Lazio S.S. Lazio (Società Sportiva Lazio SpA) is an Italian football team based in the city of Rome, founded on January 9, 1900. Lazio have won Serie A twice, won the Coppa Italia five times, the Italian Super Cup three times, and each one won the Cup Winners Cup and European Super Cup.

The main costume for Lazio blue sky and white shirts to shorts and socks. Their stadium, the Stadio Olimpico in Rome with a capacity of 72.698 seats, addition rivals Lazio have, namely U.S. Rome. Lazio with the U. S. Roman has competed for a long time, they run the football games, known as the Derby della Capitale (Derby City of Rome) since 1929.

In addition, Lazio is a sports club which participated in thirty-seven branches of sport, so it is a sports club which oversees the largest sport across Europe.

Originally founded as an athletic club, sexy football was formed in 1902. Until now the club Lazio oversees a variety of sports including baseball, cricket, and rugby. In the 2005/2006 season ended, Lazio along with several other teams (AC Milan, Juventus, Fiorentina and Reggina), was sentenced to reduction in points due to the horrendous Italian Calciopoli scandal.

1999-2000 season is a golden period for the club during their pursuit of professional football competition in Italy and Europe by winning various prestigious title.

Colors, symbols and nicknames

Lazio colors consist of white and sky blue were inspired by the Greek state symbols, due to the fact that Lazio are a variety of sports clubs in recognition of the related Olympic sports traditions of Europe against Greece.

Initially Lazio wore costumes consisting of white and blue sky intersecting with pants and black socks. After that Lazio wearing a costume with a white color for a short time, then change the colors like the colors used during other seasons ini.Pada Lazio dressed in blue sky and white strip, but in general using blue sky with thin white color, and white pants and socks puih. The club's colors have led to Their Italian nickname of Biancocelesti.

Lazio symbol is traditionally a hawk, who was chosen by the founders of Lazio, namely Luigi Bigiarelli. Eagle symbol known as the emblem of the Roman Empire soldiers, known as Aquila, the Roman Legion to bring this symbol when the war hawks. Lazio with its symbol to get the nickname; le Aquile (The Eagle) and Aquilotti (The Young Eagles). Symbols club currently displaying gold eagle on a white shield with blue lines; the shield there is the name of the club and shield small tripartite with the color of the club.


Lazio is the club soccer with the sixth largest supporter supporters throughout Italy with the percentage of 2% supporters throughout Italy (based on research from la Repubblica in August 2008). The main supporters of Lazio primarily domiciled in the northern city of Rome.

Irriducibili Lazio, founded in 1987 is a container for the club's fanatical supporters of Lazio's largest and most members in Italy, but diving Banda Noantri 2009/10 season to take over leadership of the Curva Nord. In every game show style ultras Lazio supporters support from the UK to adopt every means to support it. Especially for the Derby della Capitale Lazio ultras ultras supporters featuring traditional Italian style.


Lazio has a rivalry with the U.S. team shirts Rome. Lazio and U. S. Rome undergo the so-called derby party derby della capitalle ("derby between the teams the capital"). The match with the U. S. Rome in the Derby Della Capitalle always full of prestige and bring an exciting party, to prove the strongest team in the Italian capital, Rome as well as one of the biggest football derby in the world.

In addition to AS Roma, Lazio has a rivalry with another Italian club, namely Livorno caused by differences in political views of supporters and leaders of their respective clubs. In addition, Lazio also has other rivals, namely with Napoli. Lazio supporters, in addition to having friends and rivals also have close contact with supporters of another team, namely with Inter Milan, Triestina, and Hellas Verona. In addition to having friends and close contact with supporters of other teams in Italy, Lazio also have it in Europe, with Real Madrid fans, Espanyol, Levski Sofia, Norwich City and Chelsea.

Statistics and records

Giuseppe Favalli officially holds the record for appearances with Lazio with 401 appearances in 12 years of performing with Lazio from 1992 to 2004. The record for goalkeeper Luca Marchegiani, with 229 appearances, while the record for league appearances held by Aldo Puccinelli with 339 appearances.

Silvio Piola become the leading scorer with 148 goals. Piola has played with Pro Vercelli, Torino, Juventus and Novara, as well as top scorer in Serie A history with 274 goals. Simone Inzaghi Lazio's leading scorer in European competition with 20 goals. He is also one of five soccer players who can score four goals in one party in the Champions League UEFA.Tommaso Rocchi is currently a leading scorer for Lazio.

Lazio against Foggia Party on May 12, 1974 became the party with the largest audience to 80,000 spectators, this party is the party awarding the first Scudetto Lazio. The party is also a record for the largest audience for the Stadio Olimpico, including with the U.S. party Rome and the Italian national football team. has not stopped a surprise, Scudetto could be achieved and become the greatest achievements in the prosperous Lazio. Plus scudetto Lazio was grabbed by the achievement of extraordinary achievement, while Lazio left it 10 points with only the remaining eight matches of the top standings Juventus a new history of a team with so great a distance and be able to pursue at the same time break the dominance of Milan's Scudetto (5 Scudetto) Juventus (3) at 8 last season.

Lazio have reached full at the end game can achieve full points with mengkaghajar Reggina 3-0 through goals from Simone Inzaghi white spot followed by Veron also from a penalty and complete victory last Simeone Lazio at the Olimpico. While in Perugia Perugia vs Juventus party in delay due to bad weather.

That day was really hoping Laziale The miracle came after earlier Laziale feel aggrieved because Juventus such as getting help from the referee. Because previous dipartai Juventus vs Parma when the referee annulled a goal to Juventus goalkeeper Fabio Cannavaro who was clearly legitimate.

