Kung fu or martial arts gongfu is from China. However, the actual meaning of the word Kungfu has a broad meaning, namely something that is acquired in a long time and with genuine perseverance. So great an expert cook who can be said to have a high Kungfu.


In the beginning, the term or the ability of Martial Arts in Chinese society is not Silat Science "Kung Fu". The term martial arts is not as popular today. Kungfu itself more points to a specific expertise and tenacity and proven superior, such as cooking experts, experts farming and others. The term became popular after a Kung Fu martial arts legend, which popularized the term martial arts Bruce Lee in the western hemisphere. Jolted by the ability, speed and power of the Legend, the term martial arts became very popular and synonymous with Chinese Martial Arts (China) until now.

Martial Arts Kung Fu was originally developed from the needs and the human ability to survive, either to defend themselves from various kinds of wild animal attack, hunt for food, as well as the ability to fight. With the development of the science of medicine and the human body in ancient China - as well as a protracted civil war, Martial Arts Kung Fu was developed rapidly and spread widely, thus bringing the many contributions and influence the embryo of the various types of kinds of martial arts in Asia, such as Karate, Kempo, Pencak Silat and others.

Kungfu has a history and tradition of martial arts are very long, rigorous, proven and effective since 5000 years ago along with the emergence of cult Dao (Taoism), which would later develop into specific religion. In the 2500's, began popping up various streams that legendary martial arts up to now, starting from the Shaolin Temple (Liem Siaw Sie), Wudang (Butong), Omei (Emei-Gobi), Kun Lun, Hua San, San Thian, Khongtong and other so on. In general, there are more than 100 streams and thousands of martial arts moves as well as various types of unique and weird science, ranging from the most violent and malignant (external arts) to the knowledge of the most delicate and light as cotton (internal arts). Various streams and the sciences that still exist up to now is Hung Gar, Lohan, Ngo Cho, Pek Ho, Eng Jiaw, Qin Na, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Quan, Hsing I, Ba Gua, Yi Quan, Fan Zi Quan, Chang Quan and others. another.
The Swordsman Kungfu famous past contributed to the World of Chinese Kungfu, among others:

1) Bodhidharma (Da Mo / Mo Tat or Daruma in Japanese). He is a Zen Buddhist spiritual pastor from India who meditated 9 years at the Shaolin Temple and the creator of such legendary various types of science: Science & Muscles Tendons Changes (Yi Jin Jing / I Chin Ching), 9 Sun (The Cin Keng Kiu), Muscles Bones Wire Iron (Tiet Sin Kun), Gold Iron Shirt (Gold Genta), 5 Kick Animals, Finger Zen, etc.. But unfortunately, some of that knowledge is gone. It is said that at the time of crossing the ocean to the Chinese, he just stood on a small branch and the cave where Bodhidharma left the hermitage in the shadow of her body while meditating in the cave wall until now. During the nine years meditating in the cave, Bodhidharma could hear the conversation different types of living beings like ants, for example.

2) Thio Sam Hong (Thio Po Kun / Zhang Jun Bao / Zhang San Feng). In his youth, Thio Sam Hong is a very talented student at the Shaolin Temple. Because imposed arbitrarily by the seniors, he came out of the Temple of Shaolin Kungfu and learn to develop themselves by observing various natural phenomena such as wind down on a bamboo tree, crane and snake fight, defense kokohnya mantises from the wind and others. After learning & understanding the essence of the Universe, Thio Sam Hong youth retreat on Mount Hua-San to perfect their knowledge of science. By the time he come down the mountain, She traveled throughout China and pitting his knowledge with the people of the Self Defense and / or the Swordsman of all streams. Based on ancient literature, there were two very famous battle, the first is a fight between a wrestler Thio Sam Hong Number 1 (One) Mongol very large, strong and aggressive. Later note also that the wrestlers are also highly skilled in various streams of Chinese Kungfu. Mongolian wrestler was reportedly beat many fighters Shaolin Temple and a host of other hard Swordsman flow. Thio Sam Hong battle between the Mongolian wrestler was won by Thio Sam Hong with his new science, Tai Chi! The second fight was a self-Thio Sam Hong beat more than 100 gangsters in the den of thieves with only his bare hands! Since then, Thio Sam Hong is recognized by all circles persilatan become Swordsman Without Tanding at the time. After feeling quite in perantauanya, he climbed to the mountain of Wudang (Butong) and founded the Wudang College with a major base of teaching: Taoism. Thio Sam Hong itself is believed to be the Creator first and Science Tai Chi is an Expert in Science Yin Tao (Nei Kung). Thio Sam Hong is said to live in 3 (three) times (Immortal Taoist) dynasty, the Sung Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty (Mongol, and Ming Dynasty (Han).

