chelsea champion league 2012
Chelsea towards the Allianz Arena after punch barcelona 3-2 - The Blues Chelsea finally looked at Champions League final after eliminating Barcelona with a 3-2 aggregate victory. On the return leg at the Nou Camp, 10 players Chelsea draw against Barcelona with a score of 2-2.

Chelsea last played super. Play ten players, Chelsea can still steal a goal. Chelsea's defense in like a puzzle difficult to solve troops Barcelona.

Chelsea opened the attack, a breakthrough bait too deep affection, was overtaken by Drogba.

The 3rd minute through Lionel Messi Chelsea's defense into the box. Out of the ordinary, Messi kicks with his right foot. The ball was off the goalkeeper Petr Cech.

Drogba tried to accept the hull breakthrough that led to the penalty box. Pique and Victor Valdez escorted forward to dispel.

Three players had collided after the aerial duel. Gerard Pique teammate collided hard with Valdez. Pique also fell weak. Barcelona players seem to panic at the scene in the 17th minute it.

In the 20th minute, Messi played a one-two with Fabregas which passes behind the heel. Extraordinary action of the Argentine star, but his shot was blocked by Cech.

Barcelona continued to press, either from direct puncture into the penalty box as well as through long-range shot. As performed Mascherano in the 22nd minute. It smelled of speculative hard shot bounced over the crossbar.

Didier Drogba is set alone as a lone striker. Other Chelsea players contribute more to survive.

As a result when Drogba got the opportunity after successfully passing Gerard Pique, nothing helped. Drogba the piercing of the execution side of the net was off in the 25th minute.

Pique after colliding hard with the Valdez looks weak. Guardiola was hastily replaced. Daniel Alvez entered. Withdrawal makes Puyol Pique looked puzzled. Practical defense in the middle so the responsibility of Puyol. Barcelona just put three defenders.

Barcelona hosts finally break into the Blues Chelsea in the 35th minute through Sergio Busquets. Score became 1-0 and the match at 1-1 on aggregate.

Busquets scored from a cross of clever Isaac Cuenca. It can cross the ball past the feet of the Chelsea players and stopped right in Busquets. Goals, Barcelona 1, Chelsea 0.

Behind 1-0, Chelsea had to play with 10 men after captain John Terry sent off. Waiting for the throw angle, John Terry looks Alexis Sanchez with a knee kick. The referee did not compromise and give a direct red card John Terry.

Barcelona's dominance eventually worsen. Chelsea played with 10 players being broken again. Messi increasingly arbitrary. In minute 43, Messi to Iniesta provided a breakthrough. Chech Inieasta also found the net. Barcelona 2, Chelsea 0.

The Blues Chelsea have not finished it. In first half injury time, Ramires be the hero of the Blues. Frank Lampard pass the ball to Ramires. very clever, Brazilian was shot through the Valdez.

Chelsea players were cheered with delight. Score while the first half Barcelona 2, Chelsea 1.

Play with 10 players and winning an away goal, Chelsea would be expected to play super survive.

In minute 48, Barcelona likely to increase aggregate score and turned to his camp. Unfortunately Lionel Messi missed a penalty.

The fall of Fabregas in the penalty area by referee Didier Drogba induced a tackle with the foot. The referee also pointed to the spot.

Messi was appointed to be the executor as well as to enlarge the incision in the Champions League tally to 15. it turns out, no luck. Messi is still a fierce shot hit the crossbar.

Isaac Cuenca hard kick from the right side of goalkeeper Petr Cech. Shot in the 62nd minute it could still be ditebis Petr Cech. Petr Cech was played brilliantly today.

many times tall lid keeper's head like a comic book character Magneto in X-Men was to block the ball.

Chelsea continued to survive. While Barcelona's unrelenting attack. Not just half the field, this match lasted nearly a quarter of the field.

A quarter of the field in the Chelsea area was used. Control of the ball, Barcelona 72, Chelsea 28.

In minute 82, Daniel Alvez had goalkeeper Petr Cech. But the goal was disallowed because the Brazilian referee in an offside position.

Fernando Torres is entered in the 80th minute, making the forces of the Blues jumped up and down for joy in injury time.

Totally unexpected, but Chelsea continued pressure to score again.

Torres had the ball the bait away from the Chelsea back line. Ran half the field, he also managed deceived Valdes. Goallll! Torres scored a remarkable incised for Chelsea. The final score 2-2.

Barcelona Vs Chelsea Champion League 2012 Match Statistic

Barcelona                                                       Chelsea
23 (6)           shots (shot to the goalkeeper)      7 (3)
8                           Violations                              10
10                      Corner kicks                             1
 1                           Offside                                  1 
83%               Ball Possession                            18%
2                      Yellow Cards                              6
0                        Red Cards                                 1
1                           Rescue                                   4

Lineup :

Barcelona: Valdes, Puyol, Pique (Alves 26'), Mascherano, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Cuenca (Tello 67'), Messi, Sanchez, Fabregas (Keita 74')

Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill (Bosingwa 12'), Terry, Cole, Mikel, Meireles, Mata (Kalou 58'), Lampard, Ramires, Drogba (Torres 80')

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