Baseball is a sport played by two teams. Pitcher (pitcher) from the team that threw the ball trying to throw a called ball baseball, while players (batters) of a hit team tried to hit the ball with the bat (bat). The team that throws trying to catch a ball that was hit by a hit team to beat the team that turned into a throwing team. The team that beat got numbers by running the opposite direction to counterclockwise to return to home plate after touching markers on the surface of the baseball field is called the base. Baseball is also referred to as hardball to distinguish it from softball.

Square ball field (baseball diamond) with a base located at three corners. The distance between the base of one with another base that is 27.432 meters (90 feet). Bat (bat) long cylinder-shaped and smooth made from wood (the requirements of professional baseball bat) or metallic materials. Regulation of the game developed in the United States of games that use the bat and the ball being played in England.

Baseball is a team sport made popular in North America, Latin America, Caribbean, and East Asia. In many countries, baseball is a major sport. In the United States, baseball is the national spare time filler (national pastime), the United States because most people spend a lot of time to play and watch a baseball game. The number of spectators who came to the stadium to watch the American Baseball League sports spectators outnumber the other types, but defeated the American Football in the number of spectators who watched the match on television.

How to play

Basic game

Baseball is played by two teams on the baseball field. Each team has 9 players. The referees supervise the game carefully to determine the events that actually happened and keep the players abide by the rules. In a baseball game in American League Baseball umpire, there are 4 people, although sometimes there are 6 people referee.

On the baseball field there are 4 markers called bases. Bases are numbered counter clockwise, starting from the initial base, called home plate, followed by first base, second base and third base. Square base with sides of 38 cm (15 inches) made slightly higher than ground level. The angle of the four bases form a square called a diamond. Each side of the baseball field length of 27.4 meters.

Baseball field consists of 2 areas, regions in the (infield) and the outer area (outfield). All the bases are in areas infield, outfield while the area is a grassy area outside the circle infield area. On the side of first base and third base lines are called the foul line that stretches down to the outfield. The area called the foul line in foul territory.

The game consists of 9 rounds called the inning. In the one inning, the team who compete each having a chance hit (batting) to print numbers (run). When the attacking team gets a turn hitting, the team that survive threw the ball with as tight as possible so the ball can not be beaten. The team that was a turn hitting the send players one by one to hit the ball. The team that throws trying to kill members of the team that had a turn to hit. The team that had a turn hitting a chance die 3 times (out) before hitting the turn replaced the team prevailed. Once finished ninth inning, the team scored (run) ever be a winner. If after 9 innings and both teams in the state of the series, played extra innings until one team emerged as the winner. At the beginning of the game, the team who hosted the (home team) had a turn throwing while the visitors (visitors) get their turn to hit.

The most important part of the baseball game is a battle between pitchers (pitchers) against the batter (batter). Pitcher throws the ball with as carefully and as good as possible in order to get into field goal over home plate. The ball must be thrown as close as possible to bat for can be beaten, but at the same time the ball must be thrown in as tight as possible and as hard as possible so that can not be beaten. If pitchers do not throw the ball outside the target area over home plate and the bat did not react, the referee will yell "ball!" If the pitcher continues to throw the ball outside the target area over home plate 4 times, the referee yelling "Ball four!" and the bat may freely walk ("walk") to first base.

Bat should be standing on the side of home plate and tried to hit the ball with the bat (bat). Swinging a bat should pemukulnya carefully in order to hit the ball. If the bat can hit the ball, there is the possibility of his team members could obtain the number (run). If a batter swinging a bat (swing) but failed to hit the ball, the referee will yell "strike!" So also when the bat did not react (not swinging a bat), but the ball was thrown right in the target area, the referee will also yell "strike!"

Catcher (catcher) is the name for team members to survive who crouched behind the batter (batter) with the task of catching the ball is thrown by the pitcher but is not hit by the batter. Catcher also gives instructions and strategy of throwing the ball to the thrower.

Catcher and pitcher to communicate with sign language and secret signs. If the thrower does not agree with what the catcher, pitcher will shake their heads. Conversely, pitchers would nod my head if approved cues provided catcher.

In each inning, a team that throws (Fielding team) trying to kill 3 members of the team that beat (Defending team). Beater of the dead must get out of the field and wait until his turn to hit came.

There are many ways to turn off the beater (batters) and runners (runner). The most common way is to catch the ball that had struck when he was flying in the air and not fall on the surface of the field, touching the body of the runner with the ball (tag out), block the runners who are on the base so as not to run so that the base can be filled with runners another (force out), and threw the ball strike that can not be beaten (strike out). If the team managed to throw a deadly three-member team that beat, half-innings (half round) declared finished and the team that threw the team that beat.

The team scored a hit attempt (run). To be able to print the numbers, the bat should be able to hit the ball and become a base runner (run to), stepping on or touching all the bases in order to return to home plate. Striker tries to keep his team to return to home plate in order to print the numbers. At the same time, the bat itself also want to be a base runner. Bat trying to hit the ball between the foul lines for a team that just can not catch the ball and the ball fell to the ground surface. At the same time, pitchers (pitchers) are trying to throw the ball that hard hit.

Figures (run) scored by a successful home base runner touches home plate after passing all the bases in sequence. Home run occurs when a batter successfully hit the ball out of the outfield fence. If there is a home run, paddle and all runners are on base to touch all the bases and scored points for the team.

