Hostility between Inter and Juve will never end, the competition between the two most successful clubs in Italy which has a long history of competition - at least about 50 years, although no one knows for sure how it started, most think that the competition began in the 1960 match / 1 and when it is slaughtered Inter Juventus with a score of 9-1. The story began in April 1961 when Inter came second coup came to Turin for the first place Juventus.

Inter was four points behind Juventus and already beat Juventus 3-1 at the start of the season in Milan. Unfortunately, because the number of Juventus supporters who came exceeds the capacity of the stadium, so that about 5,000 supporters did not get a seat and poured into the sidelines and some are prepared to occupy the Inter supporters. However, the game is still being done as planned but after half an hour the first round, the referee decided to stop the match because of Juventus supporters were in the field. According to the rules, Inter was awarded the victory 2-0 (Juventus ever victory in the same condition a few years earlier).

Such as their typical style, the club then appealed the decision to the FIGC (Funny how they did not appeal when they receive the same results!). And on the last day of that season, before the kickoff last game, the court decided that the Inter revoked and shall be held rematch. In the eyes of the players and the supporters of Inter, this decision almost gave Juve the title. Even worse, the decision made by the FIGC chief at that time (no surprise here) Umberto Agnelli, president of Juventus (and father of current chairman, Andrea Agnelli). Inter president Angelo Moratti (father of current president, Massimo Moratti) and coach Helenio Herrera decided that they will play Inter youth team for the rematch. The result is divided by Inter's 9-1 destruction and delivery competition that continues to this day. This is surprising considering how events that happened 50 years ago is still coloring game today.

Since then, there are many controversial matches with dubious results that can be used as a trigger. In 1998, a violation of Ronaldo, who did not get a penalty sentences to make a new hatred for all Inter fans. This is a game that made me hate the Turin club. Eight years later, we then know the original cause of the decision in that game was Calciopoli scandal in which this issue was brought into the twenty-first century, though the emotions have subsided but was re-heated up in recent years. Inter fans angry again this summer when the accused Juventus Giacinto Facchetti (former president of the Inter) calciopoli scandal, though Facchetti is considered by most football fans the world as being the most honest and deserving of the award.

When asked about the club and the fans reaction to this charge and the current president of the Inter good friend Facchetti, Massimo Moratti released this statement through the Inter website:

"According to the instinct. It is wonderful because we want to keep the Scudetto. It's not a new problem here - the Scudetto could be a need for both if you want. Still important but second choice. What was really unexpected, serious and even may be irregular , is this an attack on people who are no longer here, who could not defend himself. Not in the usual sense, but legally, he does not have a chance to defend himself from accusations of the prosecutor. That's why I find it all so bland, despite the fact that no charges against Facchetti that could be followed up. I think it's very bad taste, using the term at least, in addition to any criticism from the beginning, because I know, we know Facchetti, Giacinto remember who everyone was. So I think it bad things, bad from the standpoint of institutional and, well ok, we're used to not have many friends ... What I did not expect, however, is to not have friends in our own cities, such as through newspapers, which no doubt again as a reference point for fans of Inter and while this was campaigning against us, by talking about moralism is clearly directed at us, against us, which means the support of others. That's really disappointing, especially since I often read the pink papers, unfortunately now I will stop reading it, because it's such a clear attack, attack constantly and that has been taken into account, and this could make me a bad name and bring misery. "

For Massimo Moratti, Inter and Inter all the family this is a big insult even more ridiculous, the club asked for a degree that has been taken from them to be returned, fortunately FIGC decided that this would not happen. And until now Juve are still looking for a way to steal the title of the 2006 Inter. Although it has been decided, so haughty Juventus still include two that have been stripped of their title in the celebration of the beginning of this season for the presentation of their new stadium. (Another thing that bothers me, the fact that they are the only club that will have its own stadium.) Competition is so strong as has become one of the decisive element for the football fan base in the world, overshadowing even the fans as Celtic / Rangers or Boca / River Plate. If you say that you are a Interisti, automatically implies that you hate Juventus, you can not love one without hating the other clubs. Given all this history, drama, emotion, it is clear that when Inter and Juventus to play, it can not be considered as a simple football game.

History of the 'Derby d'Italia'

One of my favorite moments in 'derby d'Italia' and may include one of the best goals in Inter's history is a beautiful volley by Maicon with exquisite control over some of the Juventus defender on our season 2009/10 we won the treble winners and the victory for me is as important as all the titles that we won that year.
Inter and Juventus have made 182 big game in Serie A history with Inter winning 55 games, 46 games ended in a draw, unfortunately Juve have won 81 games and scored 260 goals we scored 228 compared to print, it really makes me feel hurt! (Eeeewwwww. I think I just vomited a little in my mouth.) Although some people would argue (including myself) that many Juve victory may be set or in the purchase and we do not have to count, so of course Interisti be proud.

Interisti also can laugh with their silly clothes away the pink and makes me remember the "Barbie Girl" is played after the 'Pazza Inter Amala'. As you might guess after reading this article, I have a deep hatred against Juve, was so much hatred that left a bad taste in my mouth. All the match against Juve is a match that was never easy. No matter where they are the league, how many players of their injuries. By watching the klasemenbsekarang table, I believe Juventus supporters will be very arrogant and cocky. This is driving me crazy!

So you see the 50-year history of this rivalry and from the standpoint Interisti nothing good to say about Juve, they are just garbage and our mortal enemy! Where we have two main competition is not bad because it can occasionally showed his class Roma and AC Milan for all our differences are our brothers Milan, the most important even though they do not have any respect for the Nerazzurri. Unlike their thinking who thinks that they are a big club in the world and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see them stepping back to earth after a fantastic victory Nerazzurri and no matter what they say or do, they can never change the fact that Inter are a bigger club despite having little Scudetto, we have some things they will never have, honesty, loyalty, honor and above all TREBLE!

As a last point I just want to send a message to all Juventus fans who might read this and take offense-

"I do not care what you think but I am proud to be Interisti!"

 Data and Facts


10 June 10, 1961 GOL Inter 9-1 Juventus
9 Goals 14 Juventus 7-2 Inter Desenber 1913
8 Goals January 17, 1932 Ambrosiana Inter 6-2 Juventus
8 Goals June 19, 1975 Inter 2-6 Juventus in the Coppa Italia
Goal 7 January 4, 1913 Inter 6-1 Juventus
7 Goals 26 November 1911 Inter 6-1 Juventus
The biggest victory of Inter

Inter 6-1 Juventus 26 November 1911
Inter 6-1 Juventus 4 January 1913
Ambrosiana Inter 4-0 Juventus 17 November 1935
Ambrosiana Inter 5-0 Juventus 16 October 1938
Ambrosiana Inter 4-0 Juventus 17 September 1939
Inter 6-0 Juventus 4 April 1954
Inter 4-0 Juventus 11 November 1979
Inter 4-0 Juventus 11 November 1984
Biggest victory Juve

Juventus 7-2 Inter 14 December 1913
Ambrosiana Inter 6-2 Juventus 17 January 1932
Ambrosiana Inter 4-0 Juventus 17 May 1942
Juventus 5-1 Inter 3 March 1957
Juventus 9-1 Inter 10 June 1961
Inter 2-6 Juventus 19th June 1975 at the Coppa Italia

the 'Derby d'Italia'

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