Afternoon my friend who always makes the spirit . How are you this afternoon ? As always I will share the game that should you should enjoy good food hee once joked does nothing right friends . A sports game for fans to play football , but this is different friends , is the latest sports game you know a friend . Let's see the discussion , yes . 

Download game football manager 2015 v15.13 - 3DM cracked full version . A sports game that eventually you will become coach of the football club of the world, therefore you have to be really good at organizing strategies that will be given to your club . Besides, you also have to be good at managing finances of the club, so that your club prosper without a loss . Especially if your club grow , waow will be a pleasure for you . how not , you become coach , managing finances , and developing your club . It must be nice deh play . 

Waiting for, do not just read it, directly download and play with people around you . Only with a free download you can play as satisfied as you , especially this game in PC games , certainly very exciting to play . 

released : 2014 
genre : sports , simulation 
developer : interactive sports 
language: english , russian , french , italian , spanish etc

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