Manchester United Vs Manchester City

Sport News 2012Manchester City midfielder Adam Johnson said the match against Manchester United in the FA Cup third round will be the most exciting battle between two teams.

City will host United at Etihad Stadium on Sunday (8 / 1) and Johnson believes this will be a tough match even though the two teams at the last meeting, the City is able to score half a dozen goals at home to the rival.

"(Match both teams) is getting tight in every game. We are getting close to the (quality of) them. Both teams have great players and I think people will be interested to watch this match increasingly stringent," said Johnson on ITV Sports.

Adam Johnson
"When the derby, you have to work harder, I hope one of our star players will get the best moments and we won the game,"

About two defeats suffered by United in the last two games, Johnson said, "I do not think they're sunk. They are always able to rise to fight and perhaps they will get a moment when we face,"

"One mistake to say Manchester United's dominance will end, but now we want to dominate the Premier League and won the championship trophy,"

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