Skateboard is a very popular sporting activity, particularly enjoyed by young people who have the talent for this sport. Skateboard is a narrow platform with attached wheels and people ride on it to move quickly on hard surface. Like all adventurous sporting activities, skateboarding may cause several types of injury. Broken bones or sprains are main types of injury. There are some safety tips, which should always be followed by skateboard riders to escape injury. Some important recommendations are given below:

1) A skateboard rider should always wear a helmet that fits properly, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads & shoes. All these accessories are used as protective equipment.

2) Use a quality skateboard. There are different types of skateboard for all types of riders. A beginner skateboard rider should always use board with shorter deck, which is easier to master.

3) Skateboarding is not a sport that is easy for the newbie and the newbie must always learn the basic skills of this sport activity. Various techniques like slowing down, turning, falling safely, it is necessary to learn to start skateboarding on hard surface.

4) Skateboard should be thoroughly inspected before boarding. Bagian2 who damaged or loose or sharp edges on the boards, the wheels are cracked, a slippery board can cause serious injury.

5) Skateboard should not be driven on a busy highway because it can cause serious injury. A collision with any vehicle can make a skateboard rider to be victims.

6) Skateboard should not be used in darkness or in wet weather, because it was too risky.

7) Observation and choosing the right area before driving can help avoid injury. Rough surfaces and irregular can cause injury.

8) It's always advisable not to take unnecessary risk with difficult tricks and jumps, turning the skateboard. Someone must be using tricks and jumps, which are perfectly mastered.

9) It is also very important for skateboarders to be in good physical performance to prevent themselves from injury. Some stretching exercises are always recommended before and after her skateboard to avoid muscle injuries.

10) Have a good knowledge to handle the problem in an emergency.

11) One and only one person using a skateboard. There should not be any sharing as it can cause dangerous accidents.

12) ride on cars, bikes can be very risky and cause accident.

13) Children under the age of 14 years is a major victim of skateboard injuries. Thus, a child under that age should always be observed when air-skateboard. Rise Skateboard is prohibited for children under the age of seven. Poor balance, slow reaction, lack of coordination of body parts, lack of driving skills, a major cause for children injured when her skateboard.

When her skateboard, one should not neglect their safety. When skateboarders play by the rules, then everyone can enjoy this sport.

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