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Road To Uero 2012
Sport news 2012-Portugal started smoothly with no qualifications, lost five points from two games under coach Agostinho Oliveira. Oliveira replaces Carlos Queiroz is sanctioned. Paulo Bento and then came, and took the coaching chair. Bento's presence brings stability within the team.

The result Seleccao won five consecutive victories. However, Bento facing internal problems with the withdrawal of Ricardo Carvalho. As a result, Portugal defeat of Denmark in the last match, so it must undergo a play-off game.

In the round of this determination, Portugal back to meet Bosnia-Herzegovina. Such action to be repeated play-offs to 2010 World Cup finals. Having played a goalless draw in Zenica, Portugal finally get a ticket to Poland and Ukraine after winning 6-2.
Portugal National Football Team Squad

Portugal followed the first European Cup in 1960, and qualified for the quarter-finals after defeating East Germany. Portugal takes 24 years to return to the prestigious tournament in Europe. They look convincing, and managed to drive up to the semi-finals.

After the mid-1990s, Portugal began to exist as a participant finals. After penetrating the quarter-finals and semi-finals in 1996 and 2000, Seleccao experiencing suffocating drama when they swallow the defeat of Greece in the finals as hosts in 2004.
Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

Four years later, they did not made it through to the quarter-finals after losing to Germany 3-2, which eventually became the runner-up tournaments.

Seleccao coach is an experience both for Paulo Bento at the level of coaching the senior team. Previously, Bento never deal with Sporting Lisbon from 2005 until 2009. 42-year-old coach, who has 35 caps with the national team as a midfielder, was a good debut as the architect of Portugal with a victory in five games in a row.

Bento a strong personality conflicts led to him with Ricardo Carvalho and Bosingwa. Both players said they decided retired from the national team. This situation raises doubts about its ability to stabilize the team. Nevertheless, 6-2 victory over Bosnia in the play-offs have raised the hopes of fans, he is an appropriate figure for Portugal.

Luis Nani , Portugal

Worn the armband Real Madrid star was when Carlos Queiroz was appointed as coach, and she underwent a fine job as skipper, even when the team was having a bad moment.

Entering the golden years as a footballer, Ronaldo may be practically as kemain icon in the finals. Speed, technique, and the strength of his right leg became a key element important for Portugal in the left sector.

If their performance at the club accompanied by success, not so in the national team. Many critics who say Ronaldo does not show the maximum quality in the national team.

Nevertheless, he showed his capacity in the second leg play-off against Bosnia. In the game, he shows his nationalism for the national team, and should become one of the players should watch the 2012 European Cup finals.

The winger takes longer to ensure himself a place in Portugal on a regular basis. Performance at Manchester United who continued to experience an increase could be seen with the national team. Nani is the second leading scorer in Seleccao during the Euro 2012 qualifier with a score five goals.
Helder Postiga , Portugal

Nani influence in Portugal was under the shadow of Ronaldo. But United's star has shown he is a key player, both when attacking and survive. After missing the 2010 World Cup, Nani eager to show his class in big tournaments, and European Cup finals in 2012 became an opportunity for the players.

A natural left winger. Become a central defender Fabio Coentrao duet with Angel di Maria, who is now a fellow at Real Madrid. Coentrao attacking instincts to make the wing when he was placed as strengthening Benfica.

Coentrao capabilities make it into the figure of the modern defender. He's good at last, and able to assist the attack with speed and cross feed. After an impressive performance at Benfica, the World Cup in South Africa began to record his name on the international scene, and shows itself as a world-class players.

The lack of players with qualities like those of himself in that position, Portugal will hang up on Real Madrid's players to continue to shine in Poland and Ukraine.

Portugal Football Team Road To Euro 2012

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