Billiard-Snooker : In the world of billiards, it turns out we can find a variety of types and sizes of pool table. If drawn in general, usually have a pool table length twice the width. Usually, this pool table has a size in the leg, so starting from 7, 8 and 9 footers size of the table the longest.

Places that have a billiard table size 9 foot is usually reserved for serious players (pro). If you want to play in launge or bar, they usually choose to have a pool table with a size 7 foot, and if we go to places that are not too large billiard table of this size is usually pool table coin. The short length of the selected table is usually related to very similar arrangement of space, because the problem of effectiveness and convenience then dropped the option for many who make a size 8 foot.

The best quality pool table is usually measuring 9 foot table with a pedestal made of granite or thick slabs, this point to prevent any bumps that do not want and change shape as the air humidity. For the type of pocket billiard table, there is usually a total of 6 pockets, three on each side of the table. Table is usually covered by a special cloth for billiard cloth and usually green. Differences fabrics used are usually affect the rate of billiard balls on the table.

Choose Billiard Sticks

When we want to buy a billiards club, we would be faced with a variety of models and brands existing sticks. You'll find thousands of models and variations from various manufacturers sticks, custom sticks, sticks with different weight, size, type of wood and other materials, 1 piece or 2 piece. All depends on your choice!

You must determine the specifications of the stick that you want. First, determine your budget and stick model you like. The most frequent type of game you play can also be an important consideration for choosing the stick. Standard minimum diameter is 13 mm billiard sticks (1.3 cm), to snooker 10 mm (1 cm).
Effectiveness blow (strike), reaction ball against the stick depends on the density and quality of the cue tip (tip steak).

It is possible that the power stroke so it would not be effective to use lower quality tip. The analogy is fitting for example ... F1 racing car use with low-quality tires. Cue tip is part of a club that has an important role.

Various types of tips are available on the market (more than 30 models) divided into 2 categories: "one piece tip" and "laminated tip" (5 layers of skin, covered at once). Cue tip is the most important part in the club who have maintained their quality.

Cue tip of the most popular are Tweeten Professional (for pool) and Elk Master (for Snooker). Flexibility and quality vibration sticks to hit was the specification of individual players (all depending on your tastes). Part of the club shaft is made from hard maple, but some are made of wood charcoal (ash) (usually for snooker).

Standard length stick is 58 inches (147.32 cm). Shape the handle sticks (grip) actually is for accessories, but the grip can affect the weight and balance sticks. Connection (joint) sticks are made of plastic or fiber composite in which the metal in the form of a screw inserted as a booster.

Length is about 1 - 1.5 inches (3.5 to 4 cm) and can not find any (ato very little) influence on the overall quality of the stick. Before you confirm the choice, it is important to compare and try a variety of models, weight and quality of the stick. It can make you comfortable on your club selection.

note: make sure you always keep a stick in a good place and avoid the place where the temperature is always changing drastically and too humid.

Important Things In Billiard

A simple advice to the players billiards. There are some important things in playing billiards. Concentration by blow you, follow the flow of punches, not intimidated by the blow and blow with a well planned scheme repeatedly.

You must know clearly what would you do before you do blow. If you have locked a decision on the punches and your hands, it will make you blow as easily do you mean.

You'll have a better chance to control the ball consistently. You would not be afraid of that out there there is a better choice. you think about it and come out the best option. You will automatically follow the blow as you want. You will not need to guess what will happen after the stroke performed. You already play it in your mind.

Believe in your choice is paramount. Always do at any time between blows to one another. The more you train yourself to see the punches and the possibilities, the less time you to take a decision.

This method will improve the quality of the game and your confidence after several days of serious training with this method.

Billiard Origins

The origins of biliard indeed no one knows for sure. Thought to have come from china or italy or spain. Many believe biliard derived from the French, biliard = cricket version of indoor or outdoor cricket = biliard version. Some records show that biliard indeed come from france.