3) Yue Fei (General Yue Fei, Tangyin-Henan Province, 1103-1142). He is a famous Patriot General of the Imperial Sung Dynasty (960-1279) who fought against the invasion of tribes Jin (Jurchen / Juchen) and until the end of his life remained faithful to defend the country even though vilified and condemned to death by a despot. General Yue Fei was believed to be the Creator of internal and external martial arts, namely: Hsing - I (Xing Yi) and enhancer Eng Jiaw (Eagle Claw). In his youth, General Yue Fei learned from the Shaolin monk named Jow Tong / Lai Chin. In addition to empty hand combat expert, General Yue Fei is also an expert in weapons of Shaolin 18 Spear Single especially science. It is said that science is equivalent to science spear spear Marga Yang Family (Family Studies The spearhead is a hereditary family of martial arts are very distinctive and high and only slightly Expert / warrior will be able to match their knowledge of his day. According to ancient records, it is known that high levels lance science The family has several unique features, namely: Science Spear Dragon Fitted / Dragon Spear twisting and Sciences (Toya) Mighty Dragon is able to disable / kill the opponent without physical touching. Note: Families are also the last True Patriot who had remained loyal to the end of the fall of the Empire Sung by the Mogul dynasty). Kung Fu Hsing I himself had vanished from the world persilatan after the death of General Yue Fei until rediscovered the Book of the Book of Kung Fu Hsing I Hsing-I 10 Principles of General Yue Fei relics towards the end of the Ming Dynasty by Ji Long Feng (Ji Jike). Then Ji Long Feng Kung Fu Hsing I lowered the Ma Family, Cao Ji Wu and others until finally emerged Kuo Yun Shen and Sun Lutang as experts in Kung Fu Hsing I is remarkable.

4) Qi Jiguang (1528-1588). He is one of the other famous Patriot General of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). At age 22, Qi Jiguang fight and expel Mongol army led by Altan Khan, who seeks re-colonize China (1548-1552). He shared and Tan Lun Yu Dayao known as the Patriot eradicate the pirates and the pirates out of Japan (rata2 the pirates are the ex-samurai who lost the war and in cooperation with Chinese pirates or the despotic local rulers) are often robbed in mainland China in particular regions Fujian and Zhejiang. Post-eradication, there was no Japanese pirates or pirate who dared to come back again because the combat capability of the army General Qi Jiquang incredible. He noted Kungfunya and bequeath the whole of the Book "Shou Ji Ching Hua" which now becomes one of the treasures that complement the Chinese martial arts literature.

5) 5 Shaolin Ancestors. Post-combustion of the Shaolin Temple in the second battle between the Rev. Shaolin Temple with 50,000 soldiers armed to the teeth and modern Qing assisted the Lhama Tibet and Practitioner Pak Mei (White Eyebrow).

