One of the great duel which was also seized public attention is duel vs Giant French Spanish giants , ( 30/11 ) . Memory in the quarter-finals in 2013 will be re-heated and can be an excellent revenge Les Perisiens , PSG nickname . Failure to stop the pace of Barcelona last season only lost on goal difference . In Champ Nou , PSG drew 1-1 , while at home alone in Balance PSG 2-2 . As a result tandanglah goal difference that leads Barca to qualify for the semifinals . Now revenge event will be presented in Champ Nou , fight fierce and minimal goal would likely be a favorite prediction in the light of the experience of last year . 

Messi Tuah dependencia ( dependency Messi ) is still the mainstay of Barcelona during still costumed Azulgrana , plus its present talented young stars Munir El Hadadi , as well as his controversial striker joining but ferocious on the field , Luiz Suarez would be a daunting trident with Messi and Neymar . Suarez could be scaled back if the sentence has been completed as a result of biting shoulder Giorgio Chielini time at last year's World Cup in Brazil . 

Luis Enriue designated menahkodai Catalan giants were preparing to start a new adventure in the most prestigious game . Although at the beginning of the game just edged , but still predicted to be a strong candidate champions this season . Guardiola legacy scheme will remain the mainstay recipe protege Enrique anyone when host team . Landslide score still always decorate the scoreboard on any play Barcelona , in Barcelona last match 6-0 drubbing of Granada . 

The aroma is full of emotion will be on the shoulders of Zlatan Ibrahimovic , failure to penetrate the semis last year when viewed by the score can not be concluded , PSG quality worse than Barcelona . But the name of football , the score for the absolute assessment guess the quality of a team . Cavani Duet - Ibra is still a major power on to bombard concoction Luis Enrique . But if you look at the results obtained by PSG in Ligue 1 , a series of results received and Touluse counter Lyon with a score of 1-1 should be noted . If the condition is not immediately addressed , it is not impossible PSG will trouble scoring . Interesting awaited . Can withstand the onslaught of the line Les Perisiens trident Barca ?

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