Casey Stoner
Casey Stoner finally back racing after an absence of nearly two months with an ankle injury. Good results, the physical condition is not 100 per cent fit, he can finish fifth.

But Stoner was disappointed. At the start of the race, he was optimistic bersiang with Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo. She admitted her feelings for Honda RC213V is very good.

But over the race, ankle condition that has not completely healed apparently troublesome. The injury affects driving style and position on the bike.

As a result, he could not appear as aggressive as usual. Stoner did not perform optimally. When he returned to the paddock after the race and the Repsol Honda dropped the bike, he was still limping.

"Honestly, I was disappointed. Slowly my condition improved and I'm happy with the performance of the motor. Then in the middle of the race my body started to hurt, not as I expected.

We actually get on the podium. Unfortunately, the physical condition does not allow, "said Stoner. Now, Stoner had one more race before the Malaysian GP Australian GP down, one next week.

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