Fifth Shaolin ancestors are:

1) Choi Tak-Chung (蔡德忠)

2) Tai-Hung Fong (方大洪)

3) Ma Chiu-Hing (马超兴)

4) Wu-Tai No (胡德帝)

5) Sik-Hoi Lee (李 式 开)

Based on older literature, noted that the Shaolin Temple were completely destroyed and burned for 40 days and 40 nights in the attack. The entire record of ancient knowledge thousands of years including a number of legendary martial arts and weapons heritage is lost or burned. Of the thousands of non-Monk Shaolin Monk and, only five people who escaped the attack and then they spread throughout China while spreading resistance Shaolin Kungfu and anti-Qing Dynasty. The devastation caused by the Shaolin Temple Shaolin unscrupulous treachery that turned out to be lackeys of the Qing Dynasty who infiltrate and sow poison in various point sources of water and food of the monks. At the second attack, the physical condition of the poisoning has caused the loss of ability to fight the monks of Shaolin monks and Non. In the first bout, the Shaolin Temple Warriors managed to expel tens of thousands of soldiers fully armed Qing Dynasty. Failure in the first attack, made at the peak of the Qing Emperor's anger. The Emperor gathered the best soldiers from each legion and recruit the Kung Fu martial arts expert (including Tibet and Practitioners Lhama Pak May) loyal to the Qing Dynasty to jointly raided the Shaolin Temple and menpersiapkan strategy of infiltration / destruction of the Shaolin Temple. Later, 5 Ancestors of Shaolin is synonymous also with 5 Main famous figures, namely:

a) Hung Hei-Koon Hong 洪熙官 Xiguan / Hung Hei Gun.

He is the creator of Hung Gar Kung Fu. Hung Hei Koon is the main disciple of the monk Gee Sin Sim See. He is renowned as an Expert Fok Fu Kuen Gung Gee (Siu Lum Fook Fu Kuen) and the True Tiger Claw. Tiger claw stance known to be very fierce and powerful. Most victims of malignancy Tiger Claw stance is Hung Hei Koon soldiers and minions Qing Manchu.

b) Lau Sam-Ngan Liu 刘 三眼 Sānyǎn / Lau Sam Ngan.

He is the Creator of Lau Gar Kung Fu and is known by the nickname "Lau Eyes 3". Lau Sam Ngan martial arts ability is extremely high. He is known to fight against the mob Qing army and other martial arts practitioners without the need to look seolah2 there are "other eyes" behind his head.

c) Choi You-Cai Jiǔyí 蔡九 仪 Yee / Choy Gau Yi.

He is the Creator Choi Gar Kung Fu

d) Lee Yau-San 李 友 山 Lǐ Yǒushān / Li Yau San.

He is a teacher of Chan Heung, Lei Gar Kung Fu Creator (Choi Lei Fut)

e) Ching-Kiu Mok 莫 清 矫 MO Qīngjiǎo / Mok Ching Giu,

He is the Creator of Mok Gar Kung Fu

6) Wong Fei Hung (Huang Fei Hong, Fushan, 1847-1924). He lived during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and was recorded as the Patriot Nationalist, martial arts expert, founder of Chi Lam Pho drug house and at the same Shinshe Acupuncture is very popular with various types of martial arts such as science: Science Pet Tiger and Crane, Kick Without Shadow, Iron Fist, Toan Ta, Toya 8 Diagrams and others. Her pupils are very well known among other things: Lam Sai Wing, Leung Fong, Tang Fung and Lin Wan Gai. Wong Fei Hung is the son of Wong Kei Ying, a famous fighter of the "10 Tigers of Canton". At age 16, Wong Fei Hung Silat founded universities in various areas, namely: Shuijiao, Diqipu, Xiquan and Guangdong. In addition, he also founded the Drug House Pho Lam Chi Instructor Trainers and become the youngest Mliter Regiment Army V Cantonese. In his lifetime, Wong Fei Hung is famous for its many battles with the local fighters and foreign fighters in defense of "China's Pride" which was then dropped to the lowest point. 2 (Two) a very famous battle was at Wong dropped more than 50 fighters gangster / pirates in the harbor with only a Toya and the second fight is when he along with Liu Yong Fu fighting directly with the Japanese army in Taiwan. He himself is a direct disciple of the Way So Beggar (Beggar So), Lam Fuk Sing, Lin Cheng Fu and his own father who in fact was the son of Wong Tai, a direct disciple Luk Ah Choi, Hung Gar Kung Fu expert and also a direct disciple of the famous Shaolin Monks : Gee Sin Sim See, Li & Bak Fu Hung Hei Koon.

