Every race in the title in a circuit will surely bring a miracle for the watch directly from the circuit. Circuit is an arena that is used exclusively for motor sports. Historic circuits usually provide extra sensation and excitement for the racers and fans, while some modern circuit there is a subject of criticism and controversy because it is considered monotonous or ugly.

In this world there are many circuit races scattered around the world. Each of these circuits have different characteristics. There is a special formula car, nothing special for the racing oval, there is also a special race motor. Here we put forward 10 exciting circuits in the world that until now still exist and provide extra sensation for anyone who had the opportunity to visit it.

1. Spa-Francorchamps (SPA, BELGIUM)

This circuit is a lot of so-called circuit riders as one of the most challenging of all the F1 racing circuit ever. For the fans, this circuit also became the most popular circuits because of its location in the middle of the forest interior. The length of the circuit was originally reached 14km, but due to safety factors, then the circuit and then trimmed to length in just 7 km. Michael Schumacher became the most frequent rider wins in Spa with a total of six times throughout his career victories.

In addition to the F1 race used, these circuits are also used for the Spa 24 Hours endurance races and DTM race. The most famous corner of this circuit is that ascends Eau Rouge.

2. Monte Carlo (Monaco)

This circuit was in the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine around the port of Monaco. This circuit is more attached to the name "Monte Carlo" because most of the circuits in the area of ​​Monte Carlo, Monaco's capital. This circuit is used within one week every May of each year to host the Formula 1. Racing is a supporter of Formula 1, GP2 series also follows the race at the same time.

The idea of ​​a Formula 1 race on the streets of Monaco came from Anthony Noghes, president of the Monegasque car club and close friend of the ruling Grimaldi family. Inaugural race was held in 1929 and was won by William Grover-Williams driving a Bugatti. Until now, Ayrton Senna became the most frequent rider won the race in Monaco, which stood at 6 times the victory.

3. CIRCUIT Le Mans (Le Mans, France)

Circuit de la Sarthe or Circuit is also known by the name of Le Mans, is a circuit which is located in located near Le Mans, France. This circuit is known as one of the longest circuits in the world with a total length of 13.629 km. This circuit is one of the legendary circuit that is always held annually endurance race 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Besides used Le Mans race, the circuit is short, or known by the name of the Bugatti circuit is often used as the venue for the MotoGP race and had also hosted the French Grand Prix F1 race.

4. Indianapolis Motor Speedway (INDIANAPOLIS, USA)

This circuit includes a versatile circuit that can be used in oval racing or road racing in the race. One of the oldest in the history of the race circuits of the world which was built since 1909. Part of this circuit is well-known stretch of brick neatly located at the starting line. In addition visitors can also enjoy this circuit panoramic golf course near the circuit and racing museum.

This circuit is the host of the famous Indianapolis 500 race, but it could also be used as host F1 GP from 2000 to 2007 and since 2008 also used for the MotoGP race. Other races are held in this circuit is the NASCAR Brickyard 400 was held in late July.

5. Nurburgring (Nurburg, GERMANY)

The circuit you usually see today in the media is a form of mini original circuit has a length of 22 km and 176 bends. This circuit has a characteristic that is an old castle which is right in this circuit. This circuit itself has four separate configurations, namely Circuit Gesamtstrecke ("Whole Course") which has a length of 28,265 km (17,563 miles), Nordschleife ("Northern Loop") with a length of 22,810 km (14,173 miles), circuit Südschleife ("Southern Loop" ) with a length of 7747 km (4814 miles), and Zielschleife ("Finish Loop") with a length of 2281 km (1417 miles).

6. Autodromo Monza (MILANO, ITALY)

This circuit is located in Monza, on the outskirts of Milan, Italy. This circuit has a length of 5793 km. Used to race Formula One, GP2, 1000km Monza, Superbike, Formula 3, and the World Touring Car Championship. This circuit was first opened in 1922. This circuit is more often used for Formula 1 racing car, except for 1980 when the circuit is restored.

Besides used for F1 racing, the circuit has also been used for the MotoGP race and is now a permanent host WSBK race. This circuit is known as a fast circuit and during the race (any kind) took place, racers can hit the gas pedal fully. Because speed is also some riders have died in this circuit, one of which Count Wolfgang von Trips in 1961 that also took the victim regular audience of 14 people.

7. Silverstone (Northamptonshire, UK)

This circuit is a mute witness to the birth of a Formula 1 race in 1950. In F1, Michael Schumacher's circuit gives a bad memory when he had an accident in this circuit in July 1999 that continues with a broken leg injury.

This circuit was opened in 1948 with the initial conditions of the time as a former military airfield kingdom United Kingdom. Since then various kinds of renovations done to the circuit starts to look less like the airfield, and the recent renovations done in the 2010 season as a wide range of race stopover in this circuit in addition to F1 like: MotoGP, and the Superleague Formula.

8. Laguna Seca Mazda Raceway (CALIFORNIA, USA)

Being outside the U.S. mainland, this circuit can be called as the famous circuit in North America. Played host to racing contest as MotoGP, WSB and AMA racing. Laguna Seca is dominated by the legendary canting, Corkscrew corner, a derivative of a downward spiral that makes it difficult every TV camera that is said to be the opposite of Eau Rogue in Spa Belgium. Ruas lap Andretti hairpin at Laguna Seca a unique obstacle for the racers. Along the 2238-mile circuit has 11 turns and is located in the forest park in California, USA.

Another race held at Laguna Seca in addition to the race IndyCar motor racing. In the early 1990s, had no idea of ​​moving to the U.S. F1 GP circuit. But as it is considered too short and narrow, the idea was eventually canceled.

9. CIRCUIT Isle of Man (Isle of Man, UK)

The Isle of Man is a unique island located between England and Ireland yangmemiliki own parliament, laws and tax systems. After the financial crisis of the world, the island is mostly inhabited by bankers and automobile and motorcycle racer. Now who often stayed there just the drivers alone.

TT racing circuit Course first opened in 1907, and the race is still done today but with the route covered roads. It's not all segments of rural valley road, a bumpy road and a beautiful texture, make this island as a haven for even the craziest biker who wants to be free-free speeding police. Modern circuits along the 37.5 mile TT Course, plus a 200 bend ready to devoured by anyone. But the speed and freedom of speeding is often times bring casualties. Recorded to date was 237 riders were killed when they followed the motor racing in the "circuit" is.

10. Daytona International Speedway (FLORIDA, USA)

This circuit is a racing circuit located in Daytona Beach, Florida, United States. First opened in 1959, this circuit has become a classic in the race the NASCAR circuit through the event Daytona 500. This circuit has three configurations: 2.5 miles (4.0 km) tri-oval shaped, 3:56 miles (5.73 km) that is usually used for Formula racing cars, and 2.95 miles (4.75 km) Special motor circuit. In this circuit all the drivers Dale Earnhardt Senior was killed in 2001 when he suffered an accident on the last lap of the race. Racer Richard Petty's record as a driver most often win on this circuit with a total of 7 times the victory.

Besides used as a NASCAR race, the circuit is also used as the host race Rolex 24 at Daytona, a racing legend who became one of the attractions for European racers to get to know the other side of the race in the U.S.

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