Basketball game created by prof. Dr. James A. Naismith a physical education teacher Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) Springfield, Massachusetts, United States in 1891. The idea that promote the establishment of this new sport is the fact that at that time the membership and visitors to these schools were increasingly degenerate. The main reason was the tedium of the members in participating in the exercise of his movements stiff Gymnastics. In addition, a perceived need in the winter to keep doing the sport that attracted more urgent.

Dr. Luther Gullick, superintendent head of sport at school was aware of the symptoms that are less good it is and immediately contact Prof. Dr. James A. Naismith also gave him the task to prepare a new sports activities that can be played behind closed doors in the afternoon.

In welcoming his duty was Nasimith formulate an idea that according to the needs of an enclosed space that is a game that was not so hard, there is no element menendan, tripped and interesting and not difficult to learn. The first step, diujinya recomposition of footbal game, Baseball, and Football Lacrose. But none that match the demands. Because in addition to difficult to learn, also the game is still too loud to be played on a lighted indoor spaces.

From the results of experiments conducted was Naismith eventually came to the conclusion that the new game have to use a round ball, not tackle, and should eliminate the wicket as his target. To tame as a substitute for kicking the ball pass the motion carried by hand and dribbling (dribbling) as the peak of excitement, the goal is replaced with another target narrow and situated above the players, so with such a preferential target object lies not in the power shots like that happen at the time of kicking, but on accuracy shooting.

Naismith originally going to use wooden boxes for target shooting, but connect time experiments are conducted only baskets (basketball) a peach that is empty, then ultimately that's the target of fire baskets. From the words of a new basketball game which was later found Prof. Dr. James A. Naismith is called Basketball.

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