Spain National Football Team
Road To Euro 2012
Sport News 2012-Spain cruised into the finals of Euro 2012 with a 100 percent victory. The achievement was the fourth time throughout recorded history a team to qualify for the European Cup with a perfect record. Others, no French ever did in Euro 1992 and 2004 as well as performing the Czech Republic at Euro 2000.

Throughout his performance in qualifying, La Furia Roja's squad is almost never face serious obstacles to make it plunged into danger. Noted, there are six wins from eight games the group with nicks scored more than one goal.

The most serious threat only occurs when against Scotland at Hampden Park. When the Spanish 2-0. But the home team is able to equalize the score 2-2 before finally sealed victory with Fernando Llorente scored in the last ten minutes.
Spain National Football Team Squad

The only qualifiers that could make Vicente del Bosque's foster children were left behind when the fighting Republic CKO in Granada. But the Spanish managed to reverse the situation by replying to two goals.

Before 2008, Spain recorded as a team in international football is poor performance. The only international title of the European Cup he achieved in his own home when you defeat the Soviet Union 2-1 in the final game of 1964.

David Villa , Spanish Striker
But all that changed dramatically when it won Euro 2008 in Austria-Switzerland. Spain eventually became the most successful team in this tournament along with France. But both teams are still behind the Germans have ever lifting Henri Delaunay trophy three times.

Now, nicks other achievements were in front of the eye. Del Bosque's squad is likely to become the third team - after Germany and France - to be able to marry off his World Cup and European Cup which was waiting in front. In Poland and Ukraine later - the venue for joint Euro 2012 - Spain will seek to present as the first country to retain the European crown.

Del Bosque has become the most successful coach in the history of his debut with the national team. When he won his first 13 matches. He also has brought his country to record a new record, 15 consecutive wins, and coupled with the Brazilian who had to maintain the longest unbeaten in 33 matches. Brazil's record of never inscribed in the period 1993-1996.

In 18 combined qualifiers of the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012, Del Bosque has won all of them. While the defeats of the official competition occurred in 2009 Confederations Cup against the United States and surrender of Switzerland in the opening match of World Cup 2010.
Xavi Hernandez 

Then, from 50 his first game as coach of Spain, Del Bosque has pocketed 42 victories. Others, two draws and six defeats. Goals are successfully accounted for as much as 123 goals and conceded only 40 times.

Casillas has been inherited from the Spanish captain Raul who is still retained. He also became the first goalkeeper ever lifted the European Cup trophy as captain in 2008. Two years later in South Africa, he became one of three goalkeepers who became captain of a team that never won the World Cup.

In addition, Real Madrid goalkeeper has held the honor of being the player with most appearances for his country. He has surpassed the longest appearance of Andoni Zubizarreta appearance as much as 126 times. Then, Casillas also still made it through another record for a goalkeeper Zubizarreta la Furia Roja are able to maintain a record of the longest without conceding in the Spanish national team.

Barcelona midfielder was the inspiration of Spain. Vision remarkable play which is supported by the accuracy of the bait, ball control, and the ability to open a gap to rip the tight line of defense.

This playmaker previously only hailed as a phenomenal player at club level only. But everything changed when he brought his country at Euro 2008 champions. The record was becoming equipped with the election of Xavi as the Player of the tournament.
Iker Casillas , Spanish Goal Keeper

Since then, his name became one of the most consistent players on the gridiron. Achieving that continued maintenance until now. Evidence has shown with the three times he entered the list of Ballon d'Or. In 2008, he was perched in fifth, then moved up two rankings in 2009 and maintain the same position in 2010.

Barcelona youth player has pocketed his first cap with the senior national team in August 2011. It's debut just two months after helping Spain grabbed his U-21 European Championship. He also managed brought himself as a man of the match in the final match against Switzerland, it also established itself as the Player of the tournament.

Thiago plays a style similar to his mentor in Barcelona, ​​Xavi. Euro 2012 this will be an opportunity to show his talents in the eyes of world football enthusiast. In addition, the Euro 2012 will be her first appearance in an international tournament together with the senior team.

Spanish Football Team Road To Euro 2012

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