Ireland Republic Football Team
Road To Euro 2012
Sport News 2012 - Ireland's only defeat was to the play-offs. In the round of this determination, they were able to silence host Estonia, although previously drew at home.

In qualifying, Ireland had to admit defeat on home turf at the hands of Russia, which is more in the upper level.

Before losing to Russia, Ireland initiated two qualifying matches to notch six points, namely the impressive win over Armenia and Andorra.

Two victories over Macedonia and one each a victory over Andorra and Armenia gave Ireland six points from ten games.

The only mistake done in this qualification is Ireland's defeat of Russia, a team in the FIFA ranking higher than them.

Ireland has two time series result when opponents Slovakia. Luckily, they can bring home one point from Russia in Moscow.

Ireland Republic Football Team Squad

The new Irish enlisting to qualify for the group stage in 1988, ie, when Jack Charlton led the team can perform in the finals in West Germany.

They were able to beat England, played a draw with the Soviet Union, and lost to the Netherlands. Ireland had become an important participant in the group round.

They must undergo a play-off with a face the Netherlands in 1996 and Turkey in 2000.

Ireland also failed in two qualification afterwards. However, thanks to the slick appearance, they were finally able to advance to the finals in 2012.

Robbie Keane Ireland Republic
Football Captain
The Italian who has won many titles that have faced public criticism often leveled Ireland.

There is a great regret that experienced 72-year-old man related tactical methods and selection of the squad.

However, there is an indisputable fact, Trapattoni has passed the Irish to a great tournament for the first time in a decade. Moreover, two years ago, they have failed in the play-offs for the 2010 World Cup due to Theirry Henry's handball that helped France win.

Trap seems less to get praise from connoisseurs of football since his playing style is more like applying a holding pattern, an aggressive midfielder, and the speed of the wing players.

Ireland is actually a reactive rather than proactive team. However, the evidence they qualify for the big competition that Trapattoni can stifle any criticism against him.

Irish players back numbered 10 it can donate a lot of goals for his country, when other players can not do. Keane could get into the ranks of important players on the international level, despite his club career precisely the opposite.

Keane have had a disappointing career at Inter and Liverpool. He was described as dichotomous players, between Keane and Keane for the country to the club. However, there are only two active players who can transcend international goal record Keane, ie Stern John and Miroslav Klose, and only Hakan Suker and Jon-Dahl Tomasson who has scored more goals than him in European Championship qualifying.

Keane is a player who remains alive, though still have to face to face with the last defender. He can wait in the penalty box to perform the initial reaction and then scored, opponents clubs from various levels.

31-year-old striker will not have many opportunities in international tournaments, but the Irish certainly will always miss him when he was retired.
Kevin Doyle , Ireland

Ireland has great players such as Liam Brady, Roy Keane or Paul McGrath who took part in tough matches.

Trapattoni's farm team known so nimble opponents that are difficult to spend rather than the collective power of individuals to serve their resistance.

To deal with tough opponents, the Irish are usually put high expectations on Shay Given to guarantee a strong defense.

35-year-old keeper conceded just twice in seven competitive international matches. Ireland's reputation as a team to survive can be seen at a high dependence on Given.

Aston Villa goalkeeper was a world-class goalkeeper. The main drawback in the race itself is on the balls. However, veteran goalkeeper who has 119 caps incised it is one of the best players of his generation.

Wigan midfielder's 21-year-old had been in two hearts, between Ireland, the land of his fathers, and Scotland, his homeland.

He was finally able to close any doubts related to its international service to undergo competitive debut for Ireland versus Macedonia in March 2010.
Shay Given , Ireland Goalkeeper

He still could be a lot to prove to Trapattoni, who had summoned him to a squad, but withdrew due to injury.

However, in the course according to Euro 2012, McCarthy has a lot of chances that he be eligible to show in the finals. He is a young player most likely berlatenta who enter into the final squad of 23 players. He has the passing of accurate, precise positioning, and high responsibility.

Ireland Republic Football Team Road To Euro 2012

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