Softball is a sport ball team consisting of two teams. Softball game was born in the United States, invented by George Hancock in Chicago in 1887. Softball is a development of similar sport that is baseball or hardball. Softball ball this time from 28 to 30.5 centimeters in diameter; ball is a ball thrown by a pitcher (pitcher) and subjected to an opposing player, that is bat the ball with the bat (bat). There is a team that just (defensive) and the team that beat (offensive). Each team competed to collect the number (run) by circling the three series of markers (base) runners to touch the home plate end markers.

There are three types of softball games:

* Fast pitch softball is a game determined by a ball thrower. Pitcher throws the ball with maximum velocity, similar to baseball. There are differences in style pitcher throwing the ball and how to release the ball. The release of the ball lies below or equal than glove position.

* Modified pitch softball or commonly known by the name modball. Its main purpose is to soften the rules used in the category of fast-pitch so that players who have not traditionally do not be surprised by the regulations are "tight" like a strike zone in softball, the distance between the markers, the length of the game and others. Speed ​​pitcher throws the ball in modball is between fast and slow pitch. The speed is limited by the round ball over the shoulder sleeve.

* Slow pitch softball makes it easy for bats to hit the ball. Bat the ball given the ball by the pitcher kept the ball until I hit the ball. Pitcher throws the ball slowly bounced. The game is often played in the social community as a competition, without being limited age and gender.

Softball Field

Softball field square. Divided into regional fair (fair territory) and the foul (foul territory). Further, in the fair is divided into two parts, the inside (infield), and the outside (outfield).

In the area there are 4 markers in the (base). Each marker is numbered counterclockwise to clockwise, starting from the early markers, called home plate, followed by the first markers, markers second and third markers. Markers square with sides 38 cm (15 inches) made slightly higher than ground level. The angle of the four markers form a square, called diamonds (diamonds).

Behind home plate is called a backstop there are limitations as far as 7.62 and 9.14 feet behind home plate.


Minimal equipment needed in a softball game including a ball. Softball using a yellow ball with red grip thread, previously white with a white grip. Gloves (gloves) worn by all players stand to catch the ball, while the first baseman and catcher to wear mitts (gloves have the fingers, while not mitts). Bat (bat) used in the official match is a special bat that is destined for softball. Terms of bat usage and characteristics that may be used contained in the International Softball Federation rules. Ball bat helmet used to protect the head of a bat the ball from the brunt of the ball and injuries, while the protective clothing (protective gear) for a catcher, and pool shoes (cleats). The latter is a uniform or a uniform. Each player uses shirt, pants, and hats that uniform or the same basic color. The higher the level of the game, the more stringent the regulation uniform. All tools and equipment that is mandatory for every team in carrying out official match.

Referee match

In a softball game there is at least one person up to seven judges or the referee (umpire). There is one plate umpire and three markers that keep the match referee. The rest of the referee to monitor the area outside. In fast-pitch games are judged by four referees (one plate umpire, referee three markers).

The term for a referee is "blue", because their uniforms are always blue. The position of a referee is standing behind the catcher the ball and bat the ball. Serves to see the direction of the ball thrown to the catcher throwing the ball strike the ball whether it is or ball. The referee also supervise the game carefully to determine the events that actually happened and keep the players abide by the rules. As the leader of the game is the Umpire plate. Because of its nature as a leader of the game, power plate umpire in a game of softball is absolute, although to protest (appealed) decision can not be contested if the protest is done the player or coach or team manager regarding ajustment, but the protest can be done and can be accepted if the protests take place against any application of rules. So there are games that can proceed with the protest (the game under protest, more can be read at the Softball Game Rules issued by the ISF). a referee can issue anyone a good player or even a coach out of the field, if according to disrupt the match referee.


Softball is played by two teams in the softball field. Each team has 9 players minimum and the rest is reserve. The game consists of 9 rounds called the inning. In the one inning, the team who compete each having a chance hit (batting) to print numbers (run). When the attacking team gets a turn hitting, throwing the ball a team to survive the ball toward the catcher threw the ball top of my voice for the ball can not hit a turn dipukul.Tim that alternately one by one to hit the ball. The team is just trying to kill members of the team that had a turn to hit. The team that had a turn hitting a chance die 3 times (out) before hitting the turn replaced the team prevailed.

Score or runs resulting from a step on all the runners run in sequence markers and stepped on home plate again. Every runner who managed to surround and step on home plate to get a single digit. When the game is determined by the inning. Each team gets beat up to 3 times turn out and turn off the other team 3 times out, called an inning. In each game softball game at least 7 innings duration depending on the situation, or a long time 2 hours. After spending the inning, scored the team (run) ever be a winner.

If the inning specified time is up and both teams in the state of the series, played extra innings until one team emerged as the winner. The condition is called a tie break or series. At the beginning of the game, the team who hosted the (home team) had a turn throwing while the visitors (visitors) get their turn to hit.

Ball thrower

The game begins when the referee started the game and chanted the words "Play Ball". After entering the area jaganya defender each, the battle between pitcher ball in the team survive and bat the ball on a team that had a turn hitting can begin. A ball pitcher stands on the plate and facing toward the catcher. Ball thrower will attempt to throw the ball hard into catcher mitts ball. The position of throwing the ball have a special area called the strike zone (strike zone), where the final pitch over home plate and there are no more than chest high and no less than knee ball bat. If the ball in the strike zone was not hit by a ball bat, the umpire will yell "strike". And when the ball out of the strike zone, but do not try to bat the ball hit the ball then the referee will yell "ball". Strike zone is the zone where the ball in the area of ​​the bat at the ball. When throwing, the ball thrower will attempt to make the ball strike with a vengeance for a ball bat trouble hitting the ball in the zone even though the ball was pukulnya. So the challenge of a pitcher is throwing the ball at high speed and with the right target.


