Euro 2012-Ukraine finally opens up the whole stadium that will host Euro 2012 games, but there are still concerns that the biggest tournaments held since independence the country will be mired in implementation problems.

Having been repeatedly postponed, Ukraine in the last weeks of the rebuilt stadium opened in the capital Kiev for a football party and an entirely new arena in Lviv will be ready, while the facilities were ready in Kharkiv and Donetsk.

But the hotel rooms will not be enough in a city, transport problems remain unsolved and hotel chains in Kiev planned a very high price increases during the championship, which will be hosted Ukraine and Poland.

In addition to housing and transportation problems, the first tournament in stadiums in Kiev, which will will host the final on July 1, and Lviv will face the problem of organizing disturbances.

After three years to be rebuilt, the first match in Kiev Olympic Stadium with a capacity of 70,000 seats, on November 11 incident tainted damage to infrastructure.

Thousands of fans forced their way into the stadium when some of the turnstile at the entrance was closed for no apparent reason. Some people climb a six-foot fence, others break down the iron doors to entrance, witnesses said.

"Thankfully, no casualties," said Olexiy Mochanov, a TV presenter, in his blog that blamed "ignorance" of authorities and poor organization. "I will not come into this stadium again." In Lviv, fans were forced to walk three kilometers from the nearest bus stop to reach a capacity of 33,000 seat arena that was built outside the city.

"Organizing the first games are carefully analyzed. All problems will be solved as soon as possible, "said the head of the local organizing committee funded UEFA, Markian Lubkivski, told a news conference.

The stadium in Kharkiv has been in operation since 2009, as the ultra modern arena in Donetsk which has the support of local billionaire and owner Rinat Akhmetov Shakhter Donetsk.

But even Donetsk any hotel rooms to accommodate the lack of official UEFA delegates - there are only 2700 rooms available in October 5500 while UEFA needs.

"In all likelihood, will be required setting chartered planes from Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk for those who wish to attend the match in Donetsk," said Lubkivski. The situation room for the fans is still unclear.

Another condition of the host city is better to receive tourists during the tournament which took place June 8 to July 1, but its price may be surprising because the room rates hotels and apartments for rent doubled and even tripled.

That makes the reservation price is inflated very limited availability in November.

Price range starting from 133 U.S. dollars for a bed in a dormitory and 797 U.S. dollars for one room at a four star hotel in Kiev.

"We asked the hotel owner to give a reasonable price, but we do not intend to affect," said Lubkivski.

A komentartor football on TV is the leading Olexandr Glyvynsky - who also act as spokesperson for the national football team - said he was particularly concerned about the bad roads.

"My biggest worry is about the fans who came by car. We only have a few traffic signs are sad, even fewer that use the Latin alphabet, no lights and the way a lot of holes. European citizens face the risk of culture shock here. "But he added that, while there is still a problem organizing" it's nothing compared to what we faced before ", before the stadium opened and there is still time to fix the problems that exist.

In Kiev, where the new airport terminal will be inaugurated in June 2012, the authorities promised to face the intervention of the driver cab companies tend to exploit tourists.

Ukraine also faces criticism from international animal advocacy group for the destruction of wild dogs with a ruthless when it reports in the media mentions of animals in some cases burned alive or poisoned when Euro 2012 is getting closer.

Meanwhile, preparation for the championship will also coincide with an international uproar about the imprisonment of former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who by Poland and the EU said to be politically motivated.

Readiness of Poland as one of the hosts the finals of Euro 2012, with Ukraine, reportedly having problems. However, the news is slanted directly rebutted by the parties concerned.

A number of mass media to preach Poland, Warsaw National Stadium construction is constrained problems in the construction of evacuation stairs. In fact, the construction of the stadium with a capacity of 55 thousand spectators is scheduled for completion in late June.

Related issue, the construction project is estimated to be delayed until 10 months. However, a spokesman for the Local Organization Committee Mikolaj Piotrowski explains, the preparation of the implementation of the Euro 2012 finals is not constrained problem of construction of the stadium.

"We've identified some risks, which relate to quality and safety. The key problem today is the conversation with the builder about the details of the completion schedule, "said Piotrowski.

Apparently, rumors came one day after the revocation of the right one venue, stadium Baltic Arena Gdansk's PGE, to hold a friendly match between Poland vs. France on 9 June. Game is intended as a prime test, but the construction of the stadium is estimated to be completed until the end of June.

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