Anfield Stadium will witness Super Mario et al stage while diving Champions League Matchday 3 against a team winning the title of La Decima , Real Madrid October 22, 2014 . Duel laden ruler prestige this league will be witnessed by tens of thousands of supporters and of course Anfield will be flushed because of the action of the Reds fanatic . Gait Liverpool in the European scene may very rarely heard , after an absence of 5 years . Now in the hands of coach Brendan Rodgers , Liverpool gradually transformed into a stable team in the top flight and join in the hunt for the league title . Still remember kah , Gerard et al demonstrated a fantastic struggle as Liverpool diving final against Italian giants AC Milan in 2005 ago ? When the first half the Reds up 0-3 , then in the second half , tens of thousands of pairs of eyes were watching the final was made ​​disbelief . It only took 15 minutes , Liverpool was able to equalize the score to 3-3 . Then followed a shootout , and finally the Reds managed to become champion after winning in a penalty shootout duel . It was still in the hands of Rafael Benitez . 

Now the moment it will try to be repeated again , purchasing Mario Baloteli , Adam lalana , Dejan Lovren , Ricky Lambert is proof that the Reds want to repeat the good times of the Champions League in 2005. However , opponents to be faced is Real Madrid , Champions League team of the largest rulers . No need to doubt the quality of players , players purchase at exorbitant prices seems to be a compulsory transfer of Los Galaticos , successfully landed a brilliant player at the World Cup in Brazil ago , James Rodriguez from AS Monaco then Javier Hernandez Chicarito and Tony Kroos continues to establish their supremacy in the European scene . Unmitigated , in Matchday 1 , FC Basel made ​​barns gelontoran goal by Madrid with 5 goals . Rodgers certainly should not jumawa used , although in the opening match 2-1 also capable of subduing Ludogorets .

This time the opponents faced a team like Real Madrid came in with a high confidence , although in 2 league games early wobble. Internal conflicts player , even with fans dipredikisi mentally capable of removing the foster children of Don Carletto it . It turns out that the prediction was dispersed , in the European arena Madrid triumphed with a landslide victory . Combination Bale , James , Ronaldo and Benzema will prove their capability passing team like Liverpool . The arrival of new retainer Reds ears are still foreign football fans , they are Rickie Lambert , Adam Lalana and Dejan Lovres . Purchase trio from Southampton was further confirms the desire of the coach to talk a lot in this most prestigious event . Who are the three players ? He was a retainer of Southampton who brought The South perched amid dipapan standings are able to lure Rodgers . That is what will be presented at Rodger try with Liverpool , try to go further in this most prestigious championship . Liverpool match Real Madrid decent counter anticipated , as well as a new arena of the retainer of the Reds . Can Gerard et al were able to bring Liverpool's triumph back in Europe ? Can memory 2005 ago can they repeat ? Interesting in wait .

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