Hallo Azzuri supporters anywhere. For the fans who long for very same moment Italy in 2006, that he had to be able to become the champion. Italy Public expects that the potential moment be repeated again. Of course you still remember yes, the Azzuri must acknowledge the greatness teams another clash with each other in the World Cup 2014 in Brazil yesterday. It is worth remembering, when they successfully defeated England in the opening match group with the score 2-1. At that time, the football lovers predicts that if Italy would raced ahead in the World Cup. But the fact he swallowed a bitter pill Italy should, to join with partners do., Uruguay, And the United Kingdom. Italy should go home early because he is not able to maximize the match, but only needs draw to accompany the team a surprise partners do. it. Azzuri have not been able to contain attack Luis Suarez and his colleagues, Italy losing 0-1 from Uruguay and she allocation for him to Uruguay. Estadio Das Dunas to become the witness, foster parents decline Cesare Prandelli. After the failure, the former allenatore resigned from Fiorentina from the Italian National Team. Italian national team coach Indonesia emerges everywhere, and presents various names the coach who has no stranger in the inner ear football lovers among others; Roberto Mancini, Luciano Spalleti, Massimiliano Allegri, and Alberto Zacheroni. From the four names, which have a big chance to deal with Andrea Pirlo and friends is Roberto Mancini, because at that time Mancini and serves as a club without following the decision left giant clubs from Turkey, Galatasaray. When indonesia candidates coach lead to four names. Good news surprise come from Italian football coach of Juventus,, Antonio Conte decided to not work together again with Juventus in the season 2014-2015. Rumor circulated behind Conte because his intention was never responded by club management. Just look at, some focused on well known as Alexis Sanchez, Angel Di Maria, Juan Itturbe, not in serious responded by officials from the club. See the condition Italy Football Federation, immediately reacted, and appointed the former allenatore Juventus, to deal with Italian squad until the final round in the Euro 2016. Without doubt, Conte to accept the FIGC, Italian national team to train with salary 3 million euros per year, the salary second largest in the world, after Fabio Capello who currently dealing with the team bears and white, Russia. Now the atmosphere the resurrection Italy is becoming more and more starting to feel, the people overseas Spaghetti, sure, if the former allenatore Juventus will be able to continue his hegemony at that time improve Bianconeri. 
In a manner that discipline and decisively, Conte is believed to be able to change the scheme game would become more offensive and attractive. It would a scheme which will be implemented in Italy will be the same with the formation when dealing with Juventus that can snatch scudetto title consecutively 3 times, the 3-5-2 formation. Public hope Conte able to eliminate memory principles in the World Cup 2014 and bringing Italy fly higher. 

And the hope public actually happened, at new coach, has also been able to show capability after in the first match as the National Team is able to foster parents Gus Hiddink. Italy to be able to overthrew Dutch with the score 2-0 in Estadio San Nicola Bari. Goal Italian striker duet created through him, Ciro Immobilized condition and rookie new, Simone Zaza. Of course not so readers know who he Simone Zaza, because at this moment Zaza join with the team regarded as mediocrity Sassuolo. Cageinessm Conte appreciate those advenced age people indeed must be in touch, thanks to him, the striker heads bald young man has the potential to the striker who thirst goal and valuable assets Italy considering his age is 23 years. Public expressed revulsion over magic touch prime Conte. 

Chop Conte initially harvest pros and cons because she did not dimasukannya Mario sooner or later Balloteli started in praise be, there were 7 new players was not called national team in the distant rear Prandelli. Average age Italian players majority 22-24 years, however, there are some players that age his head of nine but still have become famous Italy, just mention Gianluigi Buffon. Andrea Pirlo news is in persuasion the coach to go back to skuat him. And again, when in his first International match, at that time Italy started the expedition knit asa toward the final round of the Euro Cup 2016. Italy succeeded in making supporters Norway are bent over sluggish, Italy to be able to wipe out host Norway with a score of 0-2. A victory that

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