Sport News 2012-Lockout time to make the basketball competition in America, the National Basketball Association (NBA), as if asleep long. Now, following the conclusion of an agreement between the basketball players, clubs, and the organizers of the competition, the NBA returned to entertain his fans stretched around the world.

Inevitably, by far the NBA is a league pioneer basketball world, which of course became a role model in the world. Many stars have been born in the competition, call Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, to the LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

Seeing the magnificent performances and prestice professional basketball league in the United States that, certainly not an easy thing to organize the competition. This is what is felt by the organizers of events related to lockout at the start of this season, precisely on July 1, 2011 ago.

Lockout in the 2011 season was the fourth event Lockout in NBA history. The main problem in this lockout-related division of profits between the owner of the club with players, players luxury tax, as well as the design of a defending player salary limits that follow the NBA club.

Lockout of NBA players was launched in cash just make a schedule that has been designed to fall apart. Starting from the cancellation of the NBA pre-season, which continues at the cancellation of the entire game until December 15, 2011. This resulted in idle players, the club does not play, because there is no match.

In the end, after almost half a season does not reach an agreement, on November 26, 2011, the players had reached a tentative agreement with the owner of the NBA to end the lockout. That result was followed by repeated associations formed NBA basketball players or NBPA on December 1 and ending the lockout officially on December 8.

Moment of Christmas on December 25, 2011 and finally agreed upon as the beginning of the NBA. This feels wonderful, because ultimately the NBA game re-started, the players return to play defending his club, and the audience entertained by the action of the re-class basketball player on earth.

Game called directly presented in which the Chicago Bulls led his young star, Derrick Rose, come to the headquarters of the Los Angeles Lakers. Big interest mark the festive audience that the NBA is a prestigious competition. Rose himself eventually became a star, veteran star covers sheen action, Kobe Bryant, because the Bulls bring to the Lakers ahead 88-87.

Inversely proportional to his elder brother, LA Lakers, the team also came from the city of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Clippers managed to achieve victory. Is the star Chris Paul Clippers silenced the thousands of home team fans, minister to the Golden State Warriors to score a landslide 105-86.

There are countless than two games above, there are three other NBA games to pave the NBA a long sleep. The end result is another fight, among others, the Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks (104-106), Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks (105-94) and Orlando Magic vs Oklahoma City (89-97).

Exclaimed the game, the actions of the players ciamik stars, and the high interest of the audience into capital for the resurrection of the NBA tournament from sleep because of Lockout. Surprises are born in the competitive basketball teams in America won the NBA title to be the most anticipated basketball fans around the world.

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