Lionel Messi Vs Michael Jordan
Super boy prodigy, Lionel Messi continues bombarded with praises from various parties thanks to the newly inscribed achievements. One of many who praised the player nicknamed El Messiah it is Barca coach, Josep Guardiola.

Unmitigated, the 41-year coach Messi align with the world of basketball legend Michael Jordan. "We may be able to compare it with Michael Jordan in basketball," said Guardiola.

Messi has just carve his name as a Barcelona player in the history of the club fertile. Messi hat-trick against Barcelona won 5-3 at Granada on the stage of Spain's La Liga, Messi led to record 234 goals for Barca. Note that exceeded the record the legend of Barcelona, ​​Cesar Rodriguez, El Barca malicious attackers while strengthening the club in the era of the 1940s and 1950s who died in 1995 while stepping 74 years.

Previously, Cesar is believed to have scored 235 goals for Barcelona, ​​but a study revealed he only scored 232 goals, which has been statistically confirmed earlier on Tuesday in Barcelona's official website.

Not only a top score of all time Barca, an additional three goals also make Messi break his best time last season. Until now, the player who is familiarly called Leo's already wrapped 54 goals in all competitions. Acquisition exceeds the number of goals this season tally in 2010/11, ie 53 goals. That is, Messi also re-carve a new record as a Barca player who scored the most fertile during a season. Given this season is not over, it is not impossible Messi will continue to add to the collection of his goal.

Not only memorable for Messi, the victory over Granada is also moving closer to Barca Real Madrid. With a collection of 66 points, five points behind Barca only from El Real. However, the team from Spain's capital city still has one match more than Barca.

Trigol Messi was also delivered him to occupy the La Liga top scorers list with 34 goals achievement. Messi had two-goal lead over his closest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo 32 goals a new pack. Raihan's achievements were rewarded praise to the skies from the Spanish media who called Messi as a 'living legend'.

"We must congratulate Messi, he has scored so many goals and he was only 24 years," said Guardiola is rumored to be leaving the Nou Camp next summer because it is still reluctant to extend the contract with La Blaugrana.

"He not only scored the ordinary, but great goals, and we hope he gets better for us," said Guardiola told the golden child.

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