7) Hua Yan Jia (Fok Yuen Gap / Ho Ka Goan, Tianjin, 1868-1910). He is the founder of Chin Woo Athletic Association (Jing Wu Men), which until now have been spread over 50 branches in USA, Canada, Argentina, Peru, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Wales, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore , Thailand, Malaysia and others. He is a famous Kung Fu Swordsman very nationalistic and was also born from the Family fighter Huo flow. At first, Hua Yan Jia Silat is not allowed to study science because of his condition is weak and often sick. However, due to a strong will and high talent, the young Jia Yan Hua diam2 always peek kakak2nya and the disciples His father (Huo Endi) during exercise. It is said that science is more perfect after the encounter with one of the famous Patriot Kungfu: Wang Wu, The Machete Big polish ability Jia Hua Yan young. Jia Hua Yan's fighting ability was first tested on occasions when he beat South Kungfu expert named "Du" Families who previously defeated Huo precisely at the time of the annual battle between Family fighter. In his lifetime, both he and his student Liu Zhensheng known as Kungfu warrior who defeated a lot of different martial arts practitioners flow from various countries such as the wrestler, boxer, Ju Jit Su / judo mum and Karateka from Russia, Britain and Japan. Huo Yan Jia's first fight with the Western Warriors in 1901 occurred in an open battle in Xiyuan Park, Tianjin. Huo Yan Jia Strongest Wrestler beat Russia (The fight was a "Show of Force" of the Russian Empire to weaken the Chinese people mentally) in a landslide by lifting and throwing off the stage of the fight. The second battle occurred in 1909 with the British Boxing Champion big tall, O'Brien. Huo Yan Jia moves back to defeat his opponent with his creation, ie, Mi Fu Zhong. In subsequent developments, Huo Yan Jia receive much more challenging than the Japanese fighter and no one can beat He at that time. Unfortunately, Huo Yan Jia died too fast, ie at the age of 42 (1910) and based on the autopsy of Tianjin Municipality Police Laboratory, found arsenic in the body Huo. Chin Woo officials and examining physician suspected that the toxin associated with the last fight with Japanesse Judo Association ("JJA") which resulted in many members of the JJA who suffered a major defeat or fatal injuries in the battle mat.

8) Chan Tzi Ching. He is the principal heir of the flow of the Eagle Claw Kung Fu Family Marga Lau. He is known as an unbeatable martial arts fighter and conquered all his opponents in only three moves and / or with 3-inch punch. During this period, only Huo Yan Jia himself able to offset the science of Kungfu Chan Tzi Ching. Attracted by the extraordinary fighting ability, Huo Yan Jia Chan Tzi Ching invited to participate in teaching at the Chin Woo, Shang Hai in 1910. After the death of Huo Yan Jia due to exposure to arsenic from Japanese secret agent, Chan Tzi Ching Huo Yan Jia continue the struggle and a lot of fight with a number of Japanese martial arts practitioners and the West, but no one can beat he up to the end.

