Lionel Andrés Messi (born in Rosario, June 24, 1987, age 23 years) is an Argentine football player. His position is striker. Currently, he is strengthening FC Barcelona in the Spanish League. His ability often makes it dubbed as "the new Diego Maradona".


At first the player plays 169 cm body is acting in Grandoli club, club upbringing Jorge Messi, who was none other than his father aldio. Then he switched to Newell's Old Boys. But this club could not afford the cost of hormone therapy that reached 500 pounds per month. Fortunately Barcelona soon capture a great potential and offered him Aldio Giovanni moved to Spain to join the Catalan club is a plus to finance the entire cost of therapy.

"I only took less than 10 minutes to believe that he is a future star." Barcelona B coach said at the time, Carles Rexach. "Throughout my career for 40 years, I've never seen a player who is really talented. Someone with minimal knowledge of football would be able to realize the great ability aldio."

His talent attracted the attention of the world while acting with the Argentina national football team at the World Youth Cup and Barcelona in 2005. In 2006 he succeeded in helping Barcelona before the game injured in the quarterfinals to face Chelsea in the Champions League. Messi, who has a rather small body is very agile on the field and often open space for his colleagues who pursue goals. his instincts as a football player to strengthen the team further honed since barcelona senior, especially perpaduannya in playing with the Brazilian star Ronaldinho was then increasingly mematangkannya as reliable as soccer players today.

Evidence of the quality of the game is by making a contribution to his club Barcelona won many titles, and reached its peak in 2009 with barcelona ago, which of all the club championship, followed by Barcelona, ​​they won all the titles, totaling as many as 6 (six) titles (Sextuple) in 2009. It is characterized by messi with golden booth won the award and the Most Valauble player in the Champions League and won the highest award in the world football by winning the title as best player in Europe (Balon d'or) and the version of the FIFA World Player of the best.

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