Basketball , Sport News 2012 - Lay-up of the Small Forward Luol Deng in the last 3.7 seconds, successfully led the Chicago Bulls beat the Atlanta Hawks 76-74.

Playing on home turf, United Center, on Tuesday (01/03/2012) evening local time the Bulls had left behind 19 points from the visitors in the third quarter.

Earlier at the end of the second quarter, Atlanta ahead 38-26, and this is the Bulls scored the lowest score since March 10, 1999, at which time the Bulls could only scored 23 points as the pause.

Lay Up Luol Deng 
Fortunate to have the Bulls point guard Derrick Rose's classmates. Bulls become the mainstay of this printer the most points in the game. This past season NBA MVP scored 30 points and seven assists in which 17 of them printed in the fourth quarter.

The combination of Rose-Deng changed the direction of the game after the break and successfully brought the Bulls come back. Both work together to score points. Rose scored 11 points early in the fourth quarter, including three three-pointers. Deng added eight points in the last four minutes of the fourth quarter before finally membukukkan total of 21 points.

This victory makes the Bulls win-loss record to 5-1 and this is their best record since 1996-97 when their 12-0 record.

"Winning is still winning and it's difficult to win in this competition. But we know that we are 10 times better than we showed earlier. I feel guilty to the fans who have seen us play so bad, "Rose said as quoted by CBS Sports, Wednesday (01/04/2012).

Rose Speech refers to the second quarter as the Bulls for eight minutes had failed to score a point by failing to include a single ball of 14 shots.

From Hawks, Al Horford became top scorer with 16 points followed by Josh Smith with 15 points and 14 rebounds.

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