There are many rules to the game of golf that are not enforced by penalties. These rules are that of etiquette and respect for other golfers. They are mainly in place for safety and fairness. The game is only part decision and skill. The key to having the best golf experience begins with the correct etiquette. There is nothing that ruins a game of golf like being embarrassed by not knowing the rules. There are some simple rules to follow that will ensure you look professional the whole time you are on the course.

First off, you always look smart by stretching before the first hole. Every athlete knows that he needs to warm up. The best way to start is to take advantage of the practice green that is usually located near the clubhouse. This green consists of about 6 to 8 holes that you can putt to. If you feel confident enough, you can use your 9 iron or pitching wedge at the practice green to warm up your chipping capability.

When teeing off, it is always best to have the most accomplished player tee off first. This will set the pace for the game so that everyone else can move up the course towards the green. If partners that are sharing a cart hit to opposite sides of the fairway, they can either change partners to adapt to their hitting styles or drop their partner off at their ball and drive to their ball. This saves time so that parties behind don't have to wait longer. It is also appropriate to take a few clubs with you anytime that you are dropped off. This allows for multiple hits in case you do not get back to the cart. The furthest person from the ball should always be the one to hit and any cart should not move ahead of this player's ball. In case that your ball should land in heavy grass, take a quick scan to find your ball. The limit to find a ball is 5 minutes and should only be exercised if you let a waiting party play through. Any divots that are made should be replaced by the missing grass and or some sand from the bucket on the cart.

When reaching the green, the pin should remain until all people have also gotten on the green. The furthest from the hole putts until he is not the furthest, and any ball that is potentially in the putter's path should be replaced with a marker. It is also considered rude to walk in the path of another golfer's putt because it may alter the path of the putt. You should also be aware of your shadow while another golfer is putting. Make sure that you shadow does not fall in the path of a putt because it is distracting.

Following these simple rules is an easy way to make certain that you do not look foolish on the golf course. Golf is a common form of business meeting that can be disastrous if you do not follow the common rules. Skill is not as important as etiquette in a sport like golf. Practice manners just as you would skill and you will exude the presence of a true professional.

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