Atlanta Hawks Vs Miami Heat
Sport News 2012-Miami Heat finally defeat their debut at this season bent over the Atlanta Hawks with a score of 92-100.

Playing in front of his own supporters, at the American Airlines Arena, the Heat performed pretty confident since the beginning of the game. They lead 23-19 at the end of the first quarter, then in the next quarter, they were again led by a score of 50-47.

Fierce battle occurred in the third quarter. Through giving points from Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Marvin Williams, Hawks capable of winning two balls of the Heat in the 5th minute. Still, the home team that is able to finish the quarter with a 71-67 victory.

After winning the previous three quarters, even oversize Heat in the fourth quarter. When the game has been running for two minutes, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh shot three times failed to do so the Hawks can catch up and led the half-ball in the 9th minute. Momentum is able to be maintained properly by the Hawks over the last 8 minutes so that they eventually won with a score of 100-92.

LeBron James, who scored 28 points for the Heat, not enough to make his team the advantage. Precisely Joe Johnson who collected 21 points became an important figure who makes the Hawks able to keep pace in the final quarter.

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