Netherland Football Team , Sport News 2012 - After failing in the 2010 World Cup, the Dutch must seek an outlet. But disappointment because the subject in the final against Spain is still quite an impression. Look at their initial appearance after the World Cup ended, in which victory was recorded quite impressive.

But the Dutch could restore their best performance by subjecting Sweden and Hungary, to confirm they deserve to compete in Poland and Ukraine.

Even against San Marino at home, dutch its own record with a 11-0 victory. Furthermore, Dutch unstoppable despite losing 3-2 in the final qualifier from Sweden.
Netherland Football team Euro 2012

The Netherlands became one of the giants of Europe today. But when he first held the European Cup, they did not even take part until melakoni their debut in 1976.

And their biggest success was when he became champion in 1988. The title became their biggest titles in the history of world football.

Netherland Football Player
Only, since such success, the best achievement so far in the Netherlands is to penetrate the European Cup semi-finals.

Van Marwijk replace Marco van Basten as coach of the national team after Euro 2008. The result, Van Marwijk won more praise than it's predecessor. Van Marwijk clearly wants his players to maintain consistency at the highest level, and players can make it happen.

Van Marwijk can also keep the solidity of the team. If previously a lot of disharmony, the Dutch squad under it can remain compact and solid in the field would even out. No player who protested when dibangkucadangkan. This is a proof that Van Marwijk has good management.

Together with the Dutch Van Marwijk also can carve out an impressive record in terms of incised victory, with 23 wins from 25 matches competitive, which means his team winning percentage reached 92 percent.

After Marco Van Basten out of their office and replace Van Marwijk, Van Bommel got more confidence to defend the Dutch national team. Trust were answered very well.

Maarten Stekelenburg The Netherland Goalkeeper
Since Van Bommel also calling it a key player in the Dutch sector of the middle, to balance the team, feeder and leader in the field. With its character, Van Bommel has never escaped from the view of Van Marwijk.

After diving debut in April 2003, Wesley Sneijder directly transformed into the mainstay of the Dutch players in the middle sector. His talents made him play the ball gets thumbs empol from many quarters.

Sneijder has excellent ability in sending passes away and scalable, which makes it difficult for defenders to anticipate your opponent. Sneijder also has the speed and accuracy of a good kick.

So far he has scored 23 goals for the Netherlands, which became its own record in the Netherlands because there is no midfielder who can score as many goals as it is. Even in the 2010 World Cup, Sneijder earned his joint top scorer with five goals in seven appearances.

Robin Van Persie
His name does not sound much, but the talent and the talent in the land of the Netherlands was to steal the attention.

Joining the Utrecht in January 2011, direct Strootman look good and get the national team calls a month later when diving test match against Austria. Since then, he showed remarkable appearance before finally pulled PSV Eindhoven in the summer.

With the ability to oversee the middle sector, Strootman assessed as a coating that qualified for Van Bommel or Nigel De Jong. That's why Van Marwijk continue to observe developments in the national team.

Netherland Football Team Road To Euro 2012

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  1. It's time for Netherland to be the winner at euro 2012 as same as euro 1988. Bravo Netherland.


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