9) Fan Xu Dong. He has the posture tall and large but has the ability to relieve the body of science is incredible in his day. He is a full-blooded martial arts expert Grasshopper Worship (Praying Mants) and Big Machete (Guan Dao). Fan Xu Dong known as Kungfu Fighting Patriot who participated in the Boxer rebellion because it can not stand the behavior of Western nations and Japan at that harm people and wanted to colonize China towards the end of the Qing Dynasty. There are a number of famous battles between Fan Xu Dong with a number of fighters representing 8 countries, namely the first fight is when he answers the challenges of the Japanese samurai hero in the battle of life and death openly in Shandong. Fan Xu Dong cleared the body of the Samurai into 2 parts in seconds at the time by using the weapon Guan Dao. The second battle occurred in 1875, Fan Xu Dong Kung Fu Yantai Education representative to respond to the challenges of the National Wrestling Champion Russia. The fight re-Fan Xu Dong was won by a landslide. After the victory, Fan Xu Dong lot petarung2 fight with Russia but no one can beat him until he returned to China again. 10) Chen Family Tai Chi: Chen Fa Ke. Chen Fa Ke was one 1 (one) the 17th generation successor to the genus Chen Tai Chi flow is very famous in his lifetime since there is no opponent that could defeat him and he beat all lawan2nya without injuring them at all. He himself is the son of Chen Chang Xing, one of the Tai Chi Master Chen's famous stream. He is most famous battles was the fight-free or "Leitai" for 17 days in Beijing. Over the past 17 days, Chen Fa Ke beat all his opponents with just a science Chen Tai Chi flow. Many experts Martial either hard or soft flow and various other Martial flow admitted that Chen Fa Ke was Invincible fighter in his day. Chen Fa Ke dubbed the "Taiji Yi Ren" (The Best Tai Chi Master) and "Shen Quan" (Saint Martial) by practitioners of the martial world. Tai Chi flow centered in the village of Marga Chen Chen (Chen Jiagao) and almost the entire population of the village is Tai Chi practitioners. Based on historical records, the flow of Chen Tai Chi was first introduced by Chen Wan Ting, a retired General of the Ming Dynasty.

11) Family Yang, Yang Lu Chan (Yang Fu Kui). He is the founder of Yang Tai Chi flow clan. In his lifetime, he was also famous as a warrior with the nickname "Yang Wu Di = The Invincible". Descendants and successors that he is very famous among other things: The Chien Hou, Yang Shao Hao, Yang Cheng Fu, Yang Ban Hou & Chen Man Ching. Science Tai Chi Yang Lu Chan himself famous for a number of nicknames, the Mien Quan (Cotton Fist) and Hua Quan (Fist neutralizing).

12) Kuo Yun Shen (Guo Yun Shen / Yu Sheng). He is well known as a brave warrior of the martial arts as well as Nei Kung is very high. He is a martial arts expert Hsing - I (Xing Yi). Kuo Yun Shen dubbed "Ban Bu Peng Kuo" because it is famous for its mastery of Peng Quan ("Crushing Fist") is perfect, one of the science of the 5 Elements Hsing I). Tread Science reputedly able to shed their cotton is quite simply the opponent's body by touching it. Kuo Yun Shen've tapped gently and 10 bricks spilled all destroyed. He himself was a disciple of Master Li Luoneng best and was never defeated by anyone in his day. Only one person can offset the master Kuo Yun Shen, namely Tung Hai Chuan in a fierce battle for 3 days and 3 nights that ended in a draw, and eventually they became good friends who exchange knowledge Kungfu.

13) Sun Lutang (Sun Fu Quan). He is the creator of Sun Tai Chi flow and is famous as an Expert Hsing I and Bagua. He is a student of various martial arts expert like monk Wu, Kuo Yun Shen, Li Kui Yuan, Cheng Ting Hua (Expert Baguazhang), Hao Wei Chen (Master Wu Yu Xiang Tai Chi) and others. Her nickname is "Tiger Head Swordsman" and "Smarter than a Monkey On".
14) Tung Hai Chuan (Dong Haichuan). He is the creator of the science of Baguazhang (Zhuan Zhang) and the famous unbeaten in his day. One of the famous bout is bout 3 days 3 nights with Master Kuo Yun Shen which ended in a draw. In addition to expert Baguazhang, He is also expert in the science Bafanshan, Hongquan, Xingmengquan, Jinggangquan, Erlangquan and Lohanquan. Tung Hai Chuan himself was known to have any other special science called "Step Cloud / Cloud Bearak" a kind of Science Body Relieve extraordinary that can be played simultaneously with the science of Baguazhang.