The Laziale vent anger and make the day was the day of death of Italian football. Lazio fans were asked to hold a playoff between Lazio and Juventus or war. But history says another scudetto Juventus must be willing to release to the city of Rome after the defeat by Perugia 0-1 goal by Alessandro calori.

City of Rome turned into a sea of ​​blue sky at that moment, thunder exploded at the Olimpico stadium after the results of Perugia vs Juventus broke Laziale shows how happy the moment, the players participate in the partying Lazio Scudetto spectators in the stands. while the Juventus coach Carlo Ancelotti then commented "this strange evening that will always be remembered for a long time." The next season, Lazio still show spurs with back beat Inter in the Italian Supercoppa on September 9, 2000. before finally the coach Erickson chose to step down coaching.

2002 to the end of the Lazio together Cragnotti after the bankruptcy of Cirio experienced a fall Lazio kelubang destruction. one by one player leaving the club Lazio star, who was trouble. Even the captain Nesta Lazio mascot must cross to the city of Milan after deciding to move to AC. Milan.

2003/2004 season under coach Roberto Mancini's Lazio had again won the Coppa Italia after beating Juventus with agrerat 4-2. The days have become increasingly difficult after Lazio at the disconnect liable in this case and get a penalty reduction Calciopoli points.

Year 2004 officially took over Lazio Lotito, Lazio's new president has a great desire to restore the glory Lazio.

2008/2009 season a lot of tidying Lotito Lazio have the desire to create a special stadium for Lazio Lazio and regenerate the squad, players like Zarate on loan from Al-Sadd Club and played very well in the series-A, Pandev duet is equally shine, to show his class this season Pandev and make a lot of clubs glance. Coupled with veteran players like il'capitano Lazio's Tommaso Rocchi made more complete. Together with Delio Rossi is still believed to train Lazio Lotito, Lazio's success this season won the Coppa Italia with mengkandaskan dibabak Sampdoria on penalties, the goalkeeper Muslera be a hero with two penalty kicks Sampdoria dismissed.

2009/2010 season, Delio Rossi Lotito replace with Ballardini. Gloss coach was at the party successfully brought Lazio debut title overthrew Supercoppa with Scudetto champions Inter Milan 2-1 at the National Stadium, Beijing China, Lazio's first title in 2009/2010 season and hopefully be the beginning of a beautiful blue sky for the troops, hopefully to re-Lazio flapping its wings and reach the highest throne of the A-series is the Scudetto.

Exactly January 9, 2010 Lazio even 110 years, what has been achieved Lazio is the result of an evolution of blue-sky team, Lazio are now facing the challenges ahead requires a mental back champion and a clear sense of true patriots lost after Lazio's heyday in the late '90s and early 2000.

This is a glimpse of the history of Lazio Fc:

SS Lazio (Societa 'Sportiva Lazio) is one of two major football clubs in the city of Rome, Italy. costume pride with a blue sky.

Was established on 9 Januri 1900 by 9 people with chaired by Luigi Bigirarelli, with the name "Societa 'Podistica Lazio" which was originally for the sport of racing. Two years later, in 1902, Bruno Seghettini, staff from Racing Club Paris, introduced the sport of football to the team Lazio. They finally introduced Football in Rome and make the club Lazio, and they are unbeatable. they even participated in the National Tournament.

In the 30's, Lazio have the best striker in the history of Italian football, Silvio Piola, which until now unbeaten record with 143 first gol.Gelar Lazio came in 1958 with the coach and captain Lovati Bernardini drew Lazio Coppa Cup, thanks to Prini on goal in the final against Fiorentina.

Title of the most eagerly awaited finally arrived, 16 years later, exactly in season 1973/1974 scudetto Lazio reach for the first time, two years after Lazio returned to the series after a taste-A-B series. Lazio squad were: Pulici, Petrelli, Martini, Wilson, Oddi, Nanni, Garleaschelli, Re Cecconi, Chinaglia, Frustalupi and D'Amico.

The heady days when Lazio Lazio is on hold by Sergio Cragnotti who holds Lazio since 1992 who have invested tens of billions, Lazio hand transformed into one of the elite clubs in Italy and Europe.

In the season 1997/1998, Cragnotti with coach Sven Goran Ericksson start a new era of Lazio with mental buy some players with champions such as, Almeyda, Mancini and Jugovic combined with star players Alessandro Nesta Lazio target but had to sacrifice a Lazio captain of Giuseppe "Beppe" Signori and the results Lazio won the Coppa Italia title for the second time with mengkandaskan Milan on April 29, 1998.

Erickson's team handled nearly pulled back another title, the UEFA Cup. Unfortunately Lazio have run aground by Inter Milan who was still behind Ronaldo on May 6, 1998.

The next season, 1998/99, starting on August 29, 1998 with the presence of the classy players that Salas, Vieri, Mihajlovic, and young players Stankovic Lazio add a collection to embrace Supercoppa title in Milan and Lazio in revenge for Inter by beating Inter Milan in the Final Coppa Italia. During that time, Lazio became the ruler of the Cup Winner's eternal blessing Gola of Vieri and Pavel Nedved.

Season 1999/2000, the season could not be forgotten, Lazio met by some new players though labeled star Vieri had to leave Lazio, but Cragnotti bring Veron, Sensini, Simeone and Simone Inzaghi. then in December Fabrizio Ravanelli came from Olympic Marseile.

That's when Lazio rocked Europe, and incised gold by beating Manchester United goal by Marcelo Salas who entered substitute Simone Inzaghi are injured after disikut Stam and won the European Super Cup title.

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