Many people trained hard but not getting the desired results. This happens because they do weight training with the wrong technique and simply mimic the movement of people without knowing their true purpose. There are several things you need to consider when you are weight training, namely:

Short training sessions should
Maximum time weight training should be no more than 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, muscle building hormone levels and fat burning (such as growth hormone and testosterone) begin to decline. In addition, glycogen (stored carbohydrate) in the body that becomes the main energy source for muscle contraction is over. If you practice more than 60 minutes, you are wasting your time because the body had run out of the hormones or the source of the energy required for muscle formation. If you push yourself, then you will experience overtraining, a condition where your body does not recover from a specific weight training session. This leads to loss of muscle mass and strength.

Shorten the Rest Between Sets
Rest between sets is shorter (not more than 2 minutes) can increase the ability of the cardiovascular system and the most important is to maximize the output of growth hormone, the hormone burning fat and building muscle mass. In addition, this breaks the pattern also increases the effects volumisasi muscle and make muscles look hard and full.

Do not be Too Much Repetition
In each set of weight training, just do 6-8 reps. In this range of output growth hormone can be maximized. In addition, with 6-8 reps per set you will get pumping (blood flow to the muscles) that brings high nutrients to the muscle cells and helps the muscles recover more quickly and wake up again. Range reps also prevents you from the risk of injury from doing too many reps.

Must Progressive Exercise
Progressive means to add weight to the load each time the muscles begin to adapt to the previous load. For example, if you got used to using a weight of 15kg with 6-8 reps, then increase your load to be 20-25 kg with the same repetition. Better to increase the number of load rather than increase the reps with the same load. The main purpose of weight training program is to enhance the development of regular and progressive in increasing muscle mass and definition.

Need Exercise Variations
This is especially important if you want to get the added strength and muscle definition on an ongoing basis and to reduce boredom. Variations in practice that does not mean changing the total types of exercises in your program. Variations can be done by changing the movement with other movements that have the same or better functionality than the previous motion.

Must be Based Exercises Free Weight Exercises
Exercises based on free weight exercises can deliver maximum results because these exercises recruit more muscle fibers than using machines. In addition, the body is designed to move in 3 dimensions. If you use the machine, the body motion becomes limited and the muscle fibers are trained less. However, using a machine that does not mean exercise is not good for you. However there are several kinds of isolation exercises that require the engine to the development of your muscles.

Start weight training to understand how to practice good and true. Knowledge of good weight training techniques will help you get the most out of exercise you do. Happy practicing!

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