Tennis is a sport game that uses a racquet and ball and played on a field that is divided into two by a net.

History Of Tennis

Tennis was a sport that has very very old. Recorded on the sculpture made of about 1500 years BC in the wall of a temple in Egypt that shows a representation of a tennis ball game and played at religious ceremonies. The game was later extended throughout mainland Europe in the 8th century.

In the early development of tennis is played by using a hand or a stick that struck alternately using a ball of solid wood. The game was later developed into the game again struck across the ball with a barrier wall. Because at that time felt that ball control is more felt by hand, then the media that developed at that time is to use leather gloves then evolve again by adding handles. This is the embryo of the birth of a tennis racket. The ball was evolved from a solid wooden ball into a ball of leather stuffed by bran bran.

This sport is growing in France at that time. At 16-18 centuries have begun much loved especially by the kings and nobles with the name 'Jeu de Palme' or fist sports. Tennis word itself is believed to come from the French players who frequently mentions the word 'Tenez' which means "Play!" When will start the game and until now the word is used as the name of this sport. Tennis then progressed to the plains of England and also spread to Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. But tennis suffered a setback when the French revolution and the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe.
 Agassi (Backhand)

In the 19th century, then tennis is raised again by the English nobility by building facilities country club or a tennis court at his house that big. Because at that time popular tennis is played on the lawn, then known as 'Lawn Tennis' or lawn tennis. At this time also began to emerge from the retread rubber ball which was then considered to reduce the damage to the grass on the field without reducing the elasticity of the ball itself.
 Federer (Forehand)

Lawn Tennis title comes from an Englishman named Arthur Balfour. Since the invention of lawn tennis, people began experimenting with playing on other surfaces such as clay courts (clay) and hard court (cement). Menggeliatnya tennis game was able to shift the game Croquet as a summer sport. The peak occurred in 1869 when one of the leading croquet club in England, the All England Croquet Club, not managed to attract many enthusiasts and try to incorporate tennis as other sports. The result of this very successful club has attracted attention mainly on the Tennis game until in 1877 changed its name to 'All Engand Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club'. This history continues as the location of the club which took place at Wimbledon there is an increase of rent which forced the club to get more funding than usual. Therefore, the club's first tennis tournament at Wimbledon by forming a committee to conduct the match and create a standard rule in this game. The tournament was attended by 20 participants with an audience of about 200 people and this is the origin of the Wimbledon tournament is one of the most prestigious tennis grand slam tournament in the world.

There are various types of games that use the racket and tennis played today is one of the most popular games. According to some historical records, using a ball and racquet game has been played since before Christ, in Egypt and Greece. In the 11th century a type of game called jeu de paume, which resembles a game of tennis now, has played for the first time in a region in France. The ball used in hairy yarns while wrapped with pemukulnya simply hand.

The game was later introduced to Italy and England in the 13th century and get a warm welcome in a short time. Many devotees are found among the local people towards this game. Since then the development of tennis continued to increase to European countries to another.

Stringed racquet was first introduced in the 15th century by Antonio da Scalo, an Italian priest nation. He wrote a general rule for all games that use balls, including tennis. British magazine "Sporting Magazine" named this game as a 'tennis court' (lawn tennis). In the book "Book of Games And Sports", published in the year 1801, referred to as "long tennis." Tennis was originally a game upscale community. Famous lawn tennis in the days of Queen Victoria and then imitated by the middle class, who make regular game.

The first tennis club was founded in France by JB Leamington Perera, Harry Gem, Dr. Frederick Haynes, and Dr. Arthur Tompkins in 1872. In those days, known as pelota tennis rackets or lawn. In 1874 the game of tennis was first played in the United States by Dr. James Dwight and F.R. Sears. Meanwhile, the All England Croquet Club had been founded in 1868. Two years after it opened offices in Worple Road, Wimbledon. In 1875, the club is also willing to earmark a portion of their land for a game of tennis and badminton. Accordingly, lawn tennis game rules are written. United States established the first tennis club in Staten Island. Starting from there, the game of tennis in the United States is growing rapidly once. From there was born a lot of tough tennis players who master the world-class tennis arena.

The first tennis championships began in 1877.



Tennis courts are divided in two by a net that in the midst of the exact height 91.4 cm and 107 cm at the edges. Each half of the field of play is divided into three terms: a rear side and two front side (for service).

Field and some respect, separated by gatis-white line that is part of the field where a game of tennis. A ball that hit off the field (though not touching the line) is said to have come out and give your opponent a value.

Playing techniques

* Forehand: a blow in which the palm of the hand holding the racket face forward.
* Backhand: a blow in which the back of the hand holding the racket face forward.
* Groundstrokes: a forehand or backhand is carried out after the ball bounced once on lapanganmu.
* Slice: forehand or backhand which the racket head is tilted slightly and hit with how to swing rackets from top to bottom.
* Spin: forehand or backhand which the racket is tilted a little or a lot where if the ball will change direction (spinning).
* Dropshot: a blow on the net and fell in the area of ​​the opponent.
* Smash: a hard blow that hit a ball without touching the ground on his head and directed into the opponent's field.
* Lob: a blow which knocked the ball high into the back of the opponent's direction.
* Passing shot: a blow where the ball through (not crossed over) an enemy that is near the net (see lob).
* Volley: forehand or backhand before the ball bounces in lapanganmu.

Tennis tournament

There are some famous tennis tournament:

* Davis Cup
* Wimbledon (or All-England)
* French Open (or Roland Garros)
* U.S. Open
* Australian Open

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