Germany National Football Team
Road To Euro 2012
Sport News 2012 - Germany tough in Euro 2012 qualifiers. Just look at the statistics of the record they can win tickets to qualify for the finals in Poland and Ukraine.

Germany won all their matches, and get more points than other teams that qualify in the European zone.

Also many changes made in the German squad, starting from the first game until the last game in the month Oktoer. However, neither Mario Gomez or Miroslav Klose who relied on the front line, or Bastian Schweinsteiger also Toni Kroos in the middle sector, the German national team remains consistently at the top level.

Germany became the most successful countries in the European Cup mat. Three championship trophy into evidence. The first success achieved in 1972 with Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Muller, Paul Breitner victory became a star at the time.
Germany National Football Team Squad

Success continued in 1980. In the final, a goal that brought the German Horst Hrbesch victory over Belgium in the final and carried off the prize. And subsequent success in 1996 with Olivier Bierhoff, who is now a director of the German team, be a determinant of team success.

Miroslav Klose
And this year, the ranks of young players, aiming for German success for the fourth time after the last time a championship 16 years ago.

Since taking over the baton from Juergen Klinsmann, Joachim Low noted that the success with his team drove to a new level, although until now there is no dedicated champion trophy.

Low German squad gathering in different ways. Squad was formed as a fast team with an attractive attacking capabilities, relying on determination and unyielding spirit of the German style. No more the impression of late summer car ala Panzer, who previously iconic German national team.

Mesut Ozil
Of the 75 games under Low, the German squad recorded 52 wins. Low even has the best winning percentage in the history of the German national team coach.

Getting the German national team captain is not an easy thing for Philipp Lahm. How not, not a few from outside the squad who are against it, especially Michael Ballack, the previous owner. Bayer Leverkusen midfielder was fiercely opposed to Lahm's not the right person to captain Germany.

But Lahm budge. He did not have to talk to rebut that presumption, but only by showing exceptional performance and be an example for other players by his attitude on the field. Currently, Lahm was able to answer that Low's decision to give him the German national team captain's armband true.

Since its entry into the main squad Low in 2009, Ozil immediately became an important part of the German team. The quality of his performance was steady at the top.
Bastian Schweinsteiger

European Cup qualifier in 2012, Ozil appeared in nine games and scored or give feedback on goal the creation of Germany more than 35 percent.

Ozil show creativity in play, which was never seen in the German national team in recent years. But the important thing is consistency.

Position Ozil in squad for Germany are not under threat, but the emergence of Mario Gotze own can be an alternative to escort the German midfield. The existence of separate Gotze also be guaranteed in the German midfield in the future.

Gotze called Lionel Messi his German, because of technical ability, speed and quality of the bait. Gotze also has the ability to complete as a midfielder, wing, like any good right-left.

Germany National Football Team Road To Euro 2012

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