Spectacular !!! This is the first word that should be disclosed when see step Il Giallorosi , nicknames AS Roma , at the beginning of the Champions League match this year . Imagine, no longer taste the atmosphere of this most prestigious event , once immediate steps to silence the vice of Russia , CSKA Moscow , 5-1 mercilessly . Although still defeated by the outcome of Porto when crushed Bate Borisov 6-0 victory news AS Roma who can suck the attention of football lovers . At the beginning of the match was able to fight the Italian representative of public opinion , can the capital of the wolf speaks volumes in this most prestigious event ? It is too early to conclude capable , in the next match will be facing an opponent who is Manchester City and Bayern Munich . Hmm how lunge AS Roma ? 

The next matchday , Manchester City will turn the turn serve troops in Ettihad Stadium Capital . Camp host , should not be re- dally , because the first dipertandingan , The Citizen was unable to maintain the sanctity of their goal , while in the final seconds of the final , Boateng capable goalkeeper Hart . As a result City home with bowed sluggish . This will try to maximize home games removed when the counter with AS Roma . Perfect appearance Hart will return repeated again . His leave and Micah Richards Negredo makes the game early in Alianz stained City Arena , Pellegrini would be able to create a touch , if you do not want to be called to make the mistake of removing the 26 -year-old defender . In front , no need to doubt the capabilities of their cutting edge . Collaboration Silva and Nasri will be the supplier of Aguero and Dzeko for De Santics bust nets . Transfer Giallorosi sweet fruition , reliable defender Mehdi Benatia departure to Bayern Munich if not consistent appearance bepengaruh Rome . Gervinho its perfect appearance and Itturbe so new idol for Rome 's early game . Latest performances they will be back on display in Ettihad Stadium . Rudy Garcia concoction temporarily unable to lift the club to perform consistently at the beginning of this fight . But the shadow of defeat when slaughtered by Manchester United 1-7 certainly has not been forgotten from the memory of Francesco Totti . The results were very painful for the visitors need to be removed if you do not want repeated in City headquarters . Talk at the European level is in fact both teams evenly matched, although filled by big names , the City also can not be raised further . Last year in the Champions League round of 16 of the City at the stop Barcelona . But the move to higher tread will again faltered , because the longer the tournament favorite team , Bayern Munich . 

Matchday 2 would later Ettihad Stadium boisterous and turn blue , hoping to drown the might of AS Roma , or vice versa , wolf bite capital of the one who will be digging deeper in the Champions League this time . Interesting in wait .

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