Slim and beautiful dream of all women. Although it is not easy to do but many women are willing to starve and exercise for hours. A good diet is not by way of fast food but also setting based on age and activity. Here are some tips that are guaranteed to make your diet better and healthier.

1. Avoid thinking all or nothing. Fasting is not the best way to lose weight. Eat enough and set the intake of calories wisely.

2. Cut the fruits that you like in small pieces to replace unhealthy snacks.

3. Avoid eating snacks from the jar, you will not realize how much has been entered into your mouth. Put in a plate or simply take a handful.

4. If you include people who like bread, choose a wholegrain.

5. Avoid foods that contain more than 10 percent fat. Read the nutrition information labels on the boxes of food.

6. Write down the foods that you eat for 2 weeks. Believe you'll be surprised!

7. Butter has saturated fat content. Avoid or replace it with low fat.

8. Bring a water bottle with you wherever you go. That way you will not be dehydrated and also less likely to choose a fizzy drink or too much sugar.

9. Try detoxification, to remove toxins in your body

10. Snack good for you for lunch or evening to prevent overload.

11. Find a friend or partner for a diet together. This will make both of you can motivate each other.

12. Find out habits that destroy your diet program. If you liked snacking on the bread to the gym, change your route!

13. Drink plenty of mineral water

14. Vegetables low in calories but do not cook too long because the nutrient content can be changed.

15. If you are accustomed to eating large SPADA weekend. Keep snacks low in fat and calories are stored either in the closet!

16. Always choose the smallest portion of an existing restaurant menu

17. Buy a juicer and start to make your creative juices
own. Do not forget to try the vegetable juice. Rich in vitamins and less fructose.

18. Do not think that the salad is always safe to eat. They usually also combined with mayonnaise and cheese.

19. Brush your teeth when cravings arise. Food taste bad after you brush your teeth.

20. Want to eat chocolate? Choose low fat chocolate!

21. Meal increases while PMS? Fight with Almond nut consumption. They give a lot of protein and also reduces cravings for sweet foods.

22. Choose foods that are boiled, berkuah, in teams, or burned before you choose a deep-fried.

23. Choose a diet of celery as a loyal friend from now on.

24. Notice how slim she ordered food. Find out and make their secret, your secret.

25. Use chopsticks to slow your eating.

26. Avoid snacking when you're bored, replace them with the things you want to do but no time!

27. Do not think that you will start a diet after a period of stress. Believe me this time will always be there! Instead prepare yourself to face these times and stay focused on your diet.

28. Clock 3 is a favorite snack time. The best option to increase energy include bananas, beans, and low fat yogurt.

29. Try to opt for quality over quantity.

30. Add chili or spices to enhance your body's metabolism.

31. Add ice into your drink. Because your body needs energy to match the drink to body temperature. Which eventually will burn your fat!

32. Prepare all your own food rather than fast food. It will be easier for you to control your intake of sugar and calories used.

33. To defeat hunger when cooking, start by eating a big plate of salad!

34. When reading articles about diet that fits you. Scissors and tempelkanlah dikulkas you!

35. Get enough sleep! Prolonged fatigue will cause you to reach food high in calories.

36. Soy milk is a better alternative to consume low-fat milk!

37. Reduce your salt!

38. Put the photo on the refrigerator to motivate you!

39. Go Green! Choose a green vegetable or green tea that will contribute to your health!

40. Choose a diet if you are forced to drink soda.

41. For maximum fat burning then you are required to consume nuts!

42. Very easy to make appointments at a restaurant or cafe, but choose a place that will not make you have to eat! Such as sports or crafts!

43. Choose the stairs instead of elevators or escalators.

44. Calculate your budget for meals or snacks. You can allocate these funds for other purposes.

45. Bananas are the best foods before you start exercising. Banana filled with potassium which helps with muscle and water levels in your body.

46. Do not do anything else when you're eating. If you eat while reading or while watching, you will immediately associate the two activities. You will soon be eating so the TV is turned on.

47. Make sure you get enough sun. Vitamin D will help you get more calcium that will further accelerate the process of metabolism.

48. Try Herbal Tea in turn and choose your favorite. Trust is the best investment for your health.

49. Chew your food slowly!

50. Drink a glass of water with lemon juice to help increase your metabolism

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