Soccer enthusiast's dream to witness the fantastic final at last come true. The series of four goals in Manchester United are nesting in the Schalke goal in the Champions League semi-final second leg at Old Trafford on Thursday (05/05/2011) morning, bringing Sir Alex Ferguson's squad into the best clubs of Europe with a procession taken Wembley as an altar-determination.

A day earlier, the club's most hooked the ball with deadly quick game, Barcelona, ​​has been waiting. Pep Guardiola's foster children had just fought life and death in the semifinals by getting rid of their eternal rival, Real Madrid.

Both teams are strengthened by the talented young players and have the same instinct that high attack, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi are the two actors who really mempartaruhkan who the best player the world today?

But before we discuss all of us see the data and facts first meeting in Barcelona vs Manchester united europe sharing event, the last few years, and following the data meeting of both clubs:

1983-1984 (Cup Winners Cup Quarter Final)

Barcelona when it was strengthened living legend Diego Maradona. Observers predict that get past Barcelona with Maradonanya hadangan Manchester United as well as qualifying for the semifinals. The prediction was almost close to reality. On the first leg at the Nou Camp on March 7, 1984, Barcelona's 2-0 victory through goals pick Juan Carlos Perez Rojo and Graeme Hogg's own goal. Despite losing, when it handled MU optimistic Ron Atkinson can do revans at Old Trafford. What are the reasons? "We already know how to stop Maradona," said Atkinson was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Atkinson was right. On the second leg at Old Trafford two weeks later, Maradona could do nothing. Indeed, Manchester United midfielder who was also England captain Bryan Robson was the one who performed brilliantly. MU in the second leg to win 3-0. Robson scored twice. Meanwhile, one other goal that is the decisive goal scored by passage of MU to the semifinals by Frank Stapleton.

1991 (Cup Winners Cup Final)

Career Sir Alex Ferguson has never threatened because the FA failed to win the trophy in 1990. However, the success of Fergie Ferguson-greeting-winning Winners Cup title in 1991 to make the board not be issued a letter of dismissal. In the finals which took place at De Kuip Stadium, Rotterdam, Manchester United meet Barcelona's back when it dealt with Johan Cruyff. Manchester United emerged as champions after beating Barcelona 2-1. Two goals scored by Manchester United Mark Hughes. While Barcelona printed replies goals Ronald Koeman.

1994-1995 (Champions League Group Allowance)

Mental Barcelona player had time to drop before a visit to Old Trafford on October 19, 1994. Because the two previous weeks, they were forced to swallow the defeat of the representatives of Sweden IFK Gothenburg. Fortunately, they can draw against the host 2-2. And in the second meeting at the Nou Camp two weeks later, Manchester United could only surrender were slaughtered Barcelona 0-4 through goals Hristo Stoichkov, Romarop, and Albert Ferrer. One cause of the defeat at Manchester United it was Sir Alex Ferguson chose Gary Walsh as goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel main and cross out because there is no limit quota of foreign players. Due to a landslide defeat of Barcelona, ​​Manchester United finally failed step to the next round.

1998-1999 (Champions League Group Allowance)

seebelum to the party's Final, Manchester United must face Barcelona in the allowance for group D. They clashed again opponents Barcelona. The first clash at Old Trafford on 16 September 1998 ended in a draw 3-3. Manchester United scored three goals by Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and David Beckham. While the Barcelona goals scored by Anderson and two penalties by Giovanny and Luis Enrique. The second meeting at the Nou Camp, also ended in a draw 3-3. Barcelona's first winning goal by Anderson in the first minute. But, success is equated by Dwight Yorke 24 minutes later. Andy Cole makes Chelsea ahead in the 53rd minute. However, the score to 2-2 after Rivaldo scored a goal in the 57th minute. Yorke and Rivaldo became a star in the game. Both scored the third goal for his team.

2007-2008 (Champions League Semi-finals)

Barcelona 0: 0 Manchester United
Manchester United 1:0 Barcelona.


Manchester United vs Barcelona meeting is the final test which occurred at the Olimpico Rome two years ago. At that time, the United players left the field with his head down due to hard kick header Samuel Etoo and Messi, who tore the nets Van der Sar.

Interesting if Ferguson and his men were able to complete his revenge two years ago by lifting the Champions League trophy, symbol of the triumph of a European club in Wembley, or even re-intoxicated by the orchestra tiki taka la Barca are in command of Xavi Hernandes and Iniesta.

Manchester United vs Barcelona match is a party or the Champions League Final 2011 (season 2010/2011). Great final which followed two great clubs, both from historical and current team strength. Collectivity game, strategy, skill and mental player owned champion Manchester United and Barca. Both are very worthy of being in the final of the Champions League 2011. Barcelona cruised into the finals after defeating his eternal enemy that is Real Madrid in the semifinals with agregrat 3-1. While Manchester United qualified for the finals after beating Schalke 04 with agregrat 6-1. Graph of the game both teams will certainly continue to rise making the European champions league final 2011 will take place interesting. Possibly even more exciting than the Champions League final 2009, which also brings Barcelona VS Manchester United, Barcelona then came out as champion.

Champions League Final 2011 will take place at Wembley Stadium England, on May 28, 2011.

Although the final is played in England, but Manchester United as a representative of the UK that does not mean absolute advantage, considering the final action does not recognize the place, because the atmosphere of the game, fans support plus motivation will be different than usual.

So who will win in the Champions League Final 2011? Manchester United or Barcelona will win the Champions League in 2011? How do predictions of friends?

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