The team is on guard

The team who guard (Fielding team) trying to beat a team that can not print the number (run). The team that just sent the pair consisting of a pitcher (pitcher) that stood on the mound (mound) and catcher (catcher), who crouched behind home plate. The couple called the pitcher and catcher battery. Remaining members of the team that just may be anywhere within the field. In general, 4 players, called player infielder in the infield area edge. 3 people while the player who called the players are in the outfield outfielder.

Pitcher (pitcher) threw the ball toward home plate. Pitcher trying to throw as carefully as possible so that the batter (batter) could not hit a ball and die. Thrower also tried to bat can hit and run, but the ball is hit labored for so easily captured by the pitcher due to tag out the runner dead and force out. Catcher (catcher) must catch the ball is not hit by the batter. Pitcher and catcher work with coaches to determine team strategy. Catcher gives instructions to his team members about the position in the field that must be maintained. In addition, the catcher also give clues to the pitcher about the strategies that must be taken to deal with their respective clubs. Catcher also stationed near home plate and tried to catch a ball thrown his team members for runners who tried to return to home plate can be turned off.

Players infielder consists of a first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, and third baseman. The player who served as a first baseman and third baseman was standing near first base and third base. The player who served as a second baseman and shortstop stood on both sides of second base. In the old days, when players consisting of 4 people outfielder and infielder players consist of 3 persons, the player who served as a second baseman near second base.

The task is to turn off the player first baseman runners who tried to get into first base (force play). In the engineering force play, the player managed to catch the ball infielder who was hit and fell to touch the ground and immediately threw it into the player a first baseman, so the player who fled after hitting the ball out and tried to enter the first base is considered dead. Before the players who run to reach first base, first baseman player must touch the player with the ball before he could turn it off (not necessarily in a professional league).

Players are also trying to catch a first baseman who hit the ball toward first base even though the ball rarely fell near first base. The player who served as a first baseman is usually a bat (batters) owned the best team. The task is to keep the player second baseman second base right area and is the first player helper baseman. Task shortstop player is keeping the area around second base and third base is often a target ball ground ball that was hit by a right-handed batters. Another task is to keep the shortstop player second base, third base and left the field. Players shortstop is usually not a good batter is very heavy because of his duty to keep the various places in the field. Players third baseman should have a strong arm that can capture at once threw back the ball deftly. Striker (batter), often hitting the ball with the goal of third base, so the players third baseman must throw the ball as quickly as possible to the players first baseman to turn off batter who is trying to run to first base. Players must have a third baseman a fast reaction to the ball because the ball is hit to third base is usually hit with a vengeance.

Players outfielder on guard in the outfield made up of Fielder left (located in the outfield to the left), center Fielder (located in the middle of the outfield) and right Fielder (located outfield upper right). Outfield area is the center of a vast area so players Fielder center should be able to run fast and throw the ball hard. In general, players do not have a center Fielder reliable batter. Another task Fielder center players are instructed where to be maintained to the players left and right Fielder Fielder to third outfielder players do not fight each other the ball toward the outfield.

Position players and players infielder outfielder predetermined by the team, but position players can keep changing depending on the course of the game.

Ball thrower

Pitcher (pitcher) who can throw well is a most valuable asset for the baseball team. The opposing team can score by number with ease if the pitcher throws the ball very easily beaten. Pitcher is very heavy task because in one game a pitcher can throw the ball up over 100 times. Most of the pitchers have run out of steam before the game ends so the need is replaced by a substitute pitcher. Baseball teams need more than one pitcher in one game. Pitcher who first appeared at the beginning of the game is called a starting pitcher, while others called the bullpen pitchers. Place pitcher prepare before appearing while practicing throwing called bullpen.

A baseball team may have a pitcher as much as possible. In one game, the team could decide to replace the pitcher at any time when needed, among others, as a strategy to deal with tough batter from the opponent. In general, pitchers have some variations in the technique of throwing the ball, which is owned by the individual skills of each player. Pitcher must throw the ball different ways so as not to be beaten by the batter. Ball speed and distance of the ball by batters also need to be changed so that the possibility of batters to hit the ball smaller.

Markers of rubber called a rubber pitcher who was on the mound (mound) should be trampled by the feet by the pitcher threw the ball at the moment. These regulations are intended for foot pitchers are not too advanced a step closer to batters. In addition, the pitcher must tread rubber makes pitchers throw the ball more slowly. Reliable pitcher of the American Baseball League to throw a ball that flies at speeds over 90 miles per hour (145 km per hour). Pitcher often suffered injury because the human body generally do not withstand the harsh movements done throwing the ball like a pitcher. Injuries are often experienced pitcher is also the reason baseball team trying to have a pitcher as much as possible.

The team that beat

The team that had a turn trying to score a hit. Each team must announce a list of players and hit the turn sequence, called the list lineup. Sign lineup should not be altered or changed during the course of the game, but players who enrolled in the lineup could be withdrawn and replaced with a new player that is not in the list lineup. New players only act as a replacement bat (pinch hitter) for the replacement players who hit the turn, while the order remained unchanged.

After nine players finished a turn hitting, hitting turn back to the player who was first on the list lineup. Runner (runner) who managed to return to home plate and scored points for his team must leave the field until the player gets a turn to hit again.

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