15) Yip Man (Ip Man, Foshan, Namhoi 1898-1972). He is one of the famous Wing Chun Kung Fu expert and renowned as an undefeated fighter, but very "low profile". He is a direct student of Chan Wah Sun, Ng Sok Chung & Leung Bik (son of Leung Jan). While in Foshan, China, he had some famous students, among others: Lok Yiu, Chow Kwong Yue, Kwok Fu, Kai Lun, Chan Chi Sun and Lui Ying. At Hong Kong, a number of students he is the famous Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, Chu Song Tin, Wong Shun Leung, Lo Man Thurs and Siau Lung Li / Li Jun Fan (Bruce Lee).

Yip Man is the son of a wealthy merchant family and very generous. The origins of interest in learning martial arts because Yip Man Yip Man's family to allow a martial arts master who has lived the Master Chan Wah Shun to preserve the marital arts by teaching a group of students in the family temple. Master Chan has a reputation as a good-hearted martial arts experts as they often defend the interests of small people who are oppressed by a gang of robbers, criminals or officials who arbitrarily. Yip Man who was then 9 year old often observe exercises Master Chan and his disciples. He had begged to be accepted as a disciple Master Chan, but Chan Master who was then aged 60 years have not wanted to accept students again. But the young Yip Man was a very harsh and unyielding desire, though rejected many times, Yip Man remains unyielding.

To test the willingness and sincerity of Yip Man, Master Chan has said it will accept as a pupil if he is able to pay the exercise of three taels of silver. The next day, Yip Man is coming with all his savings, amounting to 300 pieces of silver! Master Yip Man Chan saw that has a desire and strong determination to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu. After discussion with his parents Yip Man, Master Chan finally accepted as a disciple of Yip Man's latest.

Yip Man studied Wing Chun Kung Fu with Master Chan for four years or until the Master Chan died. To further deepen the knowledge Kungfunya, Yip Man then studied for 2.5 years with another senior, namely Ng Chun. When Yip Man was 16 years old, his parents sent him to Hong Kong to attend St. Stephen's College. Yip Man With the rapid popularity is growing rapidly in St Setphen's College because he often openly serve and win the fight with the senior or practitioners of other martial flow average-based martial arts, Boxing and Karate. At that time, Kung Fu Wing Chun Kung Fu became popular as a new, reliable flow of streams beyond that already exist.

Loved the young Yip Man fights until the point he had information that in the silk factory one of his friends, there is an incredible martial arts expert, but has aged 50 years. The martial arts expert living in a fishing boat that rests near the port of Hong Kong. Yip Man then went to see the Master and ask for guidance from the martial arts expert. But the martial arts expert is actually asking Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu to demonstrate it. After seeing a few moments Yip Man, the martial arts expert is actually poke fun at the science of Kung Fu Wing Chin Yip Man is still far below the standard of Wing Chun Kung Fu Master! Feeling that his ability demeaned, Yip Man challenged the expert is to fight. In one or two movements, Yip Man was thrown into the water instead! After repeatedly trying to attack with a variety of the secret he had learned over the years, Yip Man finally realized that the experts who met this Kungfu Kungfu Expert level is high because the entire attack Yip Man could not be on target! Yip Man finally gave up and expressed his desire to learn from the martial arts expert is. Attracted by talent and ability Yip Man, Kung Fu Master Yip Man was accepted as his disciple. Yip Man later found out that it was martial arts expert Master Leung Bik was still a "lineage / root" with the science of martial arts master Chan Wah Sun. Master Leung Bik itself is a martial arts expert from different schools but focuses more on the flow of Wing Chun Kung Fu. But so far, no one / any other martial arts expert who knows that is actually the Master Leung Bik Wing Chun Kung Fu Expert until the arrival of Yip Man!

Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Master Leung Bik and Chan Wah Sun actually comes from the same root, namely Ng Mui Shaolin Wing Chun Master Leung Bik but made some changes according to the experience of fighting for this so that there is a difference between the pattern and the stance of Wing Chin Traditional Kungfu with Wing Chun kung fu his. After studying for a 2.5 tender, Master Leung Bik has inherited all his knowledge to the Yip Man Yip Man and asked to spread Wing Chun Kung Fu to the public. Along with the completion of the study period he, Yip Man returned to Foshan and aspires to carry out the mandate of the teacher. Yip Man taught all his ability to colleagues seperguruan but that desire had encountered obstacles because one of the seniors still want to retain the traditional Wing Chun so it had been a fight between Yip Man with a senior. But in the end the seniors can accept that science is good Kungfu Kungfu is a science that can adapt and change according to the existing development. During Foshan been many events that changed the course of Master Yip Man's life, ranging from the entry of Japanese colonial rule until a fight with martial arts experts in Japan who oppress the common people. Yip Man often challenge the Japanese martial arts expert who seeks mental deteriorate the Chinese people by holding a number of martial arts tournaments. Victory after victory achieved easily and quickly in every battle until Yip Man had to be rushed from Foshan to Hong Kong again for being the target of assassination.

At the beginning of Hong Kong, Yip Man working in restaurants and day-to-day teaching Kung Fu Wing Chun to Leung Sheung Wong, a martial arts practitioner as well as Mr. May and the first student of Yip Man. Life in Hong Kong is hard often leads to Yip Man received many challenges from both the flow of Kung Fu and other martial arts. In general, Yip Man refused to subtly challenge but in the end remains inevitable battle. Yip Man had never experienced defeat or injure even his opponents in every fight and in general after the battle is finished, the opponents actually very reluctant to Yip Man Yip Man because of his humble and knights. After teaching science of Wing Chun Kung Fu for 20 years in Hong Kong, Master Yip Man died.

16) Bruce Lee (Lee Jun Fan / Lee Siau Lung). He is a practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu and martial arts and founder of a new flow: Jeet Kune Do (Intercepting Fist). He is an actor and martial artist who went from hobby anggota2 street fights even with mafia gangs. In his lifetime, he is famous for some real battles with a variety of martial arts practitioners both during filming and the days that have been determined. Here is a list of a number of fights Bruce Lee recorded: a) In 1958, Bruce Lee defeated the British Boxer Boxing Champion 3x, Gary Elms by knockout in the third round in Hong Kong Inter School Championship Amateur Boxing Championships b) Before dealing with Gary Elms, Bruce Lee beat Shen Yuen, Lo Lieh Huang and Yang are all in the first round by knockout c) Bruce Lee beat Pu Chung, Choy Li Fut Kung Fu expert with a first round TKO in a fight Full Contact Body. Sponsor battle is Wong Sheung Leung d) During the years 1959-1960, Bruce Lee was involved a lot of battles in the streets and the average victim KO or disability, so that the police be busy due to a hobby he e) In 1962, Bruce Lee beat Uechi champion karate black belt with a knockout 11 seconds in Seattle. Taki Kimura precisely calculate the KO within 10 seconds! f) At the time of the film The Big Boss syting in Thailand, Bruce answered the challenge of the expansion Thay knock with their representatives in just seconds g) At the time of filming Enter The Dragon, Bruce is also the challenge of a Karateka Tyres Black with her Konya in seconds h) On several occasions, Bruce challenges from various martial arts expert either by using bare hands or arms, but all of his opponents on average suffered a knockout or can not continue the fight. In general, the fight was witnessed by many people or experts in other martial arts i) Battles of the longest and enough energy drain Bruce Lee was on occasions when he confronted with Wong Jack Man, a Xing Yi, Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi South. It is said that Wong Jack Man is a fighter from the Chin Woo Kung Fu School. The fight is completed within 20-25 minutes with Bruce Lee's victory. On another occasion, Wong Jack Man gauntlet again, but Bruce Lee did not respond. Learning from the battle, Bruce integrate all his martial arts skills and knowledge and ultimately create a new stream of self-defense, namely: Jeet Kune Do.

In the end, along with progress and more open country of China, various types of martial arts Kungfu flow from combined and standardized into a form of exercise that can be competed internationally, namely Wushu or "Art of War."

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