Derived from the word meaning billart sticks, or bille which means ball. For the first time biliard in the documentation about the 15th century. Played by pushing the ball with sticks, just like cricket. Stik is known as mace or queue, and until now popular with the term cue. Meanwhile shakespeare mentioned that biliard has existed since the time of Antony and Cleopatra. It was called the old egyptian sports. New in 1675 biliard popular in the UK.

And that year also published books biliard regulations. Further scientific billiards as a sport popularized by Captain Mingaud, a political prisoner during a revolution french government. Because of his love with biliard, he refused to be freed from prison when his sentence ends.

Mingaud also find tips, the extra skin on cue tip. With the tip blow so more accurate and easier to control cue ball. Tip harden over time and reduces the effectiveness of the blow that needed to be replaced periodically.

Mingaud eventually leave prison and exhibitions around the French do biliard. Jack Carr, an English coach credited with finding techniques biliard hit off-center, which is hitting the cue ball off-center at this point in order to get the spin effect.

In english is called a side blow. He also found the idea to apply lime to the surface of the tip to improve the accuracy of punch. Throughout 1820 Jack Carr around Europe, training biliard while selling magical twisting chalk findings.


The ball used is 9 balls numbered numbers 1 through 9 and a white ball as marbles (cue ball).


Before the break ball numbers in the bunk with one configuration "diamond" with the following provisions: Ball 1 (one) dititik spot and the ball 9 (nine) in the middle. Another figure ball (ball 2 to the ball 8) freely placed anywhere.


The games include ball first 9 (nine) legally, is the winner of that game

PUSH OUT (Shoot Out).

Players who turn to hit after a legal break may do the "push out" this chance only once in each game and may only be used after a break of the first punch / first out.


Push-out is a blow to offense that is considered / declared no offense. In doing push-outs, the player must hit the white ball in a legitimate (if the white ball into a hole or jump, it is still considered a violation).

The blow is allowed at the time of push-outs are - hit the white ball without touching anything (did not touch the target ball, the ball the other numbers or tires - hit the ball the other number (not a target ball) and do not meet safety requirements (if the target ball or other ball numbers entered on this stroke, the ball is not returned to the field of game (except the ball 9 nine). Punch in addition to the above provisions and equipment are stated violations.


Players who will do push-out must notify the point it first to the referee to be forwarded to the opposing players. If it does not blow blow considered normal (push-out provisions do not apply)


After one player doing push-out, then turn over an opposing player has the option to:
I. Continue the game with the existing position
II. Pass the turn to the player who threw the push out was to continue the game, while players who did push out the need to turn back


In the event the opposing players continuing the game with an existing position. In these circumstances the white ball may be lifted and placed / placed freely in the area of ​​any game.


Target ball or the ball the other numbers that enter / jump out when the offense is not returned to the field of play unless the ball 9


The ball 9 which incoming / leaped out at the time of violation or push-outs, should be returned to the field the game is fixed at a point in the point spot spot if there is another ball that preclude placement then the ball 9 is placed on the long string as close as possible to the point spot

BREACH 3 X respectively - joined

If a person commits an offense player 3 x respectively - participated in one game, it is declared lost in the game. The referee should give a warning to players who have committed violations of 2 x row (if forget the opponent is entitled to remind the referee) If there is no warning, the violations that occurred in 3 does not blow into the calculation (be null) means that the player's new second violation x respectively - joined


If while trying to hit other balls affected limbs or sticks or any other ball, so changing it is considered a violation. If while trying to hit both legs below the footing is not considered a violation. One foot must stand at the bottom.


If we watch the game a sort of world-class professional player Mika Immonen, Efren Reyes, Ralf Souquet, Corey Deuel, etc ... we'll see how easy they are to play billiards. Is it really like?

Of course, between spectators and players of different laws apply. What seems simple is not necessarily easy if we do not practice sendiri.betul? I myself could just run out after playing billiards + / - 4 years.

