Derby Della Madonnina

Derby is a match between teams from the same town. This game usually has a distinct aura of the game with the aura of a match between clubs to win the championship trophy. This game was full of emotion not because achievements are contested but more because of their pride.

Of proof on other parts of the city that they are better. In the Italian League Serie A derby game itself there are also some fairly exciting, there's Derby della Mole (Juventus vs Torino), Derby della Capitale (As.Roma vs Lazio), Derby D'Italia between Inter and Juventus, but instead of one city, but its history as two clubs have not been down to Serie B, so the ruler so Serie A derby (But due to Calciopoli case in 2006, Juventus was forced to go down to Serie B for sure guilty of fixing) and "Mother of all the Derby" is Derby Della Madonnina, which is certainly full of pride and emotion between the two clubs of Milan, Internazionale and AC Milan are.

Madonnina is the origin of the word community calls for a statue of Virgin Mary at the top of the Cathedral of Milan, one trademark of Milan. For the citizens of Milan where it is a sacred place in terms of spiritual and as we all know where the football into a "trust" in the land of Italy is not excessive if the given name is della Madonnina derby, derby which is etymologically the analogies that anyone who won the derby, they who are top of the city of Milan.

Site of the derby della Madonnina between Inter Milan and use the same stadium, but with a different name. Inter faction, named Giuseppe Meazza to honor former player who is also the official name of this stadium, it also makes Milanisti reluctant to call the stadium with the same name it was given the name of a former Inter player so that later was named the San Siro. When held derby fans divide themselves into two parts, the nord curve, in the north of the stadium where the Interisti and sud curve, the southern part of the stadium where the Milanisti


The story of the birth of the rivalry between the two clubs began on December 16, 1899 where there were only Cricket and Football Club, founded by Alfred Milan Edwards. At that time he became president of the Cricket and Football Club Milan. Assisted by Herbert Kilpin who became captain of the football club. On March 9, 1908, a dispute about the dominance of Italian and English players at the club Ac Milan led a group of people

Italy & Switzerland break away from AC Milan to form his own club. Internazionale's name was taken because the founders wanted to create a club that consists of many players from outside the country. At that era, is identical to the Inter Milan bourgeoisie while the working class. It turned out different than the vision, supporters of both teams also have different social stratification is the reason why the rivalry the two clubs of Milan is so hot.


In the era of the '60s, Milan derby witnessed two big stars of Italian football against each other. One player who best represents the stronghold of La Beneamata was Sandro Mazzola, Torino FC Torino star son, Valentino Mazzola (players with most of his teammates at Il Toro. Died in a plane crash in 1949 after four years of dominating the Serie A). His opponent in the camp Il Diavolo Rosso, was Gianni Rivera, nicknamed the Golden Boy because of his talent.

This presents a brilliant era derby and also an increase in tension rivalry between two teams: Milan win the European trophy in the years 1962-1963, followed by a successful Inter streak in the following year. Milan won the title the same again in 1968-1969. During a successful period both trained by Nereo Rocco Milan and Inter ditukangi by Helenio Herrera, two names that many deal with a lot of great players.

Rivalry continues into the Italian national team, in which both are good players rarely play together - one usually would replace the other in the second round. Rivera lost his position as a starter in the hands of Mazzola at the 1970 World Cup final, where Gli Azzurri were slaughtered 4-1 by Brazil. The new Rivera entered in minutes 88, in which Italy had already been destroyed and that is regarded by many coaches and fans as the architect of La Nazionale errors, Ferruccio Valcareggi, because the game is more dynamic Rivera could have lifted the team's performance in the field.


Another era of rivalry again emerged in the late 80's and early 90's in which the Dutch trio of Marco van Basten, Frank Rijkaard and Ruud Gullit played for Milan, while the German trio of Andreas Brehme, Jürgen Klinsmann and Lothar Matthäus defended the Inter banner.

Although in this period, the Rossoneri dominated the Italian and European football, the competition between them will be remembered from the 1990 World Cup final - where the Dutch team entered the tournament as one of the favorites thanks to success at Euro 1988 and the trio of players thanks to Milan's tasted success in winning the trophy Europe in a row in 1989 and 1990. Milan had successfully locked the scudetto in 1988, and Inter captured a year later.

When Holland met Germany in the World Cup, the match was played at home to Inter and Milan, San Siro Stadium - and for most people that game looks like a team version of Milan derby. The match ended with the defeat of the heat De Oranje at the feet of the German players and also expelled Rijkaard after spitting on German striker Rudi Voeller. Germany won 2-1 with two Inter players, Klinsman and Brehme scored a moral victory for supporters to bring Nerazzurri.

