Increase the ability to run with the correct breathing-It seems that there is much confusion today to find the right way to breathe while running or jogging.

According to the text Physiology of Sport and Exercise by Wilmore and Costill written need to breathe increases in direct proportion to the intensity of work. If the workload lighter, such as brisk expansion of the lungs and breathe more deeply. The more severe the job, then the respiratory rate also increased.

With the exception of conditions such as asthma, breathing should not limit your ability to run or do exercises, and even harsher ones in practice. The volume of air entering the lungs is not a problem, this is the body's inability to pick up and use enough oxygen to meet the increased demand that causes you to run out of breath.

Many novice runners have been wrong perception to believe that the proper way to breathe is to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Although it is true that the air dryer and a cold when inhaled through the mouth, this will not cause problems unless you are prone to asthma.

I call it self-nasal breathing technique resulting in asthma who, because of inhaling through the nose is very limited volume of air that can be delivered to the lungs. I suspect breathing in this way have a negative impact on performance who ran the symptoms are similar to asthma, especially when increasing speed.

Runners should be inhaling and throw through his nose and mouth into the second to set the pattern or rhythm. According to Jack Daniels, a highly respected trainer and author of "Daniels Running Formula", the most elite runners breathe to the rhythm of 2-2. They breathe in while taking 2 steps and out while taking 2 steps. At the speed that they might turn to easily beat 3-3.

2-2 breathing rhythm

Left foot-begin exhale breath-right foot - continue exhale and then your left foot - began to breathe the breath and continue to inhale the right leg

One problem with this approach is the habit of always inhaling or discard sets foot at the same time, which some experts and coaches believe can cause side stitches. If you're one of those unfortunate runners prone to illness on the one hand, periodically try to alternately blow breath on your feet, or even change your breathing rhythm to blow back and forth at right and left feet. It becomes a little tricky because you have to adjust uneven breathing pattern 3-2 or 4-3 (breathe out more than breathing in).

3-2 breathing rhythm

Left foot-begin inhale Right foot continues to inhale, exhale left leg began, exhale and hold the right foot - continue exhale Left foot, then left leg began to breathe

According to DePaul University Track Coach Bill Leach, uneven breathing cycles are effective because pressure in the lungs is lower than the atmosphere, causing air to rush in quickly. Take a little extra time to breath, to leave residual carbon dioxide in the lungs who can hinder the delivery of oxygen in the next breath.

This will help if you train your breathing pattern while walking before you start running. Perform the above techniques to facilitate jogging and finally during the run.

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