Yoga is the Martial Arts, not something related to religion or belief. Understanding Yoga itself is a spiritual technique that is older than any religion in the world, including Hinduism, the oldest religions in human history.

But it must be admitted, that Yoga is known today is the legacy of the cultural heritage of India. Then the terms in Yoga has many similarities with the terms in the Hindu religion, because both were born in the tradition of Indian culture. Therefore, if you want to explore yoga, have no objection to accept the terms of India. As we have never objected to use Latin terms, when studying medicine. Using these terms in learning Japanese Karate and Chinese terms in learning Kung Fu. Or, learn the English language books to explore the science of Economics.

Yoga is to align the physical body, mind and soul. In the physical body, yoga gives health effects, balance, strength and vitality. In the mind, yoga to improve memory, concentration, sharpens the intellectual level, balancing the emotions that make life richer and happier. In spirit, yoga brings awareness, freedom and enlightenment.

As martial arts, yoga practice also requires strict discipline. There is no dispensation to shorten the road. However, practicing Yoga is not too late to start. Whether a child - parents, women - men, defects - a healthy, literate - illiterate, with all sincerity can practice Yoga.

Effective Yoga Program

When you start with yoga, you need to find something that works for you. Yoga routine activities or programs you choose should be something that challenges you both in mind and in your body. Your yoga "practice" should be a positive influence in your life. Yoga is very positive, and it should make you happy, do not make for a painful experience.

An effective yoga routine or the program will:

-Challenge you physically, mentally, and spiritually

-Makes you feel comfortable

-Improve the overall health (ie digestion, stress, etc.)

-Make you feel happy

-Helps you to relax and reduce stress

-Improves balance and posture

-Increase core strength

-Increase muscle strength and overall cardiovascular strength

-Prevent injuries and improve flexibility.

All of this should be the goal of an effective yoga routine or program. Before you ever start a yoga routine, make sure that accomplish things. Each yoga practice should be, but unfortunately they do not.

Also, make sure that your instructor, whether it's on DVD or in the classroom, is a certified yoga instructor. their mandate should be posted on the web. A good yoga instructor can make all the difference. That is generally the difference between someone who likes yoga, and someone who does.

To sum ​​it all up, make sure that the yoga routine or program gives you all the benefits of yoga (listed above), while making you feel comfortable and challenged. An effective yoga practice begins with those things.

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