National Basketball Association or NBA is known by the acronym male basketball league in the United States and is the most prestigious basketball league in the world.

NBA was founded in New York City on June 6, 1946 with the name of the Basketball Association of America (BAA). At this moment, in the NBA there are 30 clubs, each based in one city, but Los Angeles has two teams, the Los Angeles Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers.

NBA Rules System

NBA held a competition each year with a system of Season and Playoffs, Season on the system 82 times each club competed against other clubs and 16 clubs (8 of 8 from the east and west) which has the best record has the right to go to the round of Playoffs. In Playoffs round, 8 teams from each region will be pitted with the format, the team into-1 (the best in the region) against the team's 8th (sequence 8 in the region, 2nd team against a team into the 7th, 3rd team against team of the 6th and 5th team against a team the 4th). The team with win-lose record better in Season play will be given the benefits to host more in the round of Playoffs.

In the Playoffs the system used in the first round is the "best-of-five" (who won 3 times ahead of a total of 5 games), and the next round until the finals are "best-of-seven" (who won a total of 7 of the first 4x match).

Draft Pick

The draft is the name for recruitment of new players into the NBA by NBA clubs are held every year before the competition begins NBA. Draft recruitment was only held once at a time and place specified. Talented young players that could be recruited from NCAA Basketball League (Student American Basketball League), street basketball (street basketball players), or foreign players from outside the U.S.. To avoid the same conflict will scramble a talented new players, the NBA set the rules "take turns selecting one by one based on the serial number."

Some clubs with win-lose record of the worst in the competition the previous year, the club was given the opportunity to select talented young players from these leagues at first. Selection sequence numbers drawn by the league. It is intended that the clubs with a record of win-lose the bad ones will be better in next year's competition.

Dream Team

Dream Team is a team that is made by the NBA to participate in international basketball is held to represent the United States, like the Olympics or world basketball championship held by FIBA.

Hall of Fame Club

Intended for basketball players who have contributed much to his club achievements (such as carrying his club win the league then the NBA and become the best in the club). Players will enter into the "Hall of Fame" club where the costume he will be hung above the stadium club to be remembered. Sometimes also the player's number was never used again in his team.

NBA All-Star Game

An event that is held each year in which the best 12 players from the NBA team the eastern region against 12 best players of NBA team the western region. In addition to the main game, there are also other additional matches like slamdunk contest, contest shots 3 points, rookie all-star, million dollar shoot, etc.. The core of 5 players from each region is a player who gets the most votes in the voting, held the NBA over the internet through the official website of the NBA and also in public places in the United States.

NBA D-League

NBA D-League (an abbreviation of the NBA Development League) is a competition created in 2001 with original members were 8 teams. Many players from the NBA Draft pick (which is still less experienced) or waiver status (emissions) play in this league. 2008/09 season there will be 16 teams competing. Each team is affiliated with the teams that competed in the NBA, at least 1 team. Defending champion was the NBA D-League Idaho Stampede, who beat the Austin Toros in the best of three.

NBA Summer League

NBA Summer League, or known by the Vegas Summer League, is a competition held after the NBA Draft Pick. Each team consists of players who are in the NBA the new league to play no more than 3 years and the players have just taken from the Draft Pick. Regulation in this league is set to follow the NBA league rules, except rule out foul. If the NBA players will be in foul out if it has reached six violations, then at this competition, players foul out, if already reached ten violations.

Summer League is one of the few Summer Pro League in the United States, including the Orlando Pro Summer League (run by the Orlando Magic) and Rocky Mountain Revue (run by the Utah Jazz).


NBA Salary Cap familiar with the system, a system where the maximum cost used an NBA team for one player. Salary Cap tend to rise each year until the end of season 2008/09. For example, the 2006/07 season, his salary cap is 53.135 million U.S. dollars, and the 2007/08 season reached 55.63 million U.S. dollars and in the 2008/09 season, his salary cap figure is set at 58.68 million U.S. dollars. But in the 2009/10 season, salary cap this time fell to 57.7 million U.S. dollars since the economic crisis in 2008

NBA also has dress rules when it comes to play the NBA and home of the NBA. This rule is called the NBA's Dress Code.

Currently there are 4 known as "dynasty" ever victorious on stage to dominate the NBA because of success in these seasons. The four teams that include the Boston Celtics (1957-1968), Chicago Bulls (1990-1998), LA Lakers (1980-1988), and San Antonio Spurs (1999-present).

City of Toronto is the only city outside of the United States who regularly carry out the NBA game, as the Toronto Raptors team based in the city. Toronto Raptors also are the only NBA team that comes from outside the United States.

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