Barcelona - Barcelona became a sports club with an average salary of the highest player in the world. The Catalans beat their eternal rivals, Real Madrid, and New York Yankees baseball club.

Based on the Global Sports Salaries Survey 2011, which involves 272 teams in 14 leagues in seven sports in ten countries and published by sportingintelligence, the average salary of players Barca's first team is 95,081 pounds per week. If calculated per year, Pep Guardiola's men receive an average of 4,944,211 pounds.

In this survey, Madrid came second. Los Merengues The players are paid an average of 88,421 pounds per week (4.6 million pounds per year). While the Yankees are paying players ranked third on average 81,206 pounds per week (4.2 million pounds per year).

Other football clubs which entered the top ten are Chelsea, Inter Milan and Manchester City. The Blues inhabit ranked sixth with an average player salary of 72,365 pounds per week, the Nerazzurri in seventh (72 111 pounds per week), and The Citizens in the tenth position (70 476 pounds per week).

Here ranked 12 large sports club with an average salary of the highest player in the world:

Club-State-Branch-Sports-League Salary Per Week

1. Barcelona Spanish Football La Liga 95,081 pounds
2. Real Madrid Spanish Football La Liga 88,421 pounds
3. New York Yankees MLB Baseball USA 81 206 pounds
4. LA Lakers NBA Basketball USA 78 614 pounds
5. USA Basketball NBA Orlando Magic 76 528 pounds
6. English Football Premier League Chelsea 72,365 pounds
7. Inter Milan Italian Soccer Serie A 72 111 pounds
8. Boston Red Sox MLB Baseball USA 72 010 pounds
9. USA Basketball NBA Denver Nuggets 71 997 pounds
10. English Football Premier League Man.City 70,476 pounds
11. Utah Jazz NBA Basketball USA 70 068 pounds
12. Football German Bundesliga Bayern Munich 69 475 pounds

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