In one team has at least one person catching the ball. Catcher is equipped with safety equipment and charge capture thrower throws the ball. Catcher uses a helmet (catcher mask) to protect the head and face, body armor to protect the body and leg protectors to protect the knees down. The position of catcher is squatting behind the ball bat. A ball pitcher and catcher must have good communication with cues to work the ball off a bat. A catcher is a regulator sometimes a good strategy, because the catcher in the game can see the whole situation that occurred in front of him.


In addition to throwing the ball and catching the ball, the team has 7 people stand guard (Fielder), which is divided into 4 guards in the area (infielder) and 3 guards outside the region (outfielder). The inside of the guard marker one (first), the keeper of the two markers (second), guard between two and three markers (shortstop), and guard the three markers (third). While the outer guard located on the left (left guard), middle (middle guard), and right (penajga right). All the guards (including ball thrower and catcher) 3 people trying to shut down the opposing team for their turn to hit. Because the run could only be obtained in a position to attack.

Ball bat

Each ball has the opportunity to bat 3 times and 4 times the ball strike. 3 times a strike will make a bat the ball dead "Strike Out." And when it is 4 times the ball then bat the ball is allowed free roads toward a single marker (free walk). If the batter successfully hit the ball, paddle ball would run his best before the ball reaches one punch markers returned or were captured by a guard marker. If the paddle ball markers made it to one before the markings were a guard to catch the ball then bat the ball "safe" '. However, if the markings were a guard quicker to catch the ball, the bat the ball "out".

There are different types of hitting. Hit, bunt, hit and run, Steal and others. Depending on the situation at that time. Various types of hits is used as a strategy that will be the team attacker.

Softball History

Softball game exactly born in the United States, which was created in building sports Farragut Boat Club in Chicago, Illinois 16 September 1887 by accident by George Hancock.

Initially there were several alumni of Yale University and Harvard are listening to the final American football game between Yale and Harvard at the Farragut Boat Club. After the final score was announced the victory at Yale, a Yale alumnus enthusiastically threw a boxing glove to support Harvard. A by reflex to take a stick and hit it towards the boxing glove. Seeing it gives an idea of ​​a reporter for the Chicago Board of Trade, George Hancock. He suggested creating a game in the room with a ball made of a boxing glove that was thrown earlier. He took a boxing glove and tied it tightly using a rope, that resembles a ball. Then with a few pieces chalk, Hancock marked the floor of the Farragut Boat resembles a baseball field.

As the paddle is used a broom. The team split into two and Hancock shouted the words "Play ball", then began the game with the final score 44-40. Since that game indoor version of baseball known. Called indoor baseball. Because the form of an arbitrary ball. Name softball before adjusting the material used to make the ball, be the names used at that time the kitten ball, army ball, ball mus, as well as indoor-outdoor, recreation ball, and playground ball.

At the beginning of the 20th century began playing softball as performed outdoors indoors. In 1908 an amateur organization for this new game (National Amateur Playground Ball Association of the United States) govern this sport to be played outdoors using a larger ball. National Recreation Congress in 1923 (the National Recreation Congress) asked the commission to standardize the sport, and in 1926 the name "softball" is used even though not yet formalized.

In 1933, the first world championship held in the auspices of the American Amateur Softball Association (Amateur Softball Association of America) which has been used as a basic rule in America. Champion for men's softball class at the time was J. L. Gills of Chicago, and champion of Great Northerns class woman from the same town. Although the championship is contested is the amateur, they are usually sponsored by industry organizations in its territory.

Since the year 1933 "softball" has become an official name. And in 1934, the establishment of joint regulation to further provide standardization of softball rules. There have been many legislative changes since then, particularly in 1946, where there is a change in the number of players in a team of 10 to 9 people. Players to ten called "shortfielder" when it served as a guard outside the shallow area behind the menjelalajah. In 1950 the distance between the pitcher's plate and home plate added to the son of 43 feet to 46 feet (13,114 meters).

In terms of participants, softball has grown into a major sports team and the mainstream. Smaller field available. Both women and men, can play it. Further beyond the age of male athletes to play as an activity outside the official game as a picnic or in a social community without going through heating and regular exercise are needed, like in baseball.

In the 1960s, some teams than 125,000 have been registered in the Amateur Softball Association of America. And held six national championships each year. This does not include members of both men and women who competed in the unofficial competition. On the other State softball also become a popular sport both men and women young and old.

In 1949, the Canadian team, Toronto's Tip Top Tailors, won the international championship, which is conducted periodically by the Amateur Softball Association and is the first competition that is truly a world championship level for the son. Held in 1966 under the sponsorship of the International Softball Federation (International Softball Federation). Australia won the first championship for women in 1965.

International Softball Federation

Body is what ultimately makes the rules concerning the sport of softball game systems throughout the world, including Indonesia at this time. Original manuscript written in English, and translated by its member countries.

The establishment of the International Softball Federation, then allow the holding of matches between countries that are international. Then the championships held nationally, regionally and globally.

International Softball Championship today is the most prestigious World Softball Championships (World Cup of Softball) held by the Amateur Softball Association under the auspices of the International Softball Federation. ISF member countries who entered the qualifying round each year sent kontingennya to compete. After qualify, sejumalah 6 countries will compete with one another (5 matches). And the two best teams will compete to compete for the position of one-game winner-winner-take-all championship.

Previous Winners:

* 2005 - Japan 3 United States 1
* 2006 - United States 5 Japan 2
* 2007 - United States 3 Japan 0

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