Starting from a city called Santa Monica, which is located in California, beach volleyball game was first started in the 1920s. Games are an outgrowth of this volleyball game began to spread their wings in the European region with sluggish. Spreading into areas that are in continental Europe beginning to look at around the 1930's, ten years after it was first created. The development of this game runs really slowly. This can be seen at the time of his popularity. This beach volleyball game just became famous at around the 1980's.

Brazil and the United States are two countries that for decades has been involved and dominate the beach volleyball game at international class. In addition to Brazil and the United States, Australia has also recently emerged as the third most powerful country in this volleyball game. Several other countries, which are located in Europe also have been trying to continue to develop their potential.
Regulations and Playing Techniques

Basically, most of the rules and techniques found on beach volleyball game similar to indoor volleyball game. Acquisition of points will be gained by a team, if the team managed to drop the ball in the opponent area. Alternatively, points can also be obtained if the opposing team made a mistake or offense. Contact between players with the ball should be no more than 3 times the blow, before the ball got through the net and meyeberang to an area opponent. On 3 blows should be performed by different players in turn. One of the players should not make contact (hitting) the ball more than once, before the ball was passed prior to the co-players or the opposing team. The most significant difference between beach volleyball game with indoor volleyball is located on the location and number of players on each team. In indoor volleyball game, the locations used to establish a match in the form field with a hard surface. While the game is played beach volleyball on the pitch with a layer of sand that is high enough. Secondly, players in each team of 6 people. While at the beach volleyball game, the players in each team only amounted to 2 people.

In addition to two differences mentioned above, here are some other minor differences found in the beach volleyball game:

* Field used in the beach volleyball games have a more narrow size compared to indoor volleyball court. If the indoor volleyball field has a size of 9 x 9 meters (half the size of the field), then the field which is used in beach volleyball game only measures 8 x 8 meters.

* In beach volleyball game there are no 3-meter line.

* If a player beach volleyball do block, while block was hitting the net to bounce and it comes in contact with the blocker or the player mate, your contacts will be counted as one hit.

* In beach volleyball games, cross to the opponent through the bottom of the net area is not regarded as a violation, as long as it does not interfere with movement of the opposing team.

* In beach volleyball game known the term Open-hand dinks, ie direct or pass the ball toward the opponent's area using only the fingertips. In indoor volleyball game, this technique allowed. However, this technique is one of the offense if the person practicing it in beach volleyball game.

* Service on beach volleyball game in one team conducted a one bergantaian between players with other players. However, in this game round a player is not required.

* In addition there is not a libero, in a beach volleyball game also does not apply such a substitution system in the indoor volleyball game.

* Typically, most players will play beach volleyball without using the shoes (barefoot). This can be done based on the player's own desire and according to rules set.

* Games beach volleyball is played in 3 sets. The winning team is the first team to win in 2 sets. The game in each set will last up to 21 points, the first two sets. And in the first two sets have 2 points as additional points. While in the third set, the game will only last until 15 points, with 2 additional points.

* Games beach volleyball using a type of ball with a size larger and softer than the ball used in indoor volleyball game. Beach volleyball game using a ball with a lower internal pressure.

Hand Gestures

Use hand signals is one of the techniques that have become part of the beach volleyball game. Hand gesture is one of the techniques that are vital and must be understood by every beach volleyball player. This is because the hand gesture is one step that is always used to perform attacks and determining tactics game that will be used. Signaling by hand is usually always done by using both hands, performed by fellow players who are doing service. When signaled, the position of the hands behind the body. It is intended that the opposing team can not see these cues. Hand signals, sometimes also used when the rally is running. However, this is not too frequent.

Here are some types of commonly used hand signals in volleyball game:

* Closed Fist

Gestures by using this fist states that do not need to block on the side of the field.

* One Finger

The purpose of this alert is for a player who plays as a blocker to block against the spike from the opposing team, with direct block in the bottom line or toward the opposing team spiker.

* Two Fingers

Signal by using two fingers indicates that the blocker should attempt to block, and directs it to the corner block opposite field (the direction of crossing).

* Open Hand

Another hand gesture, which is used in beach volleyball game is with an open hand position. Position open arms this means block blockers must perform in accordance with the position set by players from the opposing team.

A Few Things Other

* Note the types of services controlled by the opposing team.

* What service types are difficult to control by the opposing team.

* Type of formation used by the opposing team.

* Note the blank area of ​​the opponent or in a weak position defense.

* Find a player from the opposing team's weak defense techniques.

* Note the formation block the opposing team, look for the formation of a weak block.

* Note the game techniques used by the setter.

* Observe the form of cover used by the opposing team.

* Note the physical condition of the players from the opposing team, her height, and the ability and Jump speed .

* Note the condition of the opposing team's stamina.

Some Tips Before Compete

* Establish techniques to be used in the game, both attacking and engineering techniques to survive.

* Try to eliminate or minimize the weaknesses found on the team when doing the exercises.

* Prepare well physically, to stay in tip top condition when competing.

* Restore tired body after exercise with adequate rest.

* Strengthen the confidence in each player.

* Provide encouragement to teammates that nervous when going to follow the game.

* If necessary, conduct a recreational one team in the three days before the game to relieve tension.

* Players can utilize within 3 to 5 minutes before the game to learn the game area, for example:

* Learn the state of the field and its boundaries.

* Note the high net that will be used during the game.

Adjust your game strategy.

* Build the spirit of each and the team.

* Conduct a mild heating, eg by conducting service training, sets, and pass to relieve nervous.

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