However, Milan continued to record success in domestic and international stage: they build a squad nicknamed the Invincible team under the direction of Fabio Capello. They won their fifth European trophy in 1984 with the Barcelona dream team arrested dibesut Johann Cruyff 4 goals without reply! In addition, the Milan also reached the final of the European competition three times in a row.
On the other hand, the long wait for the title Inter in a big tournament began after 1989, and ended in 2006 when scandal forced calciopoli 2005-2006 Scudetto to Juventus handed the Nerazzurri. Inter went on to win the title in 2007 with a record 17 game winning streak and won twice for Milan - the second derby that will be most remembered for, because of the phenomenon, Ronaldo had previously played for Inter in the late 90's.

Champions League 2004-2005

Derby is best known between Milan and Inter in this era is probably the second leg Champions League quarter-final on 12 April 2005.
Milan winning 1-0 (aggregate 3-0) thanks to goals from Andriy Shevchenko and fast fanatic fans rampage after Inter's Esteban Cambiasso goal in the second half canceled a controversial referee Markus Merk. Bottles and other goods flew into the field of play, and soon rose to the fireworks.

When the Milan goalkeeper, Dida tried to dump bottle after the goal kick, a firework was thrown from the stands hit his right shoulder and forcing the referee stopped the match in 74 minutes. After being suspended for 30 minutes in which the firefighters were deployed to extinguish the fire on the ground, the match resumed. But a minute later, referee Markus Merk decided to stop the game entirely after getting a lot of fireworks flew into the field.

Milan was awarded a 3-0 victory and winning 5-0 on aggregate absolute! Inter also imposed a fine of 200,000 euros - the largest fine ever imposed UEFA - and have held four of their Champions League 2005-2006 season without an audience.


Rivalry heats up the hot city of Milan back after last season's treble historic Inter. Some factors which reignited the embers of competition on both sides is:

- To-18 degree Inter scudetto last season led them to surpass Milan (who had won 17 titles) for the first time since the acquisition of 13 scudetto match Milan Inter in the season 1992-1993.

- Coppa Italia to a degree-6 also brings them leapfrog Inter Milan achievement (5 degrees) for the first time in the history of the competition.

- Inter is the first Italian team (and sixth in club history), which won the treble - the domestic championship (Serie A 2009-10), domestic Cup (Coppa Italia 2009-10) and 2009-10 Champions League.

- Inter Milan won the double in the 2009-2010 season, bulldoze their first meeting 0-4 in Milan when acting as host, and won 2-0 in the second meeting. The second meeting is the one most remembered by fans as Inter Nerazzurri play without Wesley Sneijder the referee red-carded in the first half and Lucio followed in the second half. Fulfilled by the dominance of Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar brilliant performances that thwart Ronaldinho penalty in the final minutes.History of the Derby Della Madonnina


Season Date Home team Score Away team Competition Home goal scorers Away goal scorers
2002-03 01-09-2002 Milan
Inter "Pro Vittime di Linate" (friendly) Tomasson 69' -
23-11-2002 Milan
Inter Serie A Serginho 12' -
12-04-2003 Inter
Milan Serie A - Inzaghi 11' (pen.)
07-05-2003 Milan
Inter UEFA CL - -

13-05-2003 Inter
Milan UEFA CL Martins 84' Shevchenko 45'
2003-04 05-10-2003 Inter
Milan Serie A Martins 79' Inzaghi 39', Kaká 46', Shevchenko 77'
21-02-2004 Milan
Inter Serie A Tomasson 56', Kaká 57', Seedorf 85' Stanković 15', Zanetti 40'
2004-05 24-10-2004 Milan
Inter Serie A - -
27-02-2005 Inter
Milan Serie A - Kakà 77'
06-04-2005 Milan
Inter UEFA CL Stam 46', Shevchenko 76' -
12-04-2005 Inter
Shevchenko 30'
2005-06 11-12-2005 Inter
Milan Serie A Adriano 24', 93', Martins 61' Shevchenko 39', Stam 85'
14-04-2006 Milan
Inter Serie A Kaladze 71', -
2006-07 28-10-2006 Milan
Inter Serie A Seedorf 53', Gilardino 79', Kaká 94' Crespo 17', Stanković 22', Ibrahimović 50', Materazzi 72'
11-03-2007 Inter
Milan Serie A Cruz 56', Ibrahimović 76' Ronaldo 40'
2007-08 23-12-2007 Inter
Milan Serie A Cruz 36', Cambiasso 64' Pirlo 18'
04-05-2008 Milan
Inter Serie A Inzaghi 53', Kaká 58' Cruz 78'
2008-09 28-09-2008 Milan
Inter Serie A Ronaldinho 36' -
15-02-2009 Inter
Milan Serie A Adriano 29', Stanković 43' Pato 72'
2009-10 26-07-2009 Inter
Milan WFC (friendly) Milito 4', 75' -
29-08-2009 Milan
Inter Serie A - Motta 29', Milito 36' (pen), Maicon 46', Stanković 70'

24-01-2010 Inter
Milan Serie A Milito 10', Pandev 67' -
2010-11 14-11-2010 Inter
Milan Serie A - Ibrahimović 4' (pen.)
02-04-2011 Milan
Inter Serie A Pato 1', 62', Cassano 90' (pen.) -
2011-12 06-08-2011 Milan
Inter Supercoppa Italiana Ibrahimović 60', Boateng 69' Sneijder 22'

1. 45 minutes friendly matches not included.
2. 2005 Champions League 2nd leg Match awarded 3-0 to Milan after crowd trouble by Inter fans.

The winning team scored four goals or above with two or more goal difference from the defeated team (unofficial matches not included).
Milan 6-3 Inter on 30 April 1911 in Campionato
Inter 0–4 Milan on 1 April 1917 in Coppa Regionale Lombarda
Milan 8-1* Inter on 3 March 1918 in Coppa Mauro
Inter 2–5 Milan on 16 February 1919 in Coppa Mauro
Milan 5-3 Inter on 27 March 1960 in Campionato
Milan 4-2 Inter on 26 June 1968 in Coppa Italia
Milan 5-0 Inter on 8 January 1998 in Coppa Italia
Inter 0–6 Milan on 11 May 2001 in Campionato
Inter 2–4 Milan on 21 October 2001 in Campionato
Milan 0-5 Inter on 6 February 1910 in Campionato
Inter 5-1 Milan on 17 February 1910 in Campionato
Inter 5-2 Milan on 22 February 1914 in Campionato
Inter 4-2 Milan on 28 March 1965 in Campionato
Inter 4-0 Milan on 2 April 1967 in Campionato
Milan 1-5 Inter on 24 March 1974 in Campionato
Milan 0–4 Inter on 29 August 2009 in Campionato
* All time goal difference record

The following table lists the history of meetings between Milan and Inter, updated to the most recent derby of 6 August 2011.
Matches Milan wins Draws Inter wins Milan goals Inter goals
176 60 52 64 239 255
Coppa Italia
23 9 7 7 32 22
UEFA Champions League
4 2 2 0 6 1
Supercoppa Italiana
1 1 0 0 2 1
204 72 61 71 279 279

Team Domestic European Worldwide Total
Serie A Coppa
Italia Supercoppa
Italiana Total European Cup
Champions League Cup Winners' Cup Europa League
Fairs Cup Super Cup Total Club World Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Milan 18 5 6 29 7 2 - 5 14 4 47
Inter 18 7 5 30 3 - 3 - 6 3 39

Milan then Inter
1912: Luigi Cevenini
1960: Lorenzo Buffon - Through Genoa
1982: Fulvio Collovati
1998: Roberto Baggio - Through Bologna
1999: Christian Panucci - Through Real Madrid
2000: Cristian Brocchi - Through Pro Sesto, Lumezzane, and Verona, then back to Milan again in 2001
2001: Dražen Brnčić
2001: Andrés Guglielminpietro
2001: Francesco Toldo - Through Verona, Trento, Ravenna, and Fiorentina
2002: Francesco Coco
2002: Ümit Davala
2003: Thomas Helveg
2004: Edgar Davids - Through Juventus and FC Barcelona
2006: Patrick Vieira - Through Arsenal and Juventus
Inter then Milan
1940: Giuseppe Meazza - Then back to Internazionale again in 1946 through Juventus, Varese, and Atalanta
1974: Aldo Bet - Through Roma and Verona
1982: Aldo Serena
1998: Maurizio Ganz
1999: Taribo West
2001: Andrea Pirlo
2002: Clarence Seedorf
2002: Dario Šimić
2004: Hernán Crespo - Through Chelsea on loan, then back to Internazionale again in 2006
2005: Christian Vieri
2006: Giuseppe Favalli
2007: Ronaldo - Through Real Madrid
2010: Mancini - Played for Milan on loan from Internazionale
2010: Zlatan Ibrahimović - Through Barcelona

Derby Della Madonnia

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