Sure they have their own tips so that billiards in their hands "look so easy ', especially from their perspectives on major equipment in playing billiards. Secret that's what I try to analyze from personal experience, watching the game, as well as from various sources and teachings that I managed to get. Hopefully useful to improve our billiar game.


In the play billiard, of course we need the equipment in the form of tables, balls, sticks, etc.. To successfully play billiar, specific intelligence needed in view of various equipment. Right understanding of the equipment used to improve the quality of our game. Then how the master's point of view that in interpreting the 3 types of equipment which I think is the main equipment of their success?

A. pool cue (stick)

For the master, cue like a girlfriend, like an inseparable soul mates. They will try to find a cue that really suited him. Size weight, length, diameter of the grip, balance and type of material so special attention. Stik is suitable for a person not necessarily suitable for use by other players.

Error in cue selection can result in less maximal our game.

At the tournament in 2006 Mosconi Cup USA players Earl Strickland and even slammed his cue to fall apart just because sodokannya not match what he wants. Or I have also never seen any other U.S. player, Johnny Archer, broke his cue because he was not satisfied with the results sodokannya. That is the importance of choosing a suitable cue. Therefore, in choosing a cue, just imagine like choosing a girlfriend.

B.cue ball

Cue ball (white ball / gaco) there are various types with each of a different weight. Understanding the masters of the cue ball is not up there alone. For example, the master assumes that the cue ball is played more frequently then the cue ball will increasingly dirty. In effect, the cue ball path will be increasingly difficult to control.

In addition, the lens of the master, cue ball can be seen in 25 points on the cue and cue elevation to the table where the poke at a specific point of the cue ball will result in a specific way as well. 24 points are associated in the short-clockwise and clockwise long and 1 point again is the central point.

C .Pool Table

Table that serves as a staging ground game has specific characteristics and is very dependent on the type of materials, installation techniques and humidity in the room game.

Pool table field is a square 2 pieces are combined into a rectangle with an area of ​​50 inches x 100 inches. On the edge of the table there is some point called the diamond.

Its function as a tool for measuring the course of the ball on the corners that will be produced after the ball touches the rails or bearings. As with connecting those points, would get 32 ​​of the game. So, will establish a solid understanding of our game.



direction of turning the ball round. Occurred because the poke that of the area under the middle of the white ball (cue ball). About-face is what will make the cue ball back to the original area after the collision with the target ball.


when a player made a mistake (foul), then the opposing player has the right to place cue ball where you want to shoot the next ball.


poke opening in every game.


bridge between the stick (cue) with a cue ball.


equipment used to coat the top (tip) of the cue to keep the poke order not to slip (a missed cue).


stick or sticks in the game billiar penyodok is usually made of wood.


namely the white ball ball directly charged by the cue and not numbered.


poke technique that can produce a back spin.


techniques to produce a side spin by hitting the left or right of the cue ball.


poke technique using swing push at the point on the cue ball. This poke will generate lap top or forward spin, that after hitting the target ball cue ball will continue rolling forward.


hand when poked.


on sticks connection consisting of two parts, the joint is the part where the two parts are fused. Generally, maker joint material made of iron, plastic, or ivory with a variety of models or shapes.

Missed CUE

Cue the situation at the time slip of the cue ball poke. Usually in the event of a missed cue, his voice sounded loud like the sound of tree limbs that were broken ('ctak!'). Because the slip, the ball will miss the target as well or not as we want. Missed cue often occurs because the swing is less than perfect or because of his smear of chalk less.


ball by the cue ball will be targeted for inclusion in the bag (pocket).


sac at the six-pool table with a size about twice the diameter of the ball.


poke survive that aims for an opposing player has no chance of an open ball position. Or in other words, ngumpetin ball (usually the cue ball) behind the ball is not a target.


situation when the cue ball into the pocket or out of the table. Scratch is a foul, and opposing players will get a chance ball in hand.

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