History is not written to run in an authentic since when humans ran as an achievement or for fitness. Since humans have actually been able to walk and run, but not recorded as a sporting achievement to find the fastest and strongest. There is a version that said originated from the Greeks who were hit by the war between the Greeks and Persians in the city Marathonas Greek island of Egina. Persian forces defeat and Greek troops who won the war, ordered one of his army to bring the message. The messenger ran to Athens along the 40.8 km (25.4 miles) a day to proclaim his victory when he got in the city, shouting that eventually collapsed and died. To commemorate the victory of the war and to respect the messenger then the race was held for some period and increasingly developed into a modern sports achievement and split into various branches run.

The legend says that the sport was first contested marathon in the Olympics held in Athens was won by Eucles and on the next race was won by Philippides. After experiencing a variety of events and time, the contest turned into the Olympics and in the next period dubbed the modern Olympics. The sport was developed into several branches which are divided into a certain mileage. In its development the sport run is divided into short-distance sprint (sprint), medium distance running (middle distance), distance running (long distance). Short distance running distance running subdivided into 50m, 55m, 60m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m. In the middle distance divided 800m, 1500m, 3,000 m. For long-distance running is divided into 500m, 10,000, half marathon, and marathon. Currently, more rapid development of longer and tend to be combined with other sports like running hurdles, triathlon, Pentathlon, heptathlon, decathlon.

While the activity of running as a fitness / physical maintenance of the body was not recorded, whether from humans appeared on earth already has activities running in his life or after a new offspring no events to run. But logically it can be said that human beings have the legs for the activity of the small course has to run around to have fun or pursuing something. From the results of running that then she felt the benefits after activity then the next man to maintain the activities run in his life. Human tendency when growing up activity also ran after the animals by hunting prey using tools such as spears or stone.

The more modern humans live in an era of fewer and fewer of walking and running. Eventually realizing that human beings have always needed by the body run in activities to maintain kesehatanya. So that becomes the tendency that people choose sports run in his life to be a habit or a hobby. Now, in the modern era of human desire is not only used as a mere hobby, but turned into a club and a healthy lifestyle and even to socialize. Which means that not only sports run for achievement are developed and combined with other sports, but running non-performance sports (for fitness) have also developed combined with other human activities. A time will come running sports clubs non achievement into lifestyle trends such as club bike to work or body-building club.

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