. Sponsor reserves the right to add his name in the name of the league. Here is a list of sponsors in the UK league.

* 1992-1993: Barclays
* 1993-2001: Carling (FA Carling Premiership)
* 2001-present: Barclays (Barclays Premiership, from 2001-2004, known as the Barclaycard Premiership)

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