"The match between the two historic clubs are always unpredictable. That was a great game, is actually more fair if it ends with a draw, "said Del Bosque on the Kicker.

"Mesut Ozil scored Madrid have made a lot of chances, because they have tremendous potential attack. Scored 2 or 3 goals at home to Real Madrid is something that usually do, "he added.

Live Bayern needed a draw to advance to the final. However, Del Bosque did not think Bayern will appear last in the Santiago Bernabeu.

"Both Madrid or Bayern will do what they showed this season. Both coaches will ensure that happens, "said Del Bosque.

Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes could be the coach of Real Madrid. However, Del Bosque did not think that the key to Bayern beat Madrid.

"Football today is more transparent because of TV. I do not berpikiri Heynckes knows more about Madrid than Jose Mourinho's knowledge about Bayern, "said Del Bosque.

To move to the final, Madrid do not need to win by a big score. 1-0 was enough to make sure the ticket "back" to the Allianz Arena. "We do not need to get the results at a meeting both crazy. Quite a victory with a normal score, we've been able to step into the final. I'm sure the players can make it happen. Moreover, we will be playing in front of fans, "coach Mourinho confident.

Mourinho also the players Madrid is not be discouraged. Madrid have a good record when only losing 1-2 at home to Bayern. In the 1999-2000 and 2001-2002 seasons, El Real also suffered the same defeat in the first leg. But when playing the second match at the Santiago Bernabeu with Real Madrid to win by a score of 2-0 and qualify.

Jupp Heynkes asked his players to play more carefully at the meeting without leaving the high morale as shown dipertemuan first. "The players would have to anticipate the opponent of our efforts to score in Madrid. So, we must find a balance in defense and attack, "commentator coach Bayern Munich.
Prudence is indispensable in both teams. Not just steal the victory. But avoid the threat of losing players if advanced to the finals.

Percentage Wins: Real Madrid 50% : 50% Bayern Munich

Video From Youtube Real Madrid Vs Bayern Munich Leg 1

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