1.Sit up (exercises for the muscles of the upper abdomen)

Sit dikarpet then bend your legs, Cross your arms across his chest. Tighten stomach, then lower the body down, hold briefly, then returned to its original position. Do not make a move until his back touched the floor. Perform the movement slowly and controlled. On returning to the starting position stomach muscles tightened and feel the pressure on the abdominal muscles when the position of the body near the thigh.
For pennies can try 15-50 reps depending on how many times loe afford but to set I do not have too much.

Sit Up

2.Leg Raises (Exercise for lower abdominal muscles)

Lie flat on a bench and holding hands at the end of the bench behind your head. With legs slightly bent position, lift the legs so as to form an angle of 45 degrees. Hold briefly and slowly return to starting position. Keep your feet do not touch the bench.
Leg Raises

3.Side to side (Exercise for the side abdominal muscles)

Stand up straight with both hands holding the dumbbell. The position of straight arms at his sides. Slowly move your body to left side abdominal muscles to feel the pressure. Hold briefly, returning to the starting position. Slowly move your body to the right side abdominal muscles to feel the pressure. Return to starting position. When the body moves to the side guard to keep the body upright and not bending or leaning forward.
Side to side

4. consumption of nutritional foods that have protein levels and limit consumption of salt and sugar. Maximum use three tablespoons of sugar a day, because if more could be fat.

So little health info from this blog, hopefully useful to readers. Hopefully with exercises that tertatur and set the pattern of food, you get the stomach muscles that